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ONA Odour Control Ducts

ONA Odour Control Ducts

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125mm (5") ONA Odour Control Duct

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150mm (6") ONA Odour Control Duct

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200mm (8") ONA Odour Control Duct

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250mm (10") ONA Odour Control Duct

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Over the duration of a crop, your plants will naturally create some unpleasant smells - they're living things after all! To combat this issue you should try and do everything that is possible to promote freshness in your grow room, which includes running regularly extracted air through an ONA Odour Control Duct. By simply placing one of these useful units between two sections of ducting and filling the mesh metal internal tube with an opened ONA Block, any odourous molecules carried along the way will be effectively neutralised. The access port is easy to open up via quick release catches if you need to add/remove ONA Blocks and also features a rubber seal to ensure it remains completely air tight when closed shut.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Do you pierce the lid and put it in the mesh or take it out the tub and put it in ?
You would remove the lid & protective film from the Ona block, then place the whole thing into the mesh part of the ONA Control Dust.

Written by SP | 11 Nov 2017