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Stop unwanted smells escaping your grow room with a HydrOzone ozone generator.

It produces up to 70mg of ozone per hour, to fight foul odours, mould & bacteria!

You choose how much ozone is produced (2 - 70mg per hour), and when ozone is released (inbuilt digital timer)

One of these is ideal in rooms up to 100 cubic metres in size.

A lot of growers use one alongside a carbon filter to treat air before it’s extracted. You can safely place one behind your carbon filter, inside ducting (8” or larger).

• HydrOzone ozone generator
• Fights odours, bacteria and mould
Ideal for rooms up to 100 cubic metres
• Emits 2 – 70mg of ozone per hour
• Inbuilt digital timer
• Fits inside ducting (8” or wider), behind carbon filter
• Uses corona discharge technology

The Science

The oxygen we breath is made up of 2 oxygen atoms (O2). Ozone is similar, but has 3 oxygen aromas (O3). 

This extra molecule makes ozone a strong oxidising agent. - it'll help fight foul odours, kill bacteria and eliminate mould in your grow room.

HydrOzone ozone generators produce up to 70mg of ozone per hour,making them suitable in rooms as big as 100 cubic metres!

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

Can you please tell me what the mg/hr output is for the hydrozone.
The HydrOzone will put out between 2 & 70 mg per hour depending on how it is set.

Written by breckon | 15 Sep 2011

Do i need to buy anything else with the hydrOzone to help it kill the smell? And will it kill all smell that leak out from the tent?
The HydrOzone is commonly used as a 'belt & braces' approach alongside a carbon filter. If you are using a fan that is 8" (200mm) or larger, the HydrOzone will sit in the ducting.

Written by Check Mate | 22 Aug 2011