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HyperFan Silenced EC Fans

HyperFan Silenced EC Fans

from £264.95

150mm (6”) Hyper Fan Silenced EC Fans – 535 m3/hr

Code: 2850


200mm (8”) Hyper Fan Silenced EC Fans – 1206 m3/hr

Code: 3528


250mm (10”) Hyper Fan Silenced EC Fans – 1810 m3/hr

Code: 2833



Get an EC fan on a budget - grab a HyperFan Silenced! This thing was inspired by jet engines!

These fans use 1/2 the energy, emit 1/2 the heat and make much less noise than AC fans. You save so much on energy the fan pays for itself.

Airflow is streamlined to create less drag! As a result, fans are smooth, efficient and make less noise than AC fans (vibration free!). With the silencing canister and acoustic foam, and it's super quiet.


  • Low noise (acoustic foam & silencing canister)
  • Separate Fan controller (35% - 100%) 
  • Low cost EC tech - 50% less power than typical AC fan
  • Long life - self lubricating ball bearings
  • 2 year warranty included

It's not as effiicient as Revolution Vector Fans, but it's a big step up from any AC! More growers are moving to EC fans every day - they're so cheap to run, it's mad not to.  

How it Works

This fan has an EC motor. These are energised 12 times per revolution, compared to 2 -4 times with AC motors. 

The blades are based on jet engines. They combine Laminar Blade design and Stator technology to streamline your airflow. There's much less drag, and adding a carbon filter barely affects your air flow

Fans are quieter - there's less rattling and vibrating from your air flow. To really knock down the noise, these fans have a lightweight acoustic foam layer and silencing canister

The overall result is a powerful fan that lasts longer, reduces noise and is up to 50% cheaper to run than of AC fans! 

To add extra value, the fan has heavy duty, self lubricating ball bearings that last longer and prolong your fan life.

Invest in one now and you won't look back.

The Tech

Technical Specifications
  150mm (6”)  200mm (8”) 250mm (10”)
Voltage 115 115 115
Amps 0.5 1 2.1
Wattage 35 75 170
CFM Rating 315 710 1065
RPM 4600 3800 3200
dB 65 68 56.5
Pressure 2.1" 2.16" 2.4"
Housing Length 17.7" 23.6" 29.5"
Housing Diameter 9.2" 11.2" 13.2"
Length with Flange 21.3" 27.2" 33.9"
Flange Diameter 5.7" 7.7" 9.7"
Weight 12lbs 19lbs 26lbs
Warranty 2 year 2 year 2 year

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