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Quest Overhead Dehumidifiers

Quest Overhead Dehumidifiers

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Quest 70 Overhead Dehumidifier

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Quest 155 Overhead Dehumidifier

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Remove up to 75 litres of water a day on an ultra low wattage with a Quest Overhead Dehumidifier. 

In terms of litres / kW, this is the industry leader. Invest now and you'll save later.

To save floor space, you can suspend it from your grow room ceiling - it's light and compact enough. Any water removed is outputted as RO water - you can reuse it!  

  • Low running costs - (litres / kW)
  • Removes up to 26 litres per day (Quest 70) or 75 litres per day (Quest 155)
  • Space saving - suspended overhead

A dehumidifier like this will transform the quality & weight of your yield! It's highly recommended.


The Tech
  Quest 70 Quest 155
Output 26 Litres 75 Litres
Size 54cm x 31cm x 31cm 97cm x 51cm x 55cm
Weight  25kg 61kg


Sizing Up

To pick a dehumidifier, work out how much water plants use a day. 

Plants transpire the same amount of water they absorb. So however much they absorb, is the amount you need to remove with your dehumidifier.  


If you start with 100 litres in your tank, then 24 hours later it's 80 litres, plants have used 20 litres.

So you need to remove 20 litres each day.

A Quest 70 is ideal!

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