Mist Maker Humidifiers

Mist Maker Humidifiers

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Mist Maker 3

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Mist Makers produce water vapour via ultrasonic vibration to increase humidity levels inside a grow room/tent.

The incredibly light and fine fog that is generated helps to significantly improve nutrient uptake, nutrient transportation and overall growth rates. It will not get your plants wet at all and continues to work effectively as long as the water level remains a little bit above the ceramic discs in the unit.

Powerful, compact and cool running, these Mist Makers allow you to meet the changing humidity-related needs of your plants throughout the growth cycle. Simply sit one in a tank, bucket or the relevant float (a small, specifically designed container which you fill with water) at just below the surface level, plug it in, connect it up to a humidistat or a GSE Humidifier/Dehumidifier Controller and away you go! You can ensure you enjoy the best possible results by positioning a fan close enough to the unit to distribute the mist into the growing environment.

In general, the Mist Maker 3 suits 2 light set ups whereas the Mist Maker 5 suits 4 light set ups. Each model operates very quietly and will automatically shut down when the water level drops too low – thus preventing any overheating. Highly recommended.

Note: the manufacturer instructs users to only apply tap water with Mist Makers (rather than distilled or RO water), otherwise you may encounter problems relating to the water level sensor when the water level is low (common when using a float).

How to Use

- Place your Mist Maker in a large propagator or the centre of your grow room

- Sit it in a bucket, tank or float just below the surface of the water

- Always ensure the water level remains topped up – otherwise overheating can occur

- Setting up a top up tank and float valve is a good way of ensuring that a suitable water level is maintained

- Blow a fan over your Mist Maker to help disperse the mist

- A Grasslin Timer, humidistat - or better still - a GSE Humidifier/Dehumidifier Controller, should be employed to control your Mist Maker

- Periodically wipe the ceramic discs with a soft cloth to stop them from becoming contaminated

- The ceramic discs have a lifespan of approximately 5000 working hours, depending on water quality

- Your Mist Maker can be left to run 24/7 but to prolong product life we suggest having it off during the night period and introducing 15 minute breaks every now and again

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Will this work on a gse humidifier - dehumidifier controller ?
The Mist Maker Humidifiers will work with the GSE Humidifier - Dehumidifier Controller.

Written by Dan | 5 Nov 2014