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Integra Boost Curing Pack Humidity Regulators - 62% RH

Integra Boost Curing Pack Humidity Regulators - 62% RH
from £1.25
from £1.25
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Bring out the flavour, consistency & quality of herbs, spices & chillies when curing! Drop one of these in your curing jar or bag.

It absorbs & releases moisture to keep your humidity to 62% RH. At that humidity you prolong processes that intensify taste & aroma.

During curing your end produce won’t dry or crisp (too little moisture). You won’t get mould (too much moisture). You’ll simply be creating a more potent flavour & aroma at an optimum humidity.

  • Keep humidity to 62% RH when curing
  • Intensify aroma, flavours & quality
  • Prevent mould & over-drying
  • Easy to use – just add into your jar or bag
  • Indicator card – pink dot turns blue when bag needs replacing
  • Low cost – from £1.25 per sachet
  • Non-toxic, salt-free and spill-proof
  • 99% biodegradable
  • FDA-compliant

How it Works

Processes that improve the flavour & aroma of herbs, spices & chillies don’t stop immediately at harvest. And you can prolong them by slowly curing at the right temperature & humidity.

For example, enzymes & bacteria can continue breaking down leftover minerals and sugars

A controlled cure, at the right temperature & humidity, prolongs quality-enhancing processes such as these.

To keep your humidity spot on, Integra Boost Curing Packs add or absorb moisture. This keeps your humidity at 62% RH.

  • Ideal to prolong quality-enhancing processes
  • No mould issues
  • No over-drying

How to Use

Simply place the sachet and indicator card (unopened) in your curing jar or bag.

Replace when the dot on the indicator card turns blue.

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