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G.A.S SonicAir Pro Humidifier

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From £199.95


Humidify the cost-efficient way - invest in a G.A.S. SonicAir Pro. It releases 6.5 litres of water vapour per hour on just 300W. It generates mist using 10 x ultrasonic ceramic discs. 

You can direct mist anywhere -  just point the flexible 360outlet funnel to your target area. For extra reach, connect the outlet to 150mm ducting. The humidifier itself comes on wheels

  • 5 litres of mist per hour on 300W
  • 37cm x 41cm x 47cm
  • Easy management - auto top-upoverflow preventionemergency shutdown
  • 1 year warranty
  • Compatible with G.A.S Intelligent Humidity Controller

To optimise nutrient uptake, translocation & growth, your humidifier is compatible with the G.A.S Intelligent Humidity Controller. It calculates & maintains your ideal humidity based on temperature, stage of growth & more! 

6.5 Litres An Hour

It'll humidify large areas quickly for a low running cost. It's ideal in any grow room or greenhouse

Auto-Top Up (Connect To A Tank)

Connect your humidifier to a tank to automatically top up the water level in your humidifier. You can go weeks without having to top up! This feature also protects the ceramic discs.

No Spills - Overflow Valve

It won't overfill - the inbuilt overflow valve prevents it. If you want to empty your humidifier when it's not in use, you can do this via the drain plug.


If your RO water level runs low, first an LED warning light switches on. To protect the ceramic discs and fan, the humidifier will eventually auto-shutdown. 

Flexible 360° Outlet

Aim mist where you want it - just twist the outlet! You can connect it to 150mm ducting for further reach.

Easy To Move (On Wheels)

It's easy to transport - it comes on wheels. You can easily reposition it or move it out of your grow room in flowering.


The only serviceable part is the ceramic discs - and these are protected by the auto-top up & emergency shutdown functions. As long as you use RO water, you shouldn't get any problems.

1 Year Warranty

Please note, you must use RO water with your unit - if you don't the warranty will be void.

For Best Results

To really optimise growth, uptake & translocation, use this humidifier with a G.A.S Intelligent Humidity Controller.

It calculates & maintains your ideal humidity, based on:

  • air temperature
  • stage of growth
  • plant temperature
  • time of day

 No other humidity controller is this precise. 

Why Humidity Matters...

It’s important that plants stay hydrated to absorb & transport nutrients.

If Your Humidity Is Too Low...

If your humidity is too low, plants lose too much water,  become stressed and start to wilt

Plants also absorb too much water to replace that which has been lost, leaving key nutrients behind. When this happens, plants get the wrong nutrient profile.

On top of this, as plants absorb too much water, your nutrient strength increases, which can later cause toxicity. 

Unrooted cuttings will fail - they don't have the roots needed to absorb more water.

To make sure plants don't ever transpire, humidify using a SonicAir Pro Humidifier.   

How To Use

Make sure you position your humidifier on a flat surface. 

If extracting air, place your humidifier away from your extractor fan - you don't want to draw out the mist as it's being released. 

To fill the humidifier, connect a tank to the inlet. It'll automatically fill - the float valve stops it overfilling. 

Auto-Top Up (Connect To A Tank)

Connect your humidifier to a tank to automatically top up the water level in your humidifier. You can go weeks without having to top up! This feature also protects the ceramic discs.

your controller & humidifier using a male-male lead. No extra socket is needed - your controller is powered by your humidifier.


Unfiltered water contains salts and minerals. In your humidifier, they can damage internal components. When misted into your grow room, they clog up carbon filters, degrade reflectors and dirty lamps. To prevent this, always use RO water.

 If you use unfiltered water in your humidifier, your warranty will be void. 

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