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Ultra Flat Grow Room Heater

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From £64.99


Ideal grow room temperature: 24°C- 28°C
Ideal leaf temperature: 21°C – 23°C

Get a uniform & constant grow room temperature on a low wattage - all while you save floor space. All you need is an Ultra Flat Grow Room Heater.

It’s excellent for:

  • LED rooms - warms leaves, increasing photosynthesis
  • CO2 supplemented rooms - maximises CO2 usage
  • Keeping roots warm (place pots & propagator on heater)


To save floor space, you can suspend your heater with 1 hook (1 per 1.2m x 1.2m area). Where space is tight, it’s ideal. You can simply roll it up for storage and transport when it’s not in use.

With a large source of heat, you get uniform heat distribution throughout your grow room. This helps keep growth uniform among plants, while preventing hot, micro-climates from forming.

To keep you close to your target temperature, the heater warms up and cools down quickly -  it stops and starts heating quickly

  • Coverage: 1 heater per 1.2m x 1.2m area
  • Save floor space - suspend with 1 hook
  • Uniform heat distribution - large heat source 
  • Easy Storage - rolls up when not in use
  • Precise temperature control (heats up and cools down quickly)
  • Low running costs - low wattage heater
  • Humidity resistant - ideal in grow rooms
  • No exposed wires - heat ribbons are used

In LED Rooms

In LED rooms, this heater is a must.

LED grow lights emit lots of convected heat. This kind of heat rises up and away from your units, and doesn’t really warm your grow room or plants. That’s why a lot of people use LEDs in summer.

The thing is, plants do need warmth. The leaves, for instance should be 21°C – 23°C for photosynthesis to occur at an optimum rate. 

If you’re using a high intensity LED light - like some of our bar led grow lights, you really need to be adding CO2. Otherwise, plants get too much light and not enough CO2 for photosynthesis to occur at an optimum rate. Plants will have more light than they can photosynthesise and will become stressed.  In order for plants to truly utilise that CO2, you need to be adding that warmth and make sure your leaf temperature is right. 

In any LED grow room, a heater like this is a must. It adds the warmth you need to get the most out of your LEDs and keep photosynthesis occurring at a high rate. 

The Tech

 The Tech
Voltage 220-250 V
Weight 360 grams
Thickness 0.12mm
Dimensions of radiator 120cm x 58cm
Packaging dimensions 60cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm
Life expectancy
10 years
Consumption 0.5kWh
Working Temperature 65°C
Heats room up to 15m²
Warm up time 10 seconds


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