Q-MAX Digital EC Fan Controller

Q-MAX Digital EC Fan Controller

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Q-MAX Digital EC Fan Controller

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Forget the noise & fuss of running fans…the Q-Max EC Fan Controller’s here.

It’ll control the speed of your Q-Max EC Fans quietly, using hardly any energy, thanks to EC technology. You won’t believe how low running costs are.

You can connect up to 10 fans to a single controller - that’s incredible! Better yet, all connections come with your Q-Max EC fans.

The controller’s easy to install! Simply set your minimum fan speed and target temperature using the two large dials. Everything else is plug & play.

• Specifically for Q-Max EC Fans
No increments! Variable speed control
• Integrated temperature sensor included
Low running costs, using hardly any power (thanks to EC technology)
Noiseless speed control
Connect up to 10 fans to a single controller
Easy to set upeverything’s plug & play
Simple jack plug connectors
• All connections included with your Q-Max EC Fans

Invest Now, Save Later

Trying to cut costs? Swap your RVK fan for an EC fan.

EC fans are already much cheaper to run. On top of this, they use far less energy when slowed down by a fan speed controller.

RVK fans aren’t as sophisticated when speed regulated. They always run at full power, even when dimmed down to just 1%.


RVK Fan 250L1
• Max air flow: 1010m3/h
• Max power consumption: 153W

Reduced to 10% on a controller: 153W

200mm (8") Q-MAX EC Fan
• Max air flow: 1203m3/h
• Power Consumption P1: 98W– 119W

Reduced to 10% on a controller: 12W

Though EC fans cost more to buy, their running costs are so much lower that within about a year (dependent on fan size, speed and use) you’ll have made your money back. After that it’s save, save, save. And you’ll have a much better fan! 

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