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GSE Temperature and Hysteresis Controller

GSE Temperature and Hysteresis Controller

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GSE Temperature and Hysteresis Controller

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This exceptional GSE digital controller manages fans based on your desired grow room minimum and maximum temperatures, with a hysteresis setting also included to ensure a stable environment is always maintained.

Quality working parts are housed in robust casing and the dimmer-style settings couldn’t be easier to use – just twist them and select the preferred options!

The hysteresis function allows your fans to run at a higher temperature before full speed is reached, giving you a more even and gradual level of control over indoor conditions. This also helps to put less stress on the fan motor because it doesn’t have to keep constantly ramping up and down in quick succession.

Ideal for grow rooms with a single extraction fan – e.g. any set up that features one of the mid-range BudBox tents.

If using intake and extraction fans, one of the GSE controllers with negative pressure settings is normally the better option. The GSE Temperature and Hysteresis Controller will work better for mismatched intake and outtake fans than the negative pressure option.

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