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G.A.S HyperFan Multi-Phase Controller

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From £109.95
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G.A.S HyperFan Multi-Phase Controller


Speed up or slow down your HyperFan with this controller. Fans change speed according to your grow room temperature.

  • HyperFan EC Controller
  • Thermostatic control
  • Precise – 30% to 100% speed, moving up in 1% increments



Fans speeds run from 30% to 100% of their normal speed, moving up in 1% increments!

RTT Microchip (Stable Temperature)

To prevent temperature spikes, there’s a built in RTT microchip (Reactive Temperature Technology). With this technology, fan speeds slowly increase as your grow room temperature does. This keeps your temperature stable. 

Plug & Play Set Up

Absolutely no programming is needed – the controller plugs straight onto your HyperFan.


You don’t get any noise as fans change speeds like you do with AC fans.

Simple To Use

Your controller’s easy to use with 2 large dials and a digital display (oC or oF readings).

Low Power

EC fans are far cheaper to run than AC fans when slowed down with a controller.

Controls 1 Or 2 Fans

If using it to run two fans, you’ll need to buy accessories. See more in How to Use.


How To Use

If you’ve only got 1 fan, the controller connects straight to the fan. If you’re using multiple fans, you may need extras.

One Fan

  • G.A.S HyperFan Multi-Phase Controller only

Two Fans, Same Speed

To do this, you will need:

  • 1 x G.A.S HyperFan Multi-Phase Controller
  • 1 x G.A.S EC Fan Y-Splitter Connector
  • 1 x G.A.S EC Fan Male-Male Lead - 5m

It’s important that you draw in less air than you extract (maintain negative pressure). If you don’t, your tent can overfill with air, and unfiltered air can start seeping out of zips and joins.

To maintain negative pressure when running two fans at the same speed, use an intake fan that is 20% less powerful than your extractor fan. 

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