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Control Freak Single Fan Intelligent Controller

Control Freak Single Fan Intelligent Controller

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5 Amp Control Freak Single Fan Intelligent Controller

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Setting your fan speeds couldn't be easier! Everything's plug & play. 

It doesn't cost much, but this thing will change your temperature in precise 1oC intervals

If you're on a budget or like things simple, this controller's for you.

  • 5 Amp - suits most size fans
  • 3m temperature sensor included
  • Precise 1oC temp changes (50 speed settings)

How To Use

Manual (no probe):

Plug the fan into the controller, and the controller into a socket. Just set your minimum fan speed and that's it.

Automatic (with probe):

You also need to connect the probe, set desired room temperature and place your sensor in the middle of your grow room (in the shade and out of direct light) before switching on. 

Smooth, Quiet Speed Changes

It's so smooth, this controller's quiet to run

Precise 1oC Speed Adjustments

Tho keep you much closer to your target temperature.

Accurate "Fansynch" software

To keep your temperature at your target, "fansynch" software constantly corrects any changes. 

Easy to Use

Plug it in & set your speed - job's a good'un.

3m temperature sensor included

It runs your fans at 1 of 50 speed settings depending on your grow room temperature!

2 modes of operation

Use it as a manual controller (without the probe) or as aun automatic controller (with probe).

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