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Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller

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Cut energy costs & prolong the life of fans without any buzzing! Get your hands on a Control Freak! It’s a real smooth operator!

It won't clip or distort your wave form like other AC fan controllers – it changes your frequency.

This means fans last longer, you save energy and there’s no noise – not even buzzing - it’s freaky!

It’s easy to reach and stay within your target temperature - there are 90 fan speeds settings (from 10 – 100%)! Your fan will move through speeds smoothly.

For complete control, you can change your bandwidth (hysteresis). Set a tight bandwidth for precise temperature control. Or set a loose bandwidth for a smoother speed.

  • 2 x sockets (for intake & extraction fan)
  • Silent – no buzzing!
  • Low power – especially at slower speeds - mega savings ahead!
  • 90 fan speeds (from 10-100%) for super smooth speed control
  • Extends fan life
  • Smart remote temperature probe (in light shielded case + 4.5m cable)
  • Easy to Use – Plug & Play!
  • Easy to Read! Large LCD display
  • Lightweight
  • 3A & 7A models available
  • Improves safety of fan operation

Save Energy

You use far less power at a slower speed - your power use drops by as much as your fan speed. So when running fans 50% slower, you use 50% less power. Most fan controllers use way more power than this!

90 Speed Settings

You get 90 speeds from 10% - 100%! It’s easier to reach your target temperature and fans run smoothly! 

Connect Multiple Fans

Your controller has two sockets. Use it to run an extractor fan and intake fan from one controller. You can even use an extension lead for multiple intake fans. Just make sure you stay within the amp rating!

Bandwidth Control

Your bandwidth is how much your temperature can rise above your minimum.

Use a tight bandwidth to keep your temperature closer to your target. Or set a wider bandwidth to keep your fans moving smoothly. 

Easy To Use & Set Up

Everything’s plug and play, and you have a large LCD display!


Control Freak LCD DisplayControl Freak LCD Display

How It Works

Most inline fans are AC. They run at full power on a standard household supply, which has a 50Hz wave.

Typical 50hz Sine Wave

Typical 50hz Sine WaveTypical 50hz Sine Wave


Sine Wave Distorted By Resistor (Noisy, Inefficient)

Sine Wave Distorted By Resistor (Noisy, Inefficient)Sine Wave Distorted By Resistor (Noisy, Inefficient)


Sine Wave Stretched By Control Freak (No Noise, Low Power)

Sine Wave Stretched By Control Freak (No Noise, Low Power)Sine Wave Stretched By Control Freak (No Noise, Low Power)


There are 3 ways to speed your fans up or slow them down:

  • Basic Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) base - noisy & waste electricity

The controllers do the job but distort the wavelength, which causes the fan motor to buzz or hum. These controllers also get hot – especially at low speeds - and waste electricity! They also reduce the lift of your fans.

  • Voltage controllers - still use lots of energy

They don't cause a buzzing noise but only have 4 - 5 speed settings and use lots of energy (not to mention they’re really heavy!)

  •  Dynamic Frequency Controller - saves energy & prevent buzzing

Is a dynamic frequency controller. Instead of clipping the wave, it stretches the wave to slow fans down. There’s no buzzing, and fans use less energy! Fans run smoothly and silently on less power. Overall, you can save a small fortune.

How To Use


Your controller runs at minimum speed when your grow room hits or drops below this temperature.


Current grow rooml temperature being read by the sensor


Setting a minimum feed ensures enough air is extracted, even when your set temperature has been reached


Set this if you don't want your fan running at full speed (ideal for noisy fans)

Fan Speed

Current fan speed - most controllers don't tell you this!


Setting Your Bandwidth

Your bandwidth is how much your grow room temperature can rise by. It sets the temperature range in which fan runs from minimum to maximum speed.


Temperature: 25oC (min fan speed at 25oC and less)
Bandwidth: 2oC (max fan speed at 27oC)

With these settings, fans run at their minimum speed when your grow room is 25oC or lower.

They run at their maximum speed at 27oC.

While a tight bandwidth keeps you closer to your target temperature, your fan speed can change very quickly. This is because there’s only 2oC range from min to max speed. 

2C Bandwidth2C Bandwidth

Temperature: 23oC (min fan speed at 23oC and less)
Bandwidth: 5oC (max fan speed at 28oC)

With these settings, fans run at their slowest speed when your grow room is 23oC or lower.

They run at their fastest speed at 28oC.

A wider range of 5oC still keeps you close to your target, but allows fans to react slowly over a 5oC range. This prolongs the life of fans and is the best way to set the controller. 

5C Bandwidth5C Bandwidth

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