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RAM Mixed-Flow Extractor Fans - with Lead

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Please note: you will receive a mixed-flow fan from RAM or an alternative supplier - for the latter, we guarantee the quality and promise the fan will have very similar two-speed settings to the RAM.


Flip between 2 x speed settings without a controller an - grab an RAM Mixed-Flow Fan. 

It's great for seasonal changes - go higher in summer, and lower in winter.

It’s excellent value and easy to set up (plug & play!). You don't need to wire your fan in either (power lead included).

  • Plug & Play: No fan wiring + power lead included
  • 2-speed settings (no controller needed)
  • Fast clean: Quick-release fan mechanism for easy cleaning & maintenance of fan


RAM Mixed-Flow Inline Fans Tech Spec
  100mm  125mm  150mm 200mm

Op. temp range

20⁰C - 50⁰C 20⁰C - 50⁰C 20⁰C - 50⁰C 20⁰C - 50⁰C

Protection class

IP44 IP44 IP44 IP44
Variable Speed: Power consumption 25W 30W 48W 123W
Variable Speed: Current (A) 0.11 0.13 0.20 0.52
Variable Speed: RPM 1900 2250  2050 1900
Variable Speed: Airflow 165m3/h  248m3/h 398m3/h 690m3/h
High Speed: Power consumption 28W  35W 54W 125W
High Speed: Current (A) 0.12 0.14  0.23 0.57
High Speed: RPM 2210 2520 2550 2300
High Speed: Airflow 199m3/h  284m3/h 517m3/h 840m3/h


Which Air Flow?

• 100mm (4") RAM Mixed Flow Inline Fan - (165m3/hour or 199m3/hour) - Up to 1 x 400W light
• 125mm (5") RAM Mixed Flow Inline Fan - (248m3/hour or 284m3/hour) - Up to 1 x 600W light
• 150mm (6") RAM Mixed Flow Inline Fan - (398m3/hour or 517m3/hour) - Up to 2 x 600W lights
• 200mm (8") RAM Mixed Flow Inline Fan - (690m3/hour or 840m3/hour) - Up to 4 x 600W lights

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