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RAM Mixed-Flow Extraction Kits

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From £68.95

Please note: you will receive a mixed-flow fan from RAM or an alternative supplier - for the latter, we guarantee the quality will be up to the same high standard as the original item.


Save on extraction with an RAM Mixed-Flow Extraction Kit. It’s excellent value and easy to set up. 

There’s no wiring and no sizing up (fan + filter + ducting + fixings included). 

You can flip between 2 x speed settings without a controllerThis is great for seasonal changes.

  • Plug & Play: No fan wiring + power lead included
  • 2 speed settings (no controller needed)
  • Fast clean: Quick-release fan mechanism for easy cleaning & maintenance of fan
  • Excellent value: Everything you need for temperature, CO2, humidity & odour control

You Get:

RAM Mixed-Flow Inline FanRAM Mixed-Flow Inline Fan

1 x RAM Mixed-Flow Inline Fan

BAY6 Carbon FilterBAY6 Carbon Filter

1 x Rhino Carbon Filter

5m Combi Ducting5m Combi Ducting

1 x 5m Combi Ducting

Duct ClipsDuct Clips

3 x Duct Clip

RAM Mixed-Flow Inline Fans Tech Spec
  100mm  125mm  150mm 200mm

Op. temp range

20⁰C - 50⁰C 20⁰C - 50⁰C 20⁰C - 50⁰C 20⁰C - 50⁰C

Protection class

IP44 IP44 IP44 IP44
Variable Speed: Power consumption 25W 30W 48W 123W
Variable Speed: Current (A) 0.11 0.13 0.20 0.52
Variable Speed: RPM 1900 2250  2050 1900
Variable Speed: Airflow 165m3/h  248m3/h 398m3/h 690m3/h
High Speed: Power consumption 28W  35W 54W 125W
High Speed: Current (A) 0.12 0.14  0.23 0.57
High Speed: RPM 2210 2520 2550 2300
High Speed: Airflow 199m3/h  284m3/h 517m3/h 840m3/h


Which Air Flow?

• 100mm (4") RAM Mixed Flow Extraction Kit - (165m3/hour or 199m3/hour) - Up to 1 x 400W light
• 125mm (5") RAM Mixed Flow Extraction Kit - (248m3/hour or 284m3/hour) - Up to 1 x 600W light
• 150mm (6") RAM Mixed Flow Extraction Kit - (398m3/hour or 517m3/hour) - Up to 2 x 600W lights
• 200mm (8") RAM Mixed Flow Extraction Kit - (690m3/hour or 840m3/hour) - Up to 4 x 600W lights

Why Use An Air Extraction Kit?

Plants consume CO2 and release humidity. At the same time, your grow lights and other hot bits of kit are increasing your grow room temperature.

So you need to draw out hot, stale, humid, CO2 depleted air, and replace it with fresh, cooler, CO2 rich air.

This is what’s known as air exchange. In each system, you need:

A fan: draw air out

A filter: to remove odours before air is extracted

Ducting: to vent air where you need it


The beauty of an extraction kit is that you don’t need to worry about sizing everything up. You already know your carbon filter, fan & ducting will fit together. It’s the easiest answer to air exchange.


How To Use

1. Connect the fan to the carbon filter with a length of ducting
• Place a clip on either side of the ducting
• Connect one end to the carbon filter, the other end to the fan

2. Place a length of ducting to the other end of the fan
• Again, first attach the ducting clip

3. Position your filter
• Either hang it with a heavy duty chain, rope ratchets or stand it on a carbon filter frame
• The loose end of the ducting will need to be out of your grow space


We Recommend

Position your filter near the ceiling of your grow room, as hot, stale air will rise.

Create intake holes near the base of your growing space so your plants get a constant flow of fresh air to your plants. 

Setting up a RAM Grow Tent Extraction Kit

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