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Professional Extraction Kits

Professional Extraction Kits

from £119.95

RVK100A1 Professional Extraction Kit 1 - 184m3/hour

Code: 231


RVK125A1 Professional Extraction Kit 2 - 220m3/hour

Code: 232


RVK150A1 Professional Extraction Kit 3 - 428m3/hour

Code: 233


RVK150L1 Professional Extraction Kit 4 - 720m3/hour

Code: 234


RVK200A1 Professional Extraction Kit 5 - 796m3/hour

Code: 235


RVK250L1 Professional Extraction Kit 6 - 1080m3/hour

Code: 236


RVK315A1 Professional Extraction Kit 7 - 1375m3/hour

Code: 237


Join thousands of other growers who use our bestselling Professional Extraction Kit.

It’s the most reliable air exchange and odour removal kit around.

It’s got everything you need to help manage temperatures and regulate CO2 and humidity levels, ultimately leading to bigger yields.

Your trusty bundle will also help keep mould at bay, eliminate bad odours and remove hot air.

All parts are tried, tested, trusted and built to last - this clever kit won’t let you down.

Find out why it’s used by more of our growers than any other kit – get yours today.

Reliable air exchange and odour removal kit
Tried, tested and trusted – it’s our bestseller!
Secure and easy to install
Regulate CO2 and humidity levels
• Helps keep temperatures down
Reduces risk of mould

You’ll get:

• 1 x Systemair RVK Extraction Fanpowerful, reliable, runs silently
• 1 x PK Professional Carbon Filteruses high grade carbon!
• 1 x 5m Combi Ducting - resistant to temperature and pressures
• 1 x Quick Release Duct Clip - super secure with worm screw
• 1 x Fast Clampsnug, no-noise fit

For more information on each, see ‘The Tech’.

Choose your Air Flow Rate
• RVK100A1 Professional Extraction Kit 1 - 184m3/hour
• RVK125A1 Professional Extraction Kit 2 - 220m3/hour
• RVK150A1 Professional Extraction Kit 3 - 428m3/hour
• RVK150L1 Professional Extraction Kit 4 - 720m3/hour
• RVK200A1 Professional Extraction Kit 5 - 796m3/hour
• RVK250L1 Professional Extraction Kit 6 - 1080m3/hour
• RVK315A1 Professional Extraction Kit 7 - 1375m3/hour

The Science

Plants constantly consume CO2 and release moisture.

This is problematic: • CO2 drops below the optimum level for photosynthesis • Too much moisture inhibits growth • Moisture also encourages the development of mould  

If left untreated, the air around your plants becomes hot and humid with too little CO2.  

It’s important that you reguarly remove and replace this air with an air exchange system to: • Extract stale air to make space for fresh air • Give plants a steady supply of CO2 • Help control temperatures (by extracting hot air) • Prevent mould from taking hold (moisture is extracted)  

Controlling the air your plants are exposed to in this way will ultimately lead to healthier crops and bigger yields.

The Tech

Systemair RVK Extractor Fan

Try air extraction the Systemair way.

You’ll get a turbo fan that’s quiet but mighty – just wait ‘til you see it in action.

It’ll deftly draw out stale, hot, humid air to make room for fresh, CO2 rich air.

It’ll run 24/7, ensuring a steady, constant air flow.

You won’t need a power cable – you get one with your Extraction Kit.

4m Power lead included (as part of the Professional Extraction kit)
Designed to run 24/7
Runs silently
• Easily connects to carbon filters and silencers
• Well established, trusted brand
• It’s a bestseller!


PK Professional Carbon Filter

Fight foul odours with the unbeatable PK Professional Carbon Filter.

It uses only the purest virgin carbon pellets – no foul smells will get past it.

These pellets are the perfect size to absorb all smells without restricting air flow.

Your carbon filter will last – the carbon alone has a life of 18 months.

You won’t find a filter better than this – it was made specifically for air filtration! ‘Lighter’ alternatives just won’t work as well.

• Uses pure, virgin carbon pellets
• Designed specifically for air filtration
Unbeatable – ‘lighter’ filters can’t compete
Built to last
Carbon lasts 18 months.


5m Combi Ducting

Your fan pushes stale air through your combi ducting, out of your grow space.

It’s tough, flexible, airtight and resistant to temperatures and pressures in your grow space, too.

It has an aluminium and polyester inner shell, with the support of a durable steel wire helix.

Simply connect one end to your extractor fan and the other end out of your grow space.

Strong and air tight
Resistant to temperatures
Resistant to grow room pressures
Connects to your Extractor Fan
Aluminium and polyester inner shell
• Supported by steel wire helix


Quick Release Duct Clip

When securing ducting to your extractor fan, always use duct clips.

They’re easy to attach and remove, yet super secure, thanks to their tightly woven worm screws.

• Connects ducting to your extractor fan
• Uses tightly woven worm screws
Quick release design
• Highly secure


Fast Clamp

Forget the ducting - connect your extractor fan to your carbon filter with a Fast Clamp instead.

They all have an anti-vibration, neoprene padding for a snug, no noise fit.

Connects extractor fan to carbon filter
No ducting needed
• Snug, no noise fit
Anti-vibration neoprene padding
• Not suitable for connecting ducting

Kit Contains


1 x RVK Extractor Fan & 4m Power Lead

1 x PK Professional Carbon Filter

1 x Fast Clamp

1 x Quick Release Duct Clip

1 x 5m of Combi Ducting

How to Use

1. Connect the mounting bracket to the fan

2. Connect the extractor fan to the carbon filter
- Using your fast clamp (no ducting needed)

3. Connect the ducting to the other end of the fan
- Use the supplied duct clip

4. Position your filter
- Either hang it with a heavy duty chain or stand it on a filter frame
- The loose end of the ducting will need to be out of your grow space

We recommend:

Positioning your filter near the ceiling of your grow room, as hot, stale air will rise.

Also create intake holes near the base of your growing space so your plants get a constant flow of fresh air.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (6)

With this kit could u use a fan speed controller for when you need to extract warm air on hot days then turn it down on cooler days
You can use a fan speed controller with these kits. There are controllers available which allow you to set your desired temperature & idle speed for the fan, these will kick the fan in at full speed if the temperature set on the controller is exceeded.

Written by GJ | 6 Nov 2016

Hello i have a question on which RVK filteration set up i should purchase from you for a grow room that's 2 meters in height 3 meters in length and just under a meter in depth? This grow room will have the 6 pot DWC system and 2 400 watt lights.
For a room with 2 x 400W lights, we would recommend extraction kit 2, with an RVK100A1 as the input fan. You will need to use the input fan with 2 400W light systems.

Written by Master Bromad | 22 Jul 2013

What would you recommend for my 1.2 x 1.2 x 2 tent with 1 600watt HPS for intake, outtake and temprature control with the fans?
For a 600W light in this tent, I would go for extraction kit 2, which uses the RVK125A1 fan, with an RVK100A1 fan for the intake, & use a Klimavator to control the fans.

Written by JH | 9 Jan 2013