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The ExHale 365 Self Activated CO2 Bag

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Prevent CO2 waste! Release CO2 when & where you need it - grab The Exhale 365 Self-Activated Bags.

They’re activated by you.

They have a 3 month shelf life, but produce CO2 for 9 months when activated.

Spawn is kept separate from the substrate via a separation seam. To activate, remove the seam and gently push the spawn into the substrate.  

  • Instant CO2 production after activation
  • Peak CO2 production 30 – 45 days after activation
  • 3 month shelf life (before activation)
  • 9 months of CO2 distribution
  • Award-winning spawn strain
  • Hang bags via separation seam

How It Works

A separation seam keeps the spawn separate from the substrate.

When you remove the separation seam, the spawn can fall directly into the substrate below.

Once CO2 initiation has occurred, CO2 production begins. Peak CO2 production is reached within 30 – 45 days. Overall, CO2 is released for up to 9 months!


Why Add CO2?

CO2 + H2O + light = photosynthesis

Increasing CO2levels increases photosynthesis (sugar production) – which is how plants convert light into energy.

If you’re drawing air in from your home, you’ll get a CO2 level of around 800ppm. This is just 2/3 of the recommended 1200ppm.

Even a small amount of extra CO2 is known to:

  • Increase yield
  • Strengthen plants
  • Speed up growth
  • Help plants cope with heat stress
  • Maximise grow lights

How To Use

Remove the separation seam and gently push the spawn into the substrate.

You can use the separation seam as a hanger – simply re-attach it above the filter patch.


For best results:

  • Hang slightly above plants, so they don’t create a shadow
  • Position on the opposite side of your room to extractor fans
  • Circulate air to keep CO2 levels uniform
  • Increase your feed if needed to support increased growth gained from adding CO2


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