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MyCO2 Bags

MyCO2 Bags

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MyCO2 Grow Bag

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MyCO2 Bloom Bag

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Summer Essential

In summer these are a must. CO2 is more available to plants at higher temperatures. Once absorbed, it helps plants handle higher heats and perform in temperatures of up to 30oC!


The award-winning MyCO2 bags are here!

  • No CO2 waste! Self-activation
  • Lasts up to 180 days (Grow) or 60 days (Bloom)
  • Grow edible mushrooms with each box

Most CO2 bags start releasing CO2 before they even reach you. MyCO2 bags don't - they're activated by you. They only release CO2 when and where you want them to.

Absolutely no COis lost in storage or transport – every bit goes into your grow room.

As a bonus, you can grow an edible batch of delicious Oyster (Bloom) or medicinal Reishi mushrooms (Grow) from each bag! Just follow the instructions on your box.

How it Works

Live mushroom spawn is kept separate from the substrate in the bag. When ready, you mix the mushroom spawn with the substrate.

As the fungi starts decomposes the substrate, carbon is converted to CO2 until just after full colonization is reached.


No CO2 Waste! Self-Activation

Bags don't start producing CO2 until they're activated by you, so no CO2 is lost in transport or storage.

Fully recyclable & organic

Both the plastic bag and box can be recycled. The plastic PP5 clip is reusable! That's why MYCO2 bags are USDA certified as organic.

Award Winning brand

The MYCO2 brand came 1st in the Green Festival San Fransico Brand Awards in 2014

Bonus - grow edible mushrooms

Grow tasty Reishi mushrooms (MYCO2 Grow) or delicious Oyster mushrooms (MyCO2 Bloom)

Compostible substrate

It's a unique hardwood sawdust and wood chip mix.

Easy to Use

With  simple instructions and the handy carry hanger

Choose a Bag

MyCO2 Grow: 
Poduces around 800 PPM for up to 180 days, using medicinal Reishi Mushrooms

MyCO2 Bloom: 
Produces around 1200ppm for up to 60 days, using tasty Oyster Mushrooms

How to Use (start 10 days before use)

Use one MyCO2 bag per 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m area or one MyCO2 bag per light.

MyCO2 Step 2 MyCO2 Step 2

1. Take the bag out and squeeze it to break up the mushroom spawn.

MyCO2 Step 2 MyCO2 Step 2

2. Open the clip and remove it from the top of the bag.

MyCO2 Step 3 MyCO2 Step 3

3. Thoroughly mix the spawn and media together.

MyCO2 Step 4 MyCO2 Step 4

4. Reshape the bag and put it back into the box.

MyCO2 Step 5 MyCO2 Step 5

5. Close the box up and leave it in the dark for 4 - 5 days to activate.

MyCO2 Step 6 MyCO2 Step 6

6. Open the hatch on the back of the box.

MyCO2 Step 7 MyCO2 Step 7

7. Pull the top of the bag out of the hatch (with the valve as shown).

MyCO2 Step 8 MyCO2 Step 8

8. Suspend above plants with a rope ratchet. CO2 is then released.

The Science

Activated by you – No Waste!

Most CO2 bags start releasing CO2 straight away, before you’ve even purchased them.

MyCO2 bags only start releasing CO2 when you want them to since they’re activated by you.

Live mushroom spawn is kept separate from the mushroom growing substrate within the bag, with a reusable plastic clip. When you’re ready, take the clip off and mix the mushroom spawn with the substrate.

Shortly after, the fungi starts decomposing the substrate, converting carbon to CO2. This will continue to happen until just after full colonization is reached.

The more aggressive the species of mushroom, the faster this happens, the higher the concentration of COreleased.

 MyCO2 Bloom contains a more aggressive species of mushroom than MyCO2 Grow.

In MyCO2 Bloom:
For rapid CO2 Output, Blue Oyster Mushroom is used, releasing 1200+ ppm of CO2 in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent.

In MyCO2 Grow:
For slower CO2 output, a less aggressive Reishi Mushroom species is used, releasing 800 PPM of CO2 in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent

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