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CO2 Fusion Foliar Spray

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CO2 Fusion Foliar Spray


Increase photosynthesis - apply CO2 directly to leaves (site of action) with CO2 Fusion Foliar Spray. 

It contains dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and carbon in the form of saccharides, carbohydrates & amino acids. Applied to leaves, it really contributes to carbon assimilation!

  • CO2 directly at the site of action (leaves)
  • Optimal pH to keep stomata open (free CO2 & water exchange)
  • Mimics high photosynthetic ability of ‘C4’ plants (can be fixed as C4 organic acids) 
  • Increases photosynthesis
  • Drives other respiratory and physiological processes
  • Available as 500ml & 1 Litre spray cans
  • Lights on foliar spray

To further enhance the DIC, CO2 Fusion contains naturally derived B vitamins and plant hormones (gibberellins & salicylic acid). 

How it Works

CO2 is key to photosynthesis (light + water + CO2 = sugars). 

The thing is, plants actually get at least 10% of their carbon from soil, as ‘dissolved inorganic carbon’ (DIC). Plants grown in hydro systems are missing out on this and rely solely on the CO2 absorbed from air for carbon assimilation.

When you spray leaves with CO2 Fusion, you apply DIC directly to the site of action (foliage). As a result:

  • Plants no longer depend on just CO2 for carbon assimilation
  • Photosynthesis increases
  • Drive other respiratory and physiological processes
  • Keeps stomata open for free CO2 & water exchange
  • Mimics photosynthetic ability of C4 plants - like cacti

Keeps stomataopen - free CO2 & water exchange!

The mild acidity of CO2 Fusion actually keeps stomatal pores open, allowing the free exchange of water, CO2, oxygen & volatile components. This is because the hormone that closes the stomata (ABA) only moves when the sap is alkaline. With fully open stomata, there are no limits placed on photosynthesis.

Mimic high photosynthetic ability of C4 plants

DIC can actually be absorbed and fixed in plants as C4 organic acids (4 carbon atoms). These are the same ones used by tropical ‘C4’ plants, like cacti. These plants must photosynthesise at a high rate in hot, sunny climates without losing carbon to photorespiration. By providing DIC to plants, you’re mimicking the high photosynthetic ability of these plants. 

How To Use

  • Keep your lights ON when spraying CO2 Fusion!
  • Spray evenly to both the upper and underside of the leaves.
  • Apply daily for maximum results.
  • Store in a dry cool place (4-30 °C). Keep out of reach of children. Protect from frost.
  • Owing to the unique formulation of CO2 Fusion there is no danger of overdosing.
  • CO2 Fusion can be used on organic crops.
  • CO2 Fusion is classified as non-hazardous for supply and transport. All organic components of the product are biodegradable. Does not contain substances which are known to bioaccumulate when released into natural systems.

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