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TopClimate Supreme 4000 Plug & Play Automatic Climate Controller

From £2,699.00
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From £2,699.00


Cool & heat with a fuss-free TopClimate Supreme 4000 Air Conditioner.

  • For 6 x 600W lights (4 x 1000W lights)
  • Water-cooled unit

No refrigerant top ups or re-gassing is needed. Just connect your water & electricity, set your day & night temperatures. Your TopClimate Supreme takes care of the rest.

  • Cools + heats (also dehumidifies at night)
  • Day & night mode
  • Thermostatic control (temp, light & humidity sensors included)
  • Plug & play with quick-fit plumbing (commissioned option)
  • 5m wired controller
  • No quibble manufacturer’s warranty.


The unit’s been run, tested and adjusted for plug & play installation.

You wire into an external isolation switch, rather than going inside the unit.

There’s quick-fit plumbing for connecting the water. No plumber is needed but we recommend an electrician. The water flow rate has been adjusted to make sure it’s consistently at 1.5MPa. A commissioning certificate is included, showing this unit has been run up and tested in the UK. 

Suitable for
  Supreme 4000 Supreme 6000 Supreme 10000 Supreme 15000

No of 600W lights

6 10 16 25

No of 1000W lights

4 6  10 15

Compact & Light

They’re smaller & lighter than most water cooled units. This is especially true for the bigger models - the biggest TopClimate isn’t much larger than the smallest ones.

No Refrigerant Top Ups. No Re-Gassing

They’re a lot like the fridges in your house. You can top up your refrigerant if you like, but there’s no need to.

No Leaks

There are no pressure points that could cause gas leaks when your unit is moved.

Night Dehumidification (RO Water Produced!)

During lights off, it will remove humidity as your air is cooled. Water removed is collected in the condensation drain. You can reuse it as RO water for humidifiers and your nutrient solution!

Ceramic Heaters

When activated, these warm your grow room quickly


To reduce noise and prevent vibrations, compressors are built into a soundproof enclosure.

Low Water Usage

To keep water consumption low, there are built-in water valves. These ensure water is only used when it’s needed, keeping running costs low.

Plug & Play (Commissioned Only) 

No difficult set up, no fine-tuning. Just connect your water & your electrical supply then set your temperatures. There’s quick-fit plumbing for connecting the water. You wire into an external isolation switch. We recommend an electrician does this.

The Tech

Technical Specifications
  Supreme 4000 Supreme 6000 Supreme 10000 Supreme 15000

Cooling Capacity 

4KW 6.0KW 10.5KW 15KW

Compresssor Power



3.2KW 4.5KW
Electric Heater Power 1 x 1.5KW 2 x 1.5KW 2 x 2KW 2 x 2KW
Power Supply 230V 50Hz Single Phase 230V 50Hz Single Phase 230V 50Hz Single Phase 230V 50Hz Single Phase
Compressor Type Rotary Rotary Scroll Scroll
Refrigerant R417a R417a R417a R417a
Refrigerant Charge 400 550  700 950
Protection High / Low pressure protection    
850m3/h  1200m3/h 2000m3/h 2600m3/h
Cooling Water Flow  1-3 Litre/min 1.5-4 Litre/min  3-6 Litre/min  5-9 Litre/min
Dimension (L x W x H) 1018mm x 580mm x 493mm  1068mm x 580mm x 523mm  1048mm x 627mm x 500mm  1188mm x 680mm x 573mm 
Weight 68kg   80kg  112kg 118kg 
Max Amps (heater + compressor simultaneous)  12.1  20.9  31.5


Recommend MCB Type D  16A  25A  40A 40A 
Cable Size   2mm2  2.5mm2  4mm2 6mm2 

How To Use

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