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OptiClimate 15000 Water-Cooled System

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OptiClimate Water-Cooled Systems are the ultimate solution for growers seeking to closely control their indoor climate. Each model will work to establish and maintain targeted grow room temperatures by effectively cooling, heating, dehumidifying, filtering and circulating the air when it is necessary, in turn letting you provide plants with the optimum growing conditions. For an unprecedented level of control, use an OptiClimate Water-Cooled System in conjunction with a Dimlux Maxi Controller and Dimlux Expert Series Lights and you can then adjust the intensity of your grow lights according to the desired grow room settings. Benefits of OptiClimate Water-Cooled Systems include the following:

- Complete, highly efficient, ultra quiet, climate control systems

- Impressive range of effects from a single appliance

- Fully automatic once installed, just set the desired temperatures

- Water cooled design means you don’t need to use external chillers

- Pre-Heat and Slow Cooldown functions protect plants when switching from day to night mode and night to day mode

- Dual room operation lets you manage two rooms with one system

- Protection against water leakages and fire, with all issues recorded in a Log

Four different sized OptiClimate Water-Cooled Systems are available, each combining a high level of build quality with incredible low power consumption. The OptiClimate 3500 suits a room with 6 x 600 Watt lights or 9 x 400 Watt light, the OptiClimate 6000 suits a room with 10 x 600 Watt lights or 15 x 400 Watt lights, the OptiClimate 10000 suits a room with 16 x 600 Watt lights or 24 x 400 Watt lights and the OptiClimate 15000 suits a room with 24 x 600 Watt lights or 35 x 400 Watt lights.

You can see the OptiClimate Water-Cooled Systems in action as part of our unique Closed Loop Room display at the following stores:

- GroWell Bristol (Unit 1 Day's Road Commercial Centre, George Jones Road, Bristol, BS2 0QS)

- GroWell Coleshill (Units 8-11 Coleshill Trade Park, Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1HT)

- GroWell Sheffield (Parkway Drive, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 4WU)

- GroWell Wembley (Brent Trading Estate, North Circular Road, London, NW10 0JF)

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you plan on using a humidifier in the same room as the OptiClimate Water-Cooled System (recommended), you must use it with RO water. Either run your water through an Reverse Osmosis System or direct the condensation water (which is RO) into the reservoir for the humidifier. 

OptiClimate System Specifications:


OptiClimate 3500 Pro 3 System

Voltage Phase Power Usage Cooling Capacity No. of Lamps Water Usage Heating Size (mm) Weight
230V 1 of 3 740W 3.5kW  6 x 600W -- or -- 9 x 400W 1-2L/min 2 x 1500W 870 x 580 x 405 57kg


OptiClimate 6000 Pro 3 System

Voltage Phase Power Usage Cooling Capacity No. of Lamps Water Usage Heating Size (mm) Weight
230V 1 of 3 1450W 6kW 10 x 600W -- or -- 15 x 400W 2-4L/min 3 x 1500W 990 x 630 x 505 80kg


OptiClimate 10000 Pro 3 System

Voltage Phase Power Usage Cooling Capacity No. of Lamps Water Usage Heating Size (mm) Weight
230V 1 of 3 2150W 10kW 16 x 600W -- or -- 24 x 400W 3-6L/min 3 x 2000W 1050 x 660 x 505 120kg


OptiClimate 15000 Pro 3 System

Voltage Phase Power Usage Cooling Capacity No. of Lamps Water Usage Heating Size (mm) Weight
400V 3 3100W 15kW 24 x 600W -- or -- 35 x 400W 5-9L/min 3 x 2700W 1230 x 810 x 545 160kg


Each OptiClimate System has a water inlet and outlet, enabling them to be connected up to a cold water supply and a drainage network. The included remote is also a controller that allows all the processes to run automatically and be monitored at the same time. Once the minimum temperature (night) and maximum temperature (day) have been set using the remote, the OptiClimate system will either heat or cool, depending on whether it is night or day (indicated by the light sensor), ensuring the preset temperatures will not be exceeded. On the day setting, the OptiClimate system cools and also dehumidifies. If required, using the included humidistat, the OptiClimate can also dehumidify when it is on the night setting, thus lowering the humidity.

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