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OptiClimate 15000 Air-Cooled System

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Get the perfect growing conditions for maximum yields – get an OptiClimate 15000 Split Air Conditioning System!

It’ll cool, heat, filter, dehumidify and circulate air, without using water. This can be a great cost saver.

You can forget about pests, diseases and wasted CO2 - hardly any air is exchanged. All foul odours and mould are filtered out, too.

You can synchronise it with 24 x 600W lights or 35 x 400W lights AND CO2 equipment with a Dimlux Maxi Controller.

You can have different settings for night (lights off)and day (lights on) cycles.

To prevent bud rot and shock, plants are eased into day and night cycles.

To safeguard against overheating, this unit and any hooked up lights will automatically adapt and adjust (e.g. dimming, increased cooling, etc).

• Manages rooms with up to 24 x 600W lights or 35 x 400W lights
 All-in-one: cools, heats, dehumidifies, filters and circulates air
• Supplied with light sensor, humidistat, temperature probe and remote control
 1 x indoor and 1 x outdoor unit (can sit 15m apart)
 Cool up to 2 rooms at a time (cools only)
 Separate day (lights on) and night (lights off) cycles
 Slow cools grow room - so plants aren’t shocked
• Pre-heats grow room - to stop bud rot (botrytis)
• No overheating – the unit and any connected lights adapt to maintain optimum conditions
• Mould and bad odours removal - integrated carbon filter
• Low air extraction - reduces CO2 waste
• Suitable for greenhouses
• Efficient - doesn’t use water
• Runs on single phase household mains supply (3 phase variants available)

Your split system includes an outdoor unit and indoor unit. You can fit them up to 15 metres apart. 

For plants to thrive, you need to give them constant, optimum growing conditions. You need to create closed loop set up.

An OptiClimate will let you do just this.

Your grow space will be virtually completely sealed off. Hardly any air will enter, hardly any air will leave.  

Instead, the air already in your grow room is constantly treated.

This kind of set up keeps growing conditions constant while keeping pests and diseases out

You’ll get total control over temperature, CO2 levels, lighting, humidity and more.

In short, your plants will always be growing in their ideal conditions, giving you maximum growth and bigger yields.


Pre-heat function to prevent bud rot

Fruits cool significantly during the night and warm up again each morning.

The problem is that the fruit doesn’t warm up as quickly as air.

This causes condensation to form on your fruit, creating the perfect conditions for botrytis (bud rot). To prevent this, your OptiClimate has a pre-heat function.

Your grow room is gradually heated to your chosen day temperature an hour before your lights come on. This prevents condensation (and therefore bud rot) from forming.


Slow-cool to prevent shock

Dramatic temperature drops can shock your plants and stunt their growth. To tackle this, simply activate your OptiClimate’s slow cool feature.

Your grow room temperature is gradually lowered over an hour when switching to night mode. This way, your plants won’t be shocked

It’s simple to set up.

A controller is included with your kit. Use this to set your temperature and humidity and activate any optional settings.

Three sensors (himidistat, temperature probe and light sensor) take readings from your grow room.

If a change is detected, air is treated to bring it back to your chosen settings.


Connect your Grow Lights

It’s easy – all you need is a Dimlux Maxi Controller.

Once connected, you can use your lights to automatically switch to night mode (lights off) and day mode (lights on).

To prevent overheating, lights will automatically go off if your grow room gets too hot. This will be recorded in an alarm log, and you’ll get an optional SMS alert.


Technical Specification

• Number of Lamps: 24 lamps (600W) or 35 lamps (400W)
• Voltage: 230V
• Phase: 1 of 3
• Power: 3500W
• Cooling Capacity: 15kW
• Heating: 3 x 2700W
• Indoor Unit Dimensions (mm): 1230 x 810 x 545
• Outdoor Unit Dimensions (mm): 1080 x 700 x 330mm
• Weight: 150kg


• Indoor unit
• Outdoor unit
• Humidistat
• Remote terminal
• Temperature sensors
• Power cable
• Rubber Mounts
• 5 core cable
• 2 coolant hoses
• Condensation drain
• Fan

1. Mount the fan to the front or side of the indoor unit

IF placing it in a gable ridge or a narrow space:

• The fan should be on the unit’s short side
• Move the fan to the short side by rotating the unit’s panels

2. Mount the indoor unit

• Make sure it slopes (the side with condensation drain should be lower by 1cm)
• A spirit level will help with this step

To minimise noise, ensure the unit doesn’t make contact with the walls. Keep a gap of at least 15cm between:

• The ceiling and the top of the unit
• The back of the unit and the wall

The bigger the gap, the better.

Use the supplied rubber mounts IF pendant mounting.

Or IF mounting to the ground, replace the rubber mounts with isolator springs. These will absorb vibrations. Waste water output will automatically fall to the condensation drain.

3. Electrical Connections

Your kit contains:

• Temperature sensors
• Remote terminal
• A humidistat
• 5 core cable

There’s an opening at the bottom of the panel through which you can connect each of these.

The power supply is at the side, led by a black rubber grommet.

(more in the ‘Downloads’ tab)

4. Alarm Output

There’s an alarm output on the PCB. If an error occurs, this makes contact with an alarm.

You can connect a detector at this contact to alert an alarm system or SMS (GSM) (not supplied).

(more in the ‘Downloads’ tab)

5. Place the Outdoor Unit

Choose a cool area – under a shadow is a good bet.

Leave enough space around the unit for it to have a good supply of air.

6. Connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

(more in the ‘Downloads’ tab)

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