Kahn Little Boy Climate Control System - 18kW

Kahn Little Boy Climate Control System - 18kW

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Kahn Little Boy Climate Control System - 18kW

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Cool & heat large areas almost silently with the Kahn Little Boy Climate Control System. It’s ideal if you have up to 24 x 600W lights.

They make no noise. The outdoor unit will not vibrate (no anti-vibration pads needed)!

  • Cools & heats areas of up to 24 x 600W lights
  • Cheap to run on normal household supply
  • Easy to install - no engineer needed!

It’s simple to set up, shutdown, restart & move your system - you don’t need an engineer or any special tools. The indoor unit’s so light you can lift it with one hand.

It's been trialed and tested in a hostile environment - it works. 


Suitable for
Kahn Sentinel 2 - 4kW up to 4 x 600W grow lights
Kahn Reaper 2 - 8kW up to 8 x 600W grow lights
Kahn Atom - 12kW up to 14 x 600W grow lights
Kahn Little Boy  - 18kW up to 24 x 600W grow lights
Kahn Fat Man - 28kW up to 36 x 600W grow lights


  • Dimensions of controller: 67mm x 123mm x 45mm

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Only 4oC Difference

Any air released by your outdoor unit is no more than 4oC hotter than the outside temperature, (as long as the outside temperature is + 3oC or higher). This feature is over-ridden if your grow room temperature goes off target and needs cooling quickly.

Cheap to Run!

No water is needed. To lower energy use further, your Kahn Sentinel will simply ‘tick over’ once your target temperature is reached.

Auto Day & Night Modes

Your system automatically switches between Day & Night mode when lights go on and off. If there’s a power loss, your system will auto-restart & recognise what mode it needs to be in.

More Cooling, Less Power, Lower Pressure

Your system uses an azeotropic refrigerant mix that leads to more cooling, using less power, under a lower pressure. It's so good at cooling, your system is super compact, too!

Easy to Install – No Engineer Needed!

You can fit it yourself. You don’t need an engineer, vacuum pump or any specialist tools! The indoor unit’s so light that you could lift it with one hand. 

Easy to Shutdown, Restart & Relocate

If you need to move your system, it’ll safely shutdown & restart at the click of a switch. You can thank the built in refrigerant gas recovery system for that.

NASA Standard Pipes!

Forget the rigid copper pipes - units are connected with a strong, flexible rubber pipe. It won’t bend, snap or kinkThe same hosing is used space stations.

Compact & Space Saving

They’re tiny! We’re talking around half the size of other similar systems.

The Science

For consistently high yields all year round, your grow room temperature needs to be roughly between: 

• 24oC and 28oC (during the day/lights on)
• 22oC and 23oC (during the night/lights off)

You need a heater in winter, and air con unit during the summer to safely stay inside this range.

The Kahn Little Boy will cool areas with up to 24 x 600W light set ups using hardly any power. If your system’s bigger than this, consider choosing a larger size.

The Tech

• Weight (indoor): 36Kgs
• Weight (outdoor): 54Kgs
• Suitable for: 24 x 600W lamps

Outdoor Unit:
• Rated current: 10.27A (cooling) 10.59A (heating)
• Max current: 12.30A (cooling) 12.92A (heating)
• Rated Power Input: 2272W (cooling) 2448W (heating)
• Max Power Input: 2951W (cooling) 3099W (heating)
• Rated Volt: 220 – 240V
• Rated Frequency: 50HZ
• LRA of Compressor: 56A
• Noise: 53dB
• Refrigerant/Charge: Azeotropic

Why is it so simple to install?

With most air conditioning systems, an engineer will need to remove air & moisture from connecting pipes using a vac pump. If they don't, ice will form. This ice will then keep chipping away at the internal components until your system fails – probably within 10 weeks!

To make sure this doesn't happen, Kahn Climates have a unique built in refrigerant gas recovery system. You don't need an engineer or any specialist tools - you can install, move or even take your units for a service by yourself.

Azeotropic Refrigerant

Your system uses an azeotropic refrigerant mix that leads to more cooling, using less power. Overall, the COP (coefficient of performance) is up to 6.8, to keep your running costs low!

Because the cooling capabilities are so much higher, your system is super compact - you can use it in much tighter spaces!

Using azeotropic refrigerant also puts less pressure on your system internally.

How to Use

You can fit your system without using an engineer or any specialist equipment.

Complete instructions are supplied with your kit.

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