Cleanlight Air Purifier

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Cleanlight Air Purifier

The Cleanlight Air Purifier is a revolutionary air-sterilizer that should be used in closed loop rooms to maintain a pathogen free environment. It looks and feels extremely professional, producing a performance to match this great first impression by killing spores, funguses, viruses and bacteria with a UV-C sanitizing light, ionizer, air filter and air circulator. Pleasingly the powerful UV rays can’t escape to any unwanted places due to the robust nature of the protective unit and glass surrounding the high quality 60Watt lamp. Recommended for serious growers.


Capacity: 100m3

Ionizer: 8.5 million negative ions per cubic centimetre

Fan type: Ebm-papst fan (25m3 or 50m3 air per hour)

Wattage: 60W/4P HO Lamp

Lifetime: Built-in timer will tell you when you need to replace the bulb and filter

Instructions for use

- Install the light bulb

- Mount the unit against the wall or use the Cleanlight Air column

- Plug it in the socket and specify the desired level

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