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CarboAir 60 Carbon Filters

CarboAir 60 Carbon Filters

from £149.95

CarboAir 60 Carbon Filter - 150mm x 660mm (matches Rev EC 150mm)

Code: 3219


CarboAir 60 Carbon Filter - 200mm x 660mm (matches Rev EC 200mm)

Code: 3220


CarboAir 60 Carbon Filter - 250mm x 1000mm (matches Rev EC 250mm L)

Code: 3221



Got a powerful fan in a large grow room? Only one filter’s good enough – a CarboAir 60 filter.

It’ll eliminate potent odours in big grow rooms - their 60mm deep carbon bed is designed to remove high levels of VOC’s.

If you’ve got a Revolution Vector EC Fan, this is the carbon filter to use.

  • 55% open filter mesh (best air flow)
  • Deep 60mm carbon bed (pure virgin granular carbon)
  • 18 month warranty


Deep 60mm carbon bed

With this depth, the carbon & air are in contact for longer, removing more VOC’s.

Removes Potent Odours

To open its pores and amplify odour absorption, the carbon is activated at above 1000oC in a humid room. To stop air flow being restricted, any dust particles are seived out

55% Open Mesh Filter

This is the best kind for air flow! If you’ve invested in a powerful fan, no other filter is good enough. 

Lightweight & Easy to fit

The granular carbon in these filters is half the weight of pelletised carbon!

18 month warranty

These carbon filters are built to last at least 18 months under harsh conditions. They’ve even been lab tested, just to make sure. 

Handmade and assembled!

Each filter’s handmade in the EU by G.A.S. They're carefully inspected at every stage and the carbon’s packed tightly and uniformly (without crushing it).

Galvanised steel plates

The top flange, bottom flange and filter body is made from galvanised steel

Machine washable pre-filter

If it gets a little dirty, you can safely wash it without damaging it.

Hanging brackets included

You don’t need to buy anything else to use this filter.


How it's Made

The filter body is made from galvanised steel.

The carbon’s packed as tightly as possible without crushing it, using tremor plates. The carbon’s gently vibrated into a tightly packed, uniform filter.

A high-density foam collar and top plate are then compressed – this reduces the foam collar to 5mm thick. With this build, the carbon won’t move or settle.

A top flange is then fitted to compress the carbon further.

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