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BAY6 Carbon Filters

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BAY6 Carbon Filters

Remove odours on a budget with a BAY6 Carbon Filter.

You get 2 carbon filter sleeves that are both machine washable.

This is the filter you get in RAM Extraction Kits. It’s a great choice for beginners or people on a low budget.

  • Pure activated granulated carbon
  • Replace every 9 months (non-refillable)
  • 2 carbon filter sleeves included
  • Machine washable carbon filter sleeves
  • Low cost – great for a budget


How It Works

Carbon filters ‘scrub’ plant smells out of the air.

As air passes through your filter, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that cause plant smells get trapped in the pores of activated carbon.

This means that odours are removed from air before it is ducted out of your tent.

How To Use

Your carbon filter should be attached to a same-size extractor fan, so air goes through it before it’s extracted.

Carbon Filter > Fast Clamp > Extractor Fan > Fast Clamp > 5m Ducting

  • Replace every 9 months
  • Wash your filter sleeve when it becomes dirty

For best results, draw in around 20% less air than you extract. This stops air seeping out of your tent before it’s been through your filter.

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