AIROS Professional Carbon Filters

AIROS Professional Carbon Filters

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AIROS CF1500 - 250mm x 750mm (Air Flow 1,500m3)

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AIROS CF2500 - 250mm x 1000mm (Air Flow 2,500m3)

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AIROS CF3500 - 315mm x 1000mm (Air Flow 3,500m3)

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AIROS CF4500 - 315mm x 1000mm (Air Flow 4,500m3)

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Extracting lots of air? Remove strong odours and protect your airflow - get your hands on an AIROS filter.

Their 60mm carbon bed keeps your air in contact long enough to eliminate potent odours. And the 55% open mesh is the best one for air flow. 

  • Pure activated granular carbon
  • 60mm carbon bed, 55% open mesh filter
  • 18 month warranty

You'll have no trouble fitting this filter - it uses granular carbon - the good stuff. It's about half the weight of pelletised carbon

 If you've got a powerful fan, this is the filter for you. 

60mm carbon bed

If you've got a high air flow, this is the depth you need.

55% Open Mesh Filter

This is the best one for air flow.

Machine washable pre-filter

You can safely wash it without damaging it.

Hanging brackets included

It's easy to install your filter.

Robust build

The filter body is made from galvanised steel plates, and the whole thing is hand assembled in Europe. This filter won't let you down. 

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