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Pot-ponics Biobizz Organic Kits

Pot-ponics Biobizz Organic Kits

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Biobizz Organic 3 Plant Kit

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Biobizz Organic 6 Plant Kit

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Growing with a Biobizz Organic Kit is very much like ordinary soil gardening, only better!

You put your plants in your pots (with saucers underneath) and fill them with BioBizz Soil Mix... simple as that! Then just feed your plants being careful not to over or under water the pots. If pots feel light your plants are probably thirsty, if they feel heavy then your plants are probably fine.

The minimum recommended space required is 90cm x 45cm for the 3 plant system (110cm x 80cm for bigger plants), and 110cm x 90cm for the 6 plant system (150cm x 120cm for bigger plants).


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Questions and Answers (9)

will the bulb work from seed to flowering
The Pot-Ponics Bio-Bizz Organic Kits are suppled with a dual-spectrum sodium lamp, which will work in both veg & flower.

Written by Alan | 24 Sep 2013

Does the 3 plant kit come with a bulb or just the light system?
The 3 plant kit is supplied with a 250W Proxima Euro Lighting System. This comes with the lamp, ballast, & reflector.

Written by JW | 4 Jul 2013

could you use a less powerful light like a 125W CFL for power consumption and cost reasons?
You could use a 125W CFL with this kit, but you would need to buy a blue CFL for vegetative growth, & a red CFL for flowering. You would get a far better result using a 250W HPS system, as these will give out more light.

Written by SG | 15 Jan 2013