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Complete Self-Sufficiency Microgreens and Lettuce Indoor Grow Kit

Complete Self-Sufficiency Microgreens and Lettuce Indoor Grow Kit

Regular Price: £312.05

Special Price £272.05

Regular Price: £312.05

Special Price £272.05

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Whether you want a continuous supply of fresh, crisp lettuce or a wide range of nutrient-rich microgreens, this is the kit for you!

Unlike smaller kitchen-top systems that only lead to tiny crops, the Complete Self-Sufficiency Microgreens and Lettuce Indoor Grow Kit has been geared up to give you family-sized portions of different varieties and fully closes off from the surrounding environment to keep the bugs out and the light in.

After finding a section of a spare room, loft, garage or shed and setting up the tent, light and air intake equipment, you just fill the propagator trays with the provided soil and then feed your chosen plant with the supplied nutrients and additives… easy!

This kit includes every product you’ll need to progress from start to finish, just add seeds and water!  

  • Covers an area of 75cm x 130cm x 75cm (L x W x H)
  • Minimal heat is produced by the fluorescent light
  • Features hugely popular SHOGUN nutrients and Tropic media
  • Low wattage light and efficient equipment


You Get

T5 4-Tube Propagation Light T5 4-Tube Propagation Light

1 x 4-Tube Propagation Light

  • Low power & cheap to run
  • Hardly any heat produced
  • Even spread of light
  • Lightweight & easy to fit with plug & play installation
  • Power cord & suspension cables included


BAY6 130DP Grow Tent BAY6 130DP Grow Tent

1 x BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Grow Tent

  • 75cm x 130cm x 130cm (L x W x H) 
  • 95% reflective silver mylar interior
  • Draw string ports
  • Durable canvas, corners & poles
  • Support bars for lights
RAM Mixed-Flow Intake Kit RAM Mixed-Flow Intake Kit

1 x RAM Mixed-Flow Intake Fan

  • Plug & play (no wiring)
  • 2 x fan speeds (165m3 or 199m3)
  • 1 x 100mm RAM Mixed-Flow Fan 
  • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting 
  • 3 x Duct Clips
Root!t Propagator Root!t Propagator

3 x Root!it Budget Propagator

  • Space for up to 72 x Root Riot Cubes
  • 57.5cm x 37cm x 22cm (L x W x H)
  • Simple to use - entry level
Tropic Mix 50L Tropic Mix 50L

1 x Tropic Mix - 50L

  • 40% high grade coco, 60% Irish peat
  • Contains calcium & magnesium (2:1)
  • CF 14 (EC 1.4)
  • pH 6.5 (ideal!)
  • No perlite or woody bits
SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow

1 x 1L SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow

  • Soil base mineral feed
  • 8% yield increase (‘SmartZen’ additive)
  • Increases photosynthesis + uptake
  • NPK 6/2/4
  • Dilution rate: 2-4ml per litre 
1L Ecothrive Charge 1L Ecothrive Charge

1 x 1L Ecothrive Charge

  • 100% organic enhancer
  • Packed with nutrients & bacteria
  • Fo growth, rooting, & pest resistance
  • NPK – 3/2/3
Ecothrive Biosys Ecothrive Biosys

1 x 10g Ecothrive Biosys

  • Encourages early rooting
  • Wards of pathogens (trichoderma)
  • Enhances stress recovery (of being cut) 
Heavy Duty Lighting Timer Heavy Duty Lighting Timer

1 x Heavy Duty Lighting Timer & Contactor

  • Control light On/Off times
  • Plug & play
  • Mechanical timer 

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