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Gavita Lighting

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Gavita Lighting

Trying to squeeze every bit of yield out of your plants? There’s only one thing for it - a Gavita Lighting System. They’re the best ones we’ve seen.

They come straight from Holland – the Greenhouse capital of the world! Dutch growers swear by them! Commercial growers fill their greenhouses with them. They really are something else.

Find out how to get the best out of your Gavita lights with the questions and answers below.

How much PAR light do Gavita Lamps emit?

Gavita lamps have a PAR rating of:

• 600W: 1120 micromoles

• 750W: 1500 micromoles

• 1000W Pro Plus: 2,100 micromoles

Every micromole (µmol) is equivalent to 602 quadrillion particles of light from the PAR range!

How much height do I need for Gavita lights?

It depends on the wattage of your grow light.

If using a 600W light, you only need a 200cm high tent.

If using a 750W or 1000W tent, you can get away with a 200cm high tent, but you’re best off with a height of 215cm (750W) or 240cm (1000W).

What’s the best tent to use with Gavita lights?

Mammoth G1 Tents are by far the best ones. They were designed specifically to maximise the intensity and footprint emitted by Gavita Lights.

If you want to use these lights and tents together, you can buy them as a complete kit.

What does the Gavita LEP (Plasma) Grow Light do?

It’s a supplemental grow light designed to improve the quality of fruit and flowers by broadening your light spectrum.

HID grow lights mostly emit wavelengths from inside the PAR range (400nm – 700nm). Gavita’s plasma light mostly emits wavelengths outside this range, such as UVA and UVB.

These wavelengths are known to increase essential oil, terpene, flavonoid & vitamin D production.


Plants grown under them are bushier with more lateral branches. They yield fruit and flowers that look, smell & taste better. On top of this, plants have better medicinal properties!

Just make sure you use them alongside an HID light – not instead of.

How do I position Gavita lights?

If using one light, position it in the centre of your grow tent, as you normally would.

If using two lights in a tent, divide the width of your tent by 5. This is how far you should position each light from the edge of your tent (one on each side).

If using Gavita LEP (Plasma) Grow Lights, you will need 2 x plasma lights for every 1 x HID light. Again, divide the width of your tent by 5. This is how far each Gavita LEP (Plasma) Light is positioned from the edge of your grow tent. Your

HID light sits in the centre of your tent, between your LEP lights.

How high should my Gavita lights be?

Rather than adjusting the height of your lights as plants grow, you keep your Gavita lights fixed to the top of your grow tent.

Doing this floods your tent with an incredible even, intense spread of light that penetrates deep into the canopy layer from more angles.

Growth is uniform, and more light reaches plants.

You don’t need to worry about adjusting your light height as plants grow – plants grow into the intensity.

What’s the Gavita Master Controller?

To really get the most from Gavita Lights, you’ll want a Gavita Master Controller.

You use them control up to 80 Gavita E-Series Lights at once.

With one of these, you can adjust your light output in 10W increments, and set lights to come on and off automatically.

To mimic the pattern of natural daylight, lights slowly dim or boost over 30 minutes when in sunrise and sunset mode.

Controllers are packed with safety features, too. If your grow room gets too hot, to protect plants your lights will automatically dim or shut down.

Don’t forget, you must have Gavita E-Series (electronic) lights to use a Master Controller.

When do I need to replace my Gavita lamp?

Gavita lamps have a life expectancy of 5,000 hours and lose just 95% of their light output after a year. That’s incredible! For best results, replace your lamps every year – most grow lamps need replacing after just 6 months!

When do I need to replace my Gavita reflector?

For best results, replace your reflector after a year.

What’s the best reflector to use?

All reflectors have 96% reflective vega / MIRO® aluminium surface and will give you a great reflection of light.

The one you need depends on the spread of light you’re after

Gavita HR96 Reflectors give you a medium spread of light, with a 138o beam angle.

Gavita SR Reflectors give you a narrow spread of light with a 110o beam angle.

The Gavita TripleStar reflector actually has 3 panel positions, so you can set your own beam angle (small, medium, wide). You can even adjust panels independently of each other to create an asymmetrical beam of light.

Gavita Lights are 400V…what does this mean?

What this means is that Gavita lights take 230-240V from a mains supply and transform it up to 400V.

400V lamps produce more plant usable light than standard 230V lamps. The average increase with 400V lamps is 8% more light!