125mm (5 inch) Cool Shade Reflector only

125mm (5 inch) Cool Shade Reflector only

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125mm (5 inch) Cool Shade reflector only (IEC connection)

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Cool Shades were one of the first air cooled reflectors to become available and all these years later they are still a firm favourite with many growers. Effectively a 125mm inline glass tube, the Cool Shade allows you to blow or extract air through the reflector and over your lamp thus taking the heat away before it can raise the temperature in your grow room. An additional clip on reflector is also supplied with the Cool Shade which improves your spread of light and reduces any light wastage. Multiple cool shades can be mounted in series along the same length of 125mm Combi Flexible Ducting although we would recommend a maximum of three shades when using an RVK125A1 Extractor Fan.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

Hi there, would the rvk 5 inch extractor fan be able to get rid of the heat of a 600w bulb .
The budget Coolshade reflector is designed to work with a 5" extractor fan, the fan is powerful enough to get rid of the heat from a 600W bulb.

Written by Pedro | 21 Feb 2012

Hi I just got a budget hobby 600w light system but im finding it hard to keep the temp down can I use this air cool reflector with that light system and will it bring my temp down ??
Hi John, you can use a coolshade reflector with you lamp & ballast, you would need to buy the reflector, an RVK125 extractor fan, ducting, & quick release clips to attach the ducting to the fan & reflector.

Written by Jon | 16 Jan 2012