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Ready for Christmas? Here's a Holiday Checklist


Before you break for Christmas, make sure you stock up on the essentials. Here are a few bits you’ll probably need.


1. Nutrients & nutrient management


If you’re running low on the basics, don’t cut it fine – stock up now. You’ll eventually use any nutrients and spares that you buy anyway – why risk running out over Christmas?


Nutrients & boosters



pH Up

pH Down


Don’t forget that nutrients can sometimes crystallise if they get too cold. Store yours at room temperature, ideally in a dark place.


2. Spares and replacements


It never hurts to have a back up! Especially is it's a devices your entire crop depends on.





Odour control (like ONA blocks)


3. Prepare to be away


If you’re going away over Christmas, make sure you automate feeding in advance (if your growing system doesn't already do this). A holiday watering kit should do the job. Or you can set up a custom drip system.


4. Prepare for a new crop


If you’re not growing yet, Christmas is a good time to get your grow room ready for a new cycle.


ATA Clean Irrigation Additive

Oxy-Plus 11.9%


Spray gun


Propagation grow lights

Propagation tent

• Baby plant feed (like VitaLink Plant Start)

• Rooting formula (like Clonex Rooting Gel or SHOGUN Katana Roots)

• Propagation media (like Jiffy Plugs or Grodan Cutting Seed Cubes


To save time and money, try our BAY6 Dual-Purpose Propagation Tent Kits. You get everything you need for a great propagation, including a tent, light, propagator, rockwool cubes, nutrients, Clonex Rooting Gel, SHOGUN Katana Roots, scalpel, spray gun & cable ties. All for under £200!

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