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Building Your First Indoor Grow Room

Last updated on 15/12/2015


OK, you’re convinced. You want to set-up a grow room and raise plants indoors…but where do you start?


A well-devised grow room will make your life a lot easier!


Find out how to plan, prepare and put together a great grow room - read our 5 step guide!


It’s recommended for beginners and experts!

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Indoor gardening can be as easy or complex as you like.


If you’re new to this, stick to the basics and keep things simple.


To get started:


Step 1. Find a suitable space (spare room, garage, etc)

Step 2. Make your space light-tight

Step 3. Choose how to configure your space (e.g. tent, entire room or cupboard within a room)

Step 4. Get good light coverage

Step 5. Set up suitable air exchange


This guide will take you through these steps.


Step 1: Find a Suitable Space



Is an available area big enough?


Almost any space can be used as a grow room.


You can either convert a whole room or cupboard into a grow room, or use a grow tent or chamber within a room to create an enclosed growing space.


Will you be able to provide the necessary amount of power?


You’ll need an electrical supply to power lights, pumps, fans, etc.


For a one light or two light set up, a couple of normal double wall sockets will be fine. If wall sockets are limited or in the wrong places, use an extension lead.


Code Price Qty
Extension Lead 599 Extension Lead


Can you get tap water from somewhere nearby?


You should never use unfiltered rain water.


Unfiltered rain water contains impurities so you never know what you're feeding plants.


The best water you can use is pure, filtered water. Read more on the importance of water here.



How close are sleeping and living areas?



Lights and pumps may be on at night. This'll create a small amount of noise. With this in mind, try not to set your grow room up away from sleeping and living areas.


What’s the flooring like?


Do not grow on carpeted floors. They hold moisture and harbour bugs and bacteria. The occasional spillage or leak is unavoidable, too.


If you can, remove any carpet, then line the floor with thick black/white reflective sheeting


Code Price Qty
Reflex Black/White Reflective Sheeting - 10 metres 1292 Reflex Black/White Reflective Sheeting - 10 metres


Step 2: Create a Light Tight Environment



If there’s a small window or natural light source in your grow room, block it off or light trap the area with Total Blackout Reflective Sheeting.


Reflective sheeting will:


1. Stop the light generated by grow lamps from escaping your grow room

Every 1% of light loss results in a 1% loss in yields! Read more here.


2. Prevent natural light from entering the area and affecting growth rates.

Plants get confused and stressed if they're exposed to light on an inconsistent basis…like you would be if your room suddenly illuminated in the middle of the night!


There are several types of grow room sheeting - including Orca and Reflex Diamond. Read more about reflective sheeting here.


The shinier the reflective sheeting, the better. Take a look at the above image - you can see just how shiny Orca is (right) compared to standard Mylar (left)!


Step 3: Choose How to Configure your Space


Match the size of your space to your grow light output


Once you’ve found a suitable area, you need to work out how to configure your space.


Configuration 1: Use an entire room

Configuration 2: Convert an enclosed environment (like a cupboard)

Configuration 3: Create a smaller grow space within a much larger room (typically with a grow tent)


Whichever option you choose, make sure the size of your area is suitable for the intensity of your grow lights.


If your light isn't intense enough, plants will under perform. If it's too intense, you'll likely have heat problems and harm your plants.


Configuration 1: Converting a whole room


In a large, empty room, one grow light is unlikely to be enough:


Instead, you’ll need multiple 600 Watt lights to fill the whole space:


6m x 3m Grow Room with 10 BudBox 600W Grow Lights


You’ll need one complete lighting system (light + ballast + reflector) for every 1.2m x 1.2m area (absolute minimum).


While you can convert an entire room in this way, we actually recommend using a grow tent as well because you’ll get more from your lights and it’ll be easier to maintain the ideal climate.


If you had a 6m x 3m room, rather than using the room itself as a grow room, you might be better off filling it with 2 x Titan+ BudBox Grow Tent or 2 x 2.4m2 BAY6 Grow Tent – like this:



Configuration 2: A grow room within a room


The best and cheapest way to get a grow room in a grow room is with a grow tent.


Mammoth Tent


With a grow tent, you’ll find it a lot easier to:


Maintain the optimum climate (e.g. temperature, humidity)

Prevent bug infestations and diseases

Minimise light loss

Protect the rest of the room from the heat and humidity in your tent


The tent you need will depend on what you’re growing, and what types of lights you’re using.


If you have high intensity lights or taller growing plants, you’ll need bigger, taller tents.

Our High Ceiling Mammoth Elite tents are a good shout


For mother plants, cuttings and seedlings, you’ll only need a small tent

Our BAY6 propagation tents are ideal!


Our BudBox grow tents are a great option – they’re simple to set up and unbelievable strong – see for yourself here.


Configuration 3: Converting a small area like a wardrobe, closet or cupboard



When you're planning on growing in a small space, you may encounter heat problems.


To prevent this:


Choose a high space (at least 5ft is good – ideally you want more)

Use nothing more powerful than a 250 Watt Light

Ensure there’s a constant flow of new air


If you don’t have much headroom, try using a smaller light like a T5 Grow Light because it’ll produce less heat.


However, as T5 Grow Lights are designed for propagation, we'd suggest you find a bigger area.


To get a constant flow of cool air:


Use an extractor fan to take hot air away from the top of the area

Release extracted air outside (ideally) or away from the plants (to a well ventilated area)


Use air input holes (even better, with air input fan) to force new air in

Draw air in from an indoor source, at a friendly temperature.


Read more on air extraction later in this post.


Step 4: Get The Right Light System


What's a Light System?



A typical light system consists of three parts:

Ballast: for regulating and controlling the supply of energy needed to power the light

Lamp: for actually generating the light

Reflector: for guiding as much of the light produced down towards your plants.


Types of grow lights:

In the past, growers often used a metal halide (MH) lamp during vegetative growth then switched to a sodium for flowering.


Now, however, a lot of growers use a Dual Spectrum HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light throughout.


Metal Halide: Great for vegetative growth (produce more blue light)

Sodium: Great for flowering (produce more red light)

Dual Spectrum HPS: For vegetative & flowering (produce blue & red light)

LED's: We currently don’t sell these (find out why we don't sell LED's here)

Fluorescent Lights: For propagation, often used with a BAY6 Dual Use Propagation tent


Supplemental grow lights


Supplemental grow lights can be used alongside your standard light, to give you healthier, faster growing plants that smell better and taste better.


Plasma: Wider light spectrum with UV-A and UV-B (read more here)

CDM: Gives plants a broader light spectrum to enhance growth (read more here)


You don’t have to use a supplemental grow light, but you'll get far better results if you do.


Choosing a grow light


When choosing a light, you need to be realistic about:

The light’s power consumption rate (and your budget)

The light output (read more here)

How much space is available (your grow space will need to support the light)


Most Popular Choices

The three most popular lamp choices consist of the following:


1. 250 Watt Light

• Suits beginners and smaller areas, like cupboards

• Often used with an Intermediate BudBox Grow Tent



2. 400 Watt Light

- Great for vegetative plants and medium-to-large grow rooms

- Normally the choice for growers with a Large BudBox Grow Tent



3. 600 Watt Light

The most efficient and popular light

Gives optimum light and good depth over an area of 1.2 x 1.2 metres or more

Often used with an XL BudBox Grow Tent, XXL BudBox Grow Tent, Titan BudBox Grow Tent, Titan+ BudBox Grow Tent or Titan2 BudBox Grow Tent



4. 1000 Watt lights


1000W lights are less common then 600W lights but powerful! For the ultimate yields, try a Gavita set up:


Using a G1 Tent


Standard Plan:

1000W Gavita Pro E-Series Light + Master Controller + a G1 Mammoth Tent


Advanced Plan:

6/750W Gavita Pro E-Series Light + 2 Gavita LEP Lights + Master Controller + G1 Mammoth Tent


Using a G2 Tent


Standard Plan:

2 1000W Gavita Pro E-Series Light + Master Controller + a G2 Mammoth Tent


Advanced Plan:

2 6/750W Gavita Pro E-Series Light + 4 Gavita LEP Lights + Master Controller + G2 Mammoth Tent



Use a timer and contactor


If you're using a 250 Watt, 400 Watt, 600 Watt or 1000 Watt light, you’ll need a timer and contactor


A timer: Allows you to choose your on/off times (some controllers will do this for you instead)

A contactor: Prevents high inrushes, protecting your timer from damage.


Quick Tip: Consider Running your lights at night


A lot of growers have their lights on during the night and their lights off during the day.


Why? Because it’s cheaper:


On economy 7 tariffs, the cost of electricity is less during the night

Lights produce heat, and night times are cooler - it costs less to maintain the right temperature


To make checks and carry out tasks in your grow room during the day when the lights are most likely to be switched off, we recommend using an Active Eye Head Lamp.


Code Price Qty
Active Eye Head Lamp 9981 Active Eye Head Lamp


Alternatively if you plan on tending to plants whilst the lights are on, protect your eyes with LUMii Lenses


Code Price Qty
LUMii Grow Room Lenses 602 LUMii Grow Room Lenses


Further reading:


To find out more about lights, we recommend reading:


How to measure your light output


Grow lamp coverage areas and light cycles


How high to hang your lamps


How much yield are your lights using you?


LED's: To use or not to use


How to amplify taste, aroma and health with UV-A and UV-B


Step 5: Set Up Suitable Air Exchange


Why do you need an air exchange/ventilation system?


The short answer is for climate control, to make sure plants are growing under the right conditions.


Plants constantly consume CO2 and release moisture. Your lights produce heat.


You’ll need to replace stale, CO2 depleted, hot, moist air with fresh, CO2 rich air.


What will you need?


What you need will depend on:

Your lights

The size of your grow space

The time of year (more air needs to be extracted during summer months)


As a general rule, the more lights you have, the better your air exchange system needs to be.


Extractor Fans:


Fan calculation


Extractor fans draw air out of your grow room. To work out how many you need:


First, work out the volume of space covered by your grow lights (length x width x height)

Multiply this by 60


This is how much air should be exchanged per hour.


In most cases, this calculation will be fine. However, depending on where your grow room is, you may find it useful to:


Add 20% for a warm attic

Minus 15% in a cool basement

Add 20% for long ducting

Minus 25 - 30% for air cooled lighting


Something else to consider is that south facing rooms are hotter than north facing rooms. You may want to increase the size of your extractor fan in south facing rooms.


Another option is to use a thermostatic fan speed controller. It'll make sure the fans are running at the right speed to maintain the exact temperature you want. Plug them in, set the temp, job done. When using one its best to over spec the extractor.


If you're using an intake fan and extraction fan, they ideally need to be positioned in opposite corners of the growing area.


Extractor fans are normally on for 24 hours a day when used with carbon filters (for odour removal).


Smaller extractor fans are typically quite quiet, but larger ones tend to produce some noise. Look out for fans that have bafflers or silencers, such as the Isomax range


Your extractor fan doesn’t have to be in the grow room, you can place it outside the room and use in-line ducting.


Intake fans:


Intake fan calculation


Remember air needs to enter the room as well as leave it.


If you have a small grow room with only 1 600W light, it will normally be OK to use a series of vents to draw air in.


In a larger room, you will need an air intake fan.


Your input fan should be 15 - 20% less powerful than your extractor fan.


For more information, give these articles a read:


1. How air flow affects your plants

2. What equipment do you need?

3. Setting up a complete system


Basic Grow Room Safety


Grow light systems are very safe.


They only need a few hundred watts – like a lot of household electrical items. Like any of these devices, they prove to be perfectly safe if used with common sense.


Here are a few safety tips:


1. Use cable ties when necessary to keep wiring neat and out of the way


2. Ensure ballasts and other electrical devices don’t come into contact with water unless specifically designed to do so - e.g. nutrient heaters and water pumps.


Code Price Qty
Cable Ties - Pack of 20 666 Cable Ties - Pack of 20



3. From time to time check all installations, connections and wiring.


4. Make sure equipment is not accessible to children or animals.


5. Read instructions and safety information where applicable, especially where aggressive liquids are concerned.


6. Consider installing a fire extinguisher that has been specifically designed for a grow room.


7.Always uncoil extensions and don't coil up the reflector cables - otherwise, they can get hot and even burn.


Code Price Qty
Fireblitz Dry Powder Automatic Extinguisher – 2kg 3039 Fireblitz Dry Powder Automatic Extinguisher – 2kg


What's Next?


Now you've set up your grow room, you can start thinking about growing your plants. Take a look at the other articles in our blog for guidance.


We recommend reading:


Propagating: Propagation rooms, 7 Tips for cuttings & seedlings, Taking cuttings, Mother plants


Feeding your plants: Plant nutrition, Macro-nutrients, Nutrient formulation


Growing in Soil & Coco: The Basics, Ecothrive Charge, RhizoSystems, RhizoPots


Growing hydroponically: Choosing a hydro system, About DWC, About NFT


Pest Control: How to identify Grow Room pests

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144 Comments - Add Comment

  • Andrew
    Posted June 3, 2017 at 12:34 am
    If using a grow tent in a spare room with a 400w light where should the extracted air go
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted June 13, 2017 at 11:39 am
      Hi Andrew, the extracted air need to leave the room that the tent is in. The simplest way to do this would be to extract through the window, many people will use a chimney breast, or use a spigot to duct through the ceiling into the attic.

      Hope this helps
      Growell Team

  • Joe
    Posted April 20, 2017 at 2:14 am
    Hi, I want to set up a grow tent in a walk in cupboard, can you give me some advice as to how to ensure that there is sufficient airflow and ventilation. I will have the appropriate fans inside the tent, but would I need to leave the cupboard door open or put vent system in the cupboard door to ensure sufficient fresh air reaches the plant.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted May 24, 2017 at 11:41 am
      Hi Joe, you will need to make sure the air extracted from the tent leaves the room the tent is in to minimise temperature & humidity problems. For a single light setup, you should be able to draw in sufficient air from the vents at the bottom of the tent through the action of the extractor fan. It would be advisable to either leave the cupboard door slightly open, or to drill some small holes in the bottom of the door to allow airflow into the tent.

      Hope this helps
      Growell Team

  • Dale1
    Posted November 10, 2016 at 11:26 am
    Hi i have a 2.4mlength by 1.2m width by 1.6m height. Am going to be having 6plants. And was going with platinum led lights. Would i be better with 2xs p450s or 3xs p300? Also will the height of my tent be ok? Any help thanks
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted November 15, 2016 at 10:21 am
      Hi Dale, we haven't tested the Platinum LEDs as yet, but I would say that we are yet to find an LED unit that we would be happy to sell. If you are looking to save energy, I would recommend using 2 x 315W CDM systems with the 930 Agro lamp to cover your area. These systems give excellent results & final quality.

      Hope this helps
      Growell Team

  • Charles
    Posted June 28, 2016 at 12:35 am
    Hi I am a newbie and have been advised to sheet my room out rather than buy a tent. I was just looking for any hints/tips on how to hang the plastic sheeting off walls and the ceiling?

    Thanks in advance!
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted July 21, 2016 at 10:16 am
      Hi Charles, we would advise using Heat Resistant Silver Duct Tape to secure the sheeting to the walls. We would advise using wither Reflex Black/White Sheeting or Reflex Total Blackout Sheeting to cover the floor, there's no need to cover the ceiling, as your reflector will direct the light down towards your plants.

      Hope this helps
      Growell Team.

  • jason conroy
    Posted March 23, 2015 at 6:23 pm
    Hi, I was just after some advice as you guys seem to know what you're on about. I will be starting my grow at the weekend and just need to know if everything I have is right, I know people say stay away from ebay but I have very little money to spare.

    - Hydroponic Grow Room Tent Kit including light and ventilation system
    - Rope Ratchets
    - 2 x 600w Timer Contactor
    - Desk Fan

    I'm growing from seed and was just wondering should I start the grow in the tent with the full set up running (i.e lights, extraction, desk fan etc) or grow the seeds to a certain height then move them into the tent? I'm a complete newbie to this and every bit of info would be great.

    Thanks in advance
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted March 24, 2015 at 10:36 am
      Hi Jason,

      Looks like you've found most of what is needed to successfully produce a crop. However, we're not seeing any pots/growing system? What about nutrients too? And you haven't got anything for propagation either?

      If you want a single light set up and have got the space to accommodate the slightly bigger 120cm x 120cm BAY6 tent, we'd recommend considering the Budget BAY6 XL Complete Kit. For a lower final price you actually get better versions of everything that is in the kit from eBay. A timer/contactor is also included, likewise hanging accessories for the light and ventilation systems, plus 4 fantastic RhizoPots! And you can grow slightly bigger plants too thanks to the extra room!

      Of the items on your list, you'd just need to buy the air movement fan separately - and again we'd recommend a clip-on alternative over the desk-top model you highlighted. This product can be more flexibly positioned and also costs less!

      eBay is great in general but due to the nature of plant growing products, we'd always recommend dealing with specialists in the area that are reputable and have genuine expert knowledge. If anything goes wrong (it shouldn't do, but you never know) we will always be there (20+ years experience) to assist you and replace broken/malfunctioning items caused through no fault of your own. Can the same be said about an eBay seller? You are able to reach us in a number of different ways (phone, blog, chat, shops, etc) and we take pride in the speed of our response times. On top of all that, we actually tend to overshadow eBay sellers when it comes to price - people just seem to think that this won't be the case! More often than not, the cheaper products available on there are rubbish... That's why you'll find that we don't sell them!

      Let us know if you would like any further help.

  • robert
    Posted February 23, 2015 at 5:40 am
    Hello, your advice will be really useful to me. I'm trying to begin a small grow in a basement which is about 1.8 meters in height. How big should I build a grow box adequate for veg and flowering down there? What equipment do I need? If you can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks man.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted February 23, 2015 at 5:09 pm
      Hi Robert,

      Although it does depend on how big you actually want to grow your plants, we'd still recommend building a box that fills as much of the available room as possible - particularly with regards to the vertical space.

      Since a head height of 200cm is the minimum normally required, you really ought to look at either a low power lighting option like a CFL reflector, blue Eco-Light for the vegetative stage and a red Eco-Light for the flowering stage or an air cooled lighting system like the DARKSTAR.

      If you select a 600W light (covers an area of 120cm x 120cm) using the smaller DARKSTAR air-cooled design and attach the necessary 125mm fan and ducting parts to complete the set up (or just opt for the relevant air cooling kit), it can be hung closer to the tops of plants without scorching them.

      To help provide adequate ventilation for the entire grow space, you will also need a separate extraction system - the RVK125A1 Standard Extraction/Filtration Kit 2 in this case.

      In terms of your growing system, the selected growing method largely determines your actual amount of choice. NFT Gro-Tanks represent a great option for hydroponics when head height is limited since they lie very low to the ground. But for a coco or soil technique, RhizoPots are probably your best bet.

      Hope that helps! Please feel free to ask more questions!

  • Seamus
    Posted January 19, 2015 at 3:01 pm
    Good afternoon guys,

    What a website! You give great advice, so here I am!

    I have done a couple of very average grows now and feel sick of mediocrity lol. I know I am not maximising the rooms potential and confess to being ignorant towards controlling the variables necessary for a successful grow.

    So here I am about to start my next grow. I have a large room available and plan on growing ten plants using coco mix soil. I want to get a decent sized grow tent, what would you recommend? I was also wondering how many lights would be suitable and what carbon filter and extractor fan I should select?

    I plan on using Canna A and B with Ton O Bud and Heavies near the end? Would you use these nutrients? If not, what would you choose?

    I control the pH and use a Bluelab Truncheon for the EC. What is the best way to get readings at certain stages etc?

    A lot of questions as you can see so I do apologise, but I just want to try and have a better understanding of how to go about this more successfully!

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 20, 2015 at 3:38 pm
      Hi Seamus,

      Thanks for the kind words! If it's reliable information you want, you've come to the right place!

      Based on the fact that you intend to grow 10 plants, we'd recommend selecting an XXL size of tent (240cm width x 120cm depth x 200cm height). You might even be able to go for a bigger one (or alternatively need to scale down) according to the exact dimensions of your room - can you confirm these details? The excellent value BAY6 model promises to endure the wear and tear of several crops and suits growers working on a tight budget and/or limited experience, whereas the sensational BudBox Pro version comfortably stands up to repeated use and includes a huge number of convenient features. Definitely pick the latter option if you have a long term plan for indoor gardening, although that's not to say the cheaper option will let you down because it's still a very good product.

      In an XXL grow tent the optimum lighting set up is 2 x 600W systems (the Puma brand are our most popular examples), whilst the Extraction Kit 3 covers all of your ventilation requirements (consisting of a RVK150A1 Fan, CF360 Carbon Filter and all the necessary 150mm ducting pieces to connect the key parts together). You really can't go wrong with this equipment!

      Canna is a safe bet for your feeds but to really step things up to another level, check out SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Nutrients. Scientifically speaking, these are a lot more advanced than the competition and quickly seem to be gaining a loyal following (deservedly so, too). The same goes for the additives you have mentioned - we'd put forward SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18, SHOGUN Sumo Boost and SHOGUN Dragon Force as far superior flowering boosters. Several articles on our blog explain the main differences and advantages if you need to see evidence! Just try here and here.

      On the subject of our blog, everything you need to know about nutrient management can be found in the Beginners Guide To CF Control and the Beginners Guide To pH Management.

      Think that's covered all your questions! Thanks for getting in touch and please feel free to ask anything else you'd like to find out! We're also available on the main website chat feature, over the phone by calling and obviously in store. Cheers!

  • Jenny
    Posted January 6, 2015 at 12:00 am
    Hi there, I am looking at using a 120cm x 120cm x 200cm grow tent in my garage to grow from Spring to Autumn only want to find out just how well grow tents of all brands are insulated. I'm concerned about heat loss (and ££££ in electricity lost) through the walls of the grow tent and don't know if I need to surround the tent in something else or build more insulation around it. How good are the tents at containing all the heat? Do they feel cool to the touch outside when there is a full grow going on inside?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 6, 2015 at 10:20 am
      Hi Jenny,

      A 600w light is ideal in the size of tent you have mentioned, which inevitably promises to generate a little bit of heat. If you plan on extracting air from inside the tent and replacing it with fresh supplies taken from a different area of the garage (always recommended), you can expect a slight cooling effect. To counter this effect during the colder months, we would suggest looking at a tubular heater and/or an oil-filled radiator. In extreme cases, applying loft insulation to the garage will also help.

      BudBox Grow Tents utilise a very well insulated canvas and include drawstring ports for ducting and irrigation pipework (so you don't allow heat to escape from poorly cut holes). Having had one set up in the office with a full grow on the go, we can tell you that there was no noticeable change to our temperature. However, the plants still found themselves enjoying a warm and properly contained environment!

      Hope that helps!

    • Jenny
      Posted January 7, 2015 at 8:11 am
      Thanks for that - I have 5" and 4" fans for intake and extraction but have been told I should have 6" for the size grow tent I want. My garage is pretty big but I've also been told that extracting warm air into the garage could cause condensation everywhere... I am able to vent to the outdoors but I thought my garage would be big enough that the heat would dissipate. Maybe a case of "suck it and see"...

  • John1
    Posted November 14, 2014 at 2:31 am

    Glad I found this site, lots of great information. I am a complete novice and want to set up a small grow tent on a budget in my garage for 2 low level plants. Would the following be suitable as a basic setup?

    0.8m x 0.8m x 1.6m tent (I already have this)
    250W Puma Euro Light System
    RVK100A1 Budget Extraction/Filtration Kit 1 - (175m3/hour)
    Jubilee Clips
    Jack Chain
    S Hooks
    KlimaHeat Tubular Grow Room Heater (as the tent will be in a well ventilated but cold garage)

    Anything else (apart from pots, growing media, nutrients, drip tray) that I should also be considering buying?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted November 14, 2014 at 10:52 am
      Hi John,

      Thanks for the kind comments, it sounds like you're on the way to a nice little setup.

      If you plan on getting a Budget/Extraction Kit there’s no need to buy separate ducting or jubilee clips (unless installing an intake fan – which won’t be necessary for your tent, just remember to open the vents to allow in fresh air).

      For one light we’d recommend purchasing a Heavy Duty Timer Contactor rather than a separate timer and contactor as this will perform well and help save you a quite a bit of money at the same time.

      A thermometer that measures temperature and humidity like the Accuread Temperature and Humidity Meter is worth having to monitor both of the main factors that affect conditions inside of your grow tent.

      Instead of buying chain to use with your S-Hooks definitely consider investing in Ezi-Roll Light Hangers. Over the course of a crop you will need to adjust the height of your light and these handy accessories have been designed to let you take just a few seconds to do so.

      If you want to grow in pots, check out RhizoPots! Honestly, these things are amazing! You treat them exactly the same as normal pots, but the air pruning that is facilitated triggers much bigger root growth and healthier plants!

      For whatever type of nutrients you decide to use, make sure you’ve got the necessary equipment to create nutrient solutions. This includes a bucket, a measuring jug and a syringe. Coco also requires pH adjustment and measurement tools at the absolute minimum, though you should really do CF measurement too.

      BioBizz media and nutrients are fantastic for beginners using soil. Most coco feeds work in the same way, so if that’s the chosen growing method get yourself the best product and buy SHOGUN Samurai Coco Nutrients.

      Other than this we’d just say to try and prepare for anything bad that could happen. Hang up yellow sticky insect traps as an early warning system for pests, pop a spider mite sachet (these will need replacing every 4 weeks) on each plant to protect them with “friendly” natural predators and have a powerful bug killer to hand in case of a sudden infestation of some kind (Mighty Wash and Protector Natural Insect Killer are very effective).

      Soft Plant Tie is also really useful for supporting your plants whilst they grow, but you might not need it if you’re keeping them relatively small.

      Hope that helps and good luck! Feel free to ask us more questions on here, via the site chat or by calling.

  • Jon
    Posted November 13, 2014 at 10:09 am
    Hi. I have a cupboard that is 100cm deep and about 60cm wide. It has a height of over 200cm. My question is whether this space is worth using for growing? Also how many plants could I realistically get in there, and how many watts lighting would I need?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted November 13, 2014 at 10:45 am
      Hi Jon,

      Cupboards are often a great place to grow and it looks like your one is no different! You could comfortably fit a 250w grow light in that space, or a 400w model at a push - either way, good ventilation is essential. If you're completely new to indoor gardening, check out our Puma Grow Lights and the RVK100A1 Budget Extraction/Filtration Kit 1. The narrowness of the cupboard means that you're only going to be able to grow 1 or 2 plants, but that's still pretty good and at least the area won't cost a lot to kit out.

      Thanks for getting in touch - let us know if you have any more questions!

  • Mick
    Posted November 7, 2014 at 5:09 pm
    Going to set up a grow room that is around 2.5m x 2m. My head's not working at the moment, so help is needed! Experienced grower with up to 7 plants. Just want to know what products to put on my shopping list. Much appreciated, thanks :)
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    • GroWell Team
      Posted November 10, 2014 at 10:58 am
      Hi Mick,

      If you wanted to put a tent in that area (recommended), we'd suggest going with a 2m x 2m Titan BudBox - which will leave you with a little bit of space around the outside for the ventilated air. For that particular tent you can use 4 x 600w grow lights alongside an extraction system consisting of an RVK150L1 extractor fan and a CF680 Carbon Filter. To make things easy for yourself, consider a Titan BudBox Basic Kit. This includes the lights and extraction system mentioned plus all the necessary parts for connecting and suspending them.

      Hope that helps!

  • newbie
    Posted November 6, 2014 at 9:27 pm
    Hi, I am new to this and would like to start, I was thinking of buying a 2m x 2m x 2m grow tent, using 2 x 600w grow light and then running ducting into the chimney. My main worry is about the heat! My loft is not insulated but I'm going to use kingspan between rafters then plasterboard - can you tell me if this will be a problem? Thanks, like I said I'm a beginner, any advice or a better way to grow would be great.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted November 7, 2014 at 10:42 am
      Hi there.

      The insulation will help contain the heat during the winter but in the summer you'll have to make sure you control the temperatures very carefully. It shouldn't put you off though, there's plenty of products available that are very effective at cooling grow rooms and keeping the air fresh - such as Split Air Conditioning Units.

      Anything else we can assist you with today?

  • ray holmes
    Posted October 26, 2014 at 6:41 pm
    Hey, I want to grow six plants - what is the minimum suitable size of grow room recommended and how many 250w HID lights would be needed?
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    • GroWell Team
      Posted October 27, 2014 at 12:42 pm
      Hi there,

      Either a Large BudBox Tent (1m x 1m) or an XL BudBox Tent (1.2m x 1.2m) would be suitable for six medium sized plants. 2 x 250w lights in one of those tents is fine, but we'd recommend upgrading to 600w lights for a little bit of extra power!

      Hope that helps!

  • hydro-peneur
    Posted October 4, 2014 at 7:26 am
    Hi. I have built a (box) room inside a bedroom that fits 4 x 25 Litre pots in with 2 lights but as its in a block of flats and its noisy I can hear upstairs and downstairs. The only thing I care about is the noise as my downstairs neighbour has just started complaining about it - now I'm wondering how to soundproof the room that's inside the other room? Can I sit the room on polystyrene blocks? Like I say, it's the fan that's causing the problem. Any advice would be much appreciated.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted October 6, 2014 at 10:34 am
      Hi there,

      What size and type of fan are you using? If it's one of the larger RVK models, adding a silencer and acoustic ducting can make a big difference. But to really bring the level of noise down to virtually a whisper, we'd suggest checking out the Isomax Acoustic Fans - we have models set up at our stores and you can barely tell that they are there! The polystyrene blocks idea is a good one too - definitely worth a try.

      Hope that helps!

  • danny
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 4:54 pm
    I want to do a 1 plant grow in my cupboard. Can you tell me what I need please, from lights to nutrients? Thank you.
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    • GroWell Team
      Posted September 8, 2014 at 1:04 pm
      Hi Danny,

      Could you tell us what the dimensions are of your cupboard? The minimum amount of space you are going to need to grow 1 plant is 75cm (width) x 75cm (length) x 100cm (height).


  • Daniel
    Posted August 22, 2014 at 8:10 am
    Hey, I'm a new grower and me and my buddies really want to start a big grow. We have a good sized garage and I really wanna know what's the best way to do this to get a large yield. I was researching a hydroponic vertical grow system but don't know if it's worth the investment? We could use the whole garage and want to have about 30 plants going if possible. Let me know what you recommend to do thanks!
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted August 26, 2014 at 11:37 am
      Hi Daniel,

      It's great to hear that you're ready to have a go at indoor gardening! Every aspect of a grow room and every process involved in growing plants can be tailored to maximise yields. We've actually put together a very comprehensive article specifically aimed at beginners that explains all of the opportunities you will find to boost final results. Just click here

      Hope that helps!

  • FaTTy
    Posted August 20, 2014 at 7:09 pm
    Okay, so i have a question or two...

    I am gonna use the Flora Series nutrients for feeds (Flora Gro, Flora Micro, Flora Bloom), but I need to know a specific schedule to feed my plants. Do I feed once and water with regular water and then feed again or feed once/twice a week? I have looked at the schedule that Flora gives out and I just wanna be sure that it will work for my plants.

    I decided to build a 4ft x 4ft x 7ft grow room and I have one 600w hps. I am gonna put 8 plants in there - is that good enough light for 8 plants? I am going to use 4 gallon pots and soiless coconut fiber. I got a temperature/humidity gauge and a 6 inch duct fan for the exhaust, which is running into the attic. There are screened vents in the bottom of the room to let new air in. The room is encased in white plastic to try and keep it bright but not super reflective in an attempt to keep the level of heat down.

    I am new to indoor growing and hope that everything goes well. I can't wait to get started and any help given would be much appreciated...
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted August 21, 2014 at 10:51 am
      Hi there,

      If you are using coco for your growing media we would highly recommend choosing a coco-specific range of nutrients like Coco Professional or Vita Link Coir. These have been carefully designed to work with the properties of the media and deliver the best possible results. Conveniently you can still add hydroponics boosters and stimulants to the coco feeds, meaning there is a lot of product choice and opportunity to turbo-charge plant performance!

      Considering the dimensions of your grow room, a 600w light will be fine for 8 x small/medium-sized plants. Indeed, the rest of the set up sounds good to us too.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!

  • dan
    Posted August 18, 2014 at 12:44 am
    Hi there,

    I have recently set up my grow room and currently have 6 plants living in there, everything seems to be going well (or at least I think so anyway as this is my first grow) - can someone advise me as to whether or not I need to change anything please? I have a 1.2m X 1.2m X 2m tent with a 5 inch extractor/carbon filter kit, a 16 inch oscillating fan (inside the tent) and a 600 watt grow light. At the moment I don't have an intake fan bringing in cool air, any advice is highly appreciated!
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    • GroWell Team
      Posted August 18, 2014 at 10:22 am
      Hi Dan,

      Placing a 16 inch oscillating fan in that size of tent may lead to problems (e.g. windburn), as it is a little too powerful - even with the summer heat to fight against. We'd recommend relocating the fan to somewhere else in the room (not the tent) to keep the air circulating, and then you should pop a 6 inch clip-on fan in amongst your plants. Everything else sounds about right, you don't really need an intake fan so save your money!

      Hope that helps!

  • Joe
    Posted April 30, 2014 at 3:26 pm
    Was looking at a Secret Jardin Lodge DR90 Grow Tent (90cm x 90cm 180cm), with a Wilma 4 Pot System (small 60cm x 60cm) and a Lumatek 250w or 400w Dimmable Ballast. I will add an extract and intake fan because of lack of side space but am not sure if the Wilma system is too big for the tent. I wanted to use the dimmable ballast so I could move seedlings in very early, is this a good idea?

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    • GroWell Team
      Posted May 2, 2014 at 12:28 pm
      Hi there,

      Thanks for your enquiry. We don’t sell any products from the Secret Jardin range other than the propagation tent because they are silver lined, and we find that the heat build up in these tents can be excessive, and can cause hot spots. The BudBox range that we stock are very well constructed and have a white lining which prevents this heat build up and offers a more even light reflection.

      Also the Wilma System that you have specified is an older model which we no longer do. They have improved the system which now measures 74x74cm and allows more space between the pots - read more about it here. So it would fit in your tent should you decide to go for the DR90. As for the light, a 400w would be optimum in that space, but again you would need to be aware of the heat build up and plan your extraction accordingly.

      Using a dimmable ballast is a good idea as far as being able to dim it for younger plants, but I would be wary of using too much light on seedlings, especially if you want to move them in very early. It would be advisable to get an Eco-Light and reflector for £37.95 to use on the seedlings/young plants and allow them to establish well before switching to the HPS.

  • jack
    Posted April 23, 2014 at 12:28 pm
    Great and very useful information
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    • GroWell Team
      Posted April 23, 2014 at 11:52 pm
      Thank you Jack!

  • Steve
    Posted April 14, 2014 at 8:19 pm
    I have two 600 watt lights and two 5" fans. Will the two fans be enough to cool my grow room?

  • Chris
    Posted March 30, 2014 at 3:39 pm
    Hi, I am new to growing but have been trying to learn for a while. The size of the room I have is 2m (length) x 1.9m (width) x 2m (height). I will be growing 12 plants in this space.

    Here is the list of equipment I have planned for my room:
    3 x 600W HID Lights
    Lightrail 190cm length
    3 x reflectors fitted to light rail
    10 large pots
    2 x 10 metre reflective sheet
    12" In Line Fan Carbon Filter & Duct Kit
    5 x socket timers
    10 small pots
    Cocoa soiless mix
    Ph kit
    3 x wall mounted fans
    2 x extension leads
    10 x contactors (for timers to be fitted to lighting)
    20m of internal wall insulation (used to trap heat in room)

    From this list is there anything that I have missed out or that you think I don't need to complete my set up in order to achieve maximum growth for 12 plants within this space?

    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted March 31, 2014 at 4:14 pm
      Hi Chris,

      Perhaps go for 4 standalone 600w lights and forget the Lightrail as the only model we recommend after extensive trials does not have the capacity to hold 3 lights. With regards to the contactors, you'll be able to invest in one unit to manage the power loads of the three or four lights - choose between the Exolux Four Light Timer Contactor and the Eco-Technics Four Light Timer Contactor. A timer is built into the former product, but for the latter you will need to invest in a separate unit like the tried and trusted Grasslin model.

      If you're somehow able to find an extra bit of space that changes the dimensions of the grow room to 2m x 2m, we'd suggest getting yourself a Titan BudBox Basic Kit, which includes a fantastic tent and a lot of the key bits of equipment you will need such as 4 x 400 Watt Proxima Euro lights, a four light timer contactor, an appropriate sized fan and filter, plus all the parts to connect up and hang these systems.

      If you can't fit a Titan BudBox Grow Tent into your area or just don't fancy using one, you'll require an RVK150L1 Extraction/Filtration Kit for the fan, filter and connecting parts that are necessary to create the right size of extraction system. In our opinion a 300mm (12 inch) fan and filter is too big for your room, though it shouldn't cause any major problems were you to ignore this advice. In terms of intake, an RVK150A1 fan would be more than sufficient. Additionally to control fan speeds and the level of draft around your plants, purchase of a decent fan speed controller is worthwhile.

      For the pots, we would recommend 12 of the smaller Rhizo-Pots when plants are young and developing and 12 of the larger Rhizo-Pots when plants have become more established and are growing at a fast rate. The Rhizo-Pots beat plastic pots hands down, possessing a unique design that facilitates the hugely beneficial process of air pruning - find out more here.

      On top of this equipment, you need to consider coco nutrients and boosters, Garland Work Trays and/or Saucers for placing underneath pots to catch run-off and dirt, propagation products (e.g. lighting that is less powerful and more suited to cuttings/seedlings) and general grow room tools including measuring jugs, syringes, measuring devices (e.g. a temperature and humidity meter), Light Hangers, etc.

      Just let us know if you want any further help!

  • Seth
    Posted March 24, 2014 at 5:47 pm
    Hi GroWell!

    I am currently looking at your XL BudBox Grow Tent with the basic starter kit. I see it comes with an extractor fan which, if I'm correct, can be left outside the tent and used to bring cool air from the outside to the inside of the tent? Do I need a second fan to suck the hot air out from inside the tent?

    I'm looking to grow 8 plants in coco or soil, what size pots do you recommend and which type? Also, what do you recommend mounting the pots on - should they just sit on the floor of the tent or be raised on a base? Based on your knowledge what growing medium (coco or soil) would work best for a beginner?

    Another question about lighting, the kit comes with a 600 watt bulb - can this be regulated to different intensities for the different stages of the grow or is the 600 watt suitable for all stages, such as the veg or even seed stage? I'm also assuming your lights are height adjustable within the tent?

    I know the starter kit and tent will get me set up but what else would you recommend to start off and maintain my plants throughout the grow?

    Sorry if this is a bit much, but i'm new to this and in need of help! Hopefully my post will help other people too!

    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted March 28, 2014 at 4:48 pm
      Hi Seth,

      It's always nice to hear from a new grower and we totally understand that there are a lot of questions you will want answers to before starting out! So lets have a look...

      Your main fan will be used for extraction - i.e. taking hot air out of the grow room. In some circumstances an open vent proves enough for bringing fresh supplies in, but generally an intake fan is required to do this job. Ultimately it depends on the power of the lights in your grow room, since these will have a large role to play with regards to the level of heat.

      Whether you opt to use soil or coco, our recommendation for the system is the same - Rhizo-Pots! In your scenario, we'd go for 9 x 8 Litre Rhizo-Pots, positioning them on Garland Trays inside the tent so that you have 3 rows each containing 3 of the pots. Soil is the easiest growing media to select and perfectly suits Rhizo-Pots but coco happens to be very similar and will also tend to deliver better yields.

      The Proxima Ballast that comes supplied with the XL BudBox Basic Kit ranks very highly amongst growers but does not let you alter the intensity of light over the course of a crop. However the 600 Watt Exolux Pro Ballast will allow for incremental increases in the power level, so you can work up towards the 600 Watt mark as your plants develop. If this is your preferred choice, we are happy to upgrade the kit to include it. To easily adjust the height of your reflector and bulb, you should get yourself a pair of Exolux Ezi-Roll Light Hangers.

      On top of these considerations, we'd also suggest that you purchase some tools to monitor the environment (e.g. Accuread Temperature & Humidity Meter) and support devices (e.g. yo-yo's) for keeping your plants upright. If you would like a bit more help give our Technical Team a call and also take a look through our Learn Section to identify exactly what you need.

      Hope that helps!

  • Pete
    Posted March 19, 2014 at 3:23 am
    Hi there, I have fresh air coming through a vent into a tent in a bedroom - is it wise to extract the filtered air straight into the loft? The loft is a big size (roughly 8m x 4m not including the eves), empty, has no insulation (can see the tiles) and features a slate roof. I was going to put a ducting size hole in the bedroom ceiling and run it straight through. Just worried about heat and condensation. I will be running 2 x 600w lights. Cheers
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted March 28, 2014 at 1:00 pm
      Hi Pete,

      A lot of people choose to do this and from the set up you have described, it sounds like a good plan.

      Thanks for the question!

  • dan
    Posted March 12, 2014 at 12:00 pm
    Can anyone help? I've got a quite small cabinet that I'm hoping to turn into a grow box, but I'm a first timer and have no idea about what I need to use to get the best results? The cabinet size is H170cm W45cm L50cm. Any comments would be appreciated.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted March 28, 2014 at 12:08 pm
      Hi there Daniel,

      This space is a little bit too small really, we'd definitely recommend trying to find a bigger area in which to grow your plants.

      If you are stuck for room and have no other options, the best bet light-wise involves switching between the ultra efficient, low heat producing blue Eco-Light for vegetative growth and the equally impressive red Eco-Light for flowering. You'll need to combine these with a CFL Hobby Reflector (dimensions of 50cm x 40cm x 15cm tall) or a CFL Lead and Lampholder to get everything going and achieve reasonable results - however, yields and quality won't match that of plants grown using HPS lights. With this in mind, the only alternative worth mentioning is the extremely popular 250 Watt Proxima System. Arguably though, these generate too much heat for the confined space you plan on turning into a grow room.

      In terms of ventilation, you should opt for a Budget Extraction/Filtration Kit 1 (which includes a superb RVK100A1 fan, a Budget Filter BF160 and all the connecting parts). Whether you decide to buy a HPS or a fluorescent light, regular air exchange is needed - it's not just about keeping the heat levels down.

      Finally with regards to a growing system, the only suitable option given your lateral and vertical capacity is one of the small-to-mid-sized Rhizo-Pots. Fortunately these happen to be great for growing plants!

      Hope that helps!

  • Tegra
    Posted March 8, 2014 at 4:27 pm
    I was interested in your opinion and suggestions for our set up. We are just starting out, we have 2 tents - a 5ft x 5ft x 6.5ft (1.5m x 1.5m x 2m) veg room with 2 x 6 bulb T5 lights (6,500 Watt) and a flowering room of 8ft x 8ft x 6.5ft (2.5m x 2.5m x 2m) with an 8 inch Exhaust fan. We are planning on growing 24 plants.

    Both tents draw from the same intake and exhaust out the same vent. We are looking at lights for the flowering room and figure we will need 4 of them to cover the space but are still a little shaky on the most suitable wattage amount.

    Ventilation is also in question, is the one exhaust fan enough to properly vent both tents or should each tent have its own exhaust fan? Is an intake fan needed?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted March 27, 2014 at 3:56 pm
      Hi there Tegra, thanks for the question!

      The good news is that all of the equipment you have already can be used in the set up we recommend. You don't really need to worry about the power of your lights for the flowering tent - we would always advise on going with 600 Watt bulbs where possible (more light tends to equal better results) and 4 of these side-by-side will work really well here.

      Ideally you should install an extraction system in both tents, so use the existing 8 inch fan with a Carbon Filter CF800 for the flowering tent, and a separate 100mm (4") RVK100A1 fan or one of the small tent fans plus the necessary carbon filter and ducting components for the veg room.

      In terms of intake, the flowering tent needs a RVK150L1 fan for introducing constant supplies of fresh air. However, due to the low power of the lights in the veg tent, you do not have to use an intake fan. Bonus!

      Hope that helps!

  • A.T
    Posted February 24, 2014 at 4:51 pm
    Hello great GroWell team!

    I have a 60cm x 60cm x 140cm tent and I want to plant only 1 plant (in the future perhaps 2, but not more than that). What extractor fan, carbon filter, lamp, ballast, etc would you recommend to a complete beginner with a low budget? About the light, do I really need a 250w one? I'm hoping to save as much money as possible on electricity (my landlord might not like it!) without compromising the development of the plant. With only one plant, should I still use a fan to bring clean air into the tent?

    The tent will be placed in my bedroom, it's the only place where I can have it. Is it bad to sleep in the same space as the tent? I'm also wondering how I'll be extracting the air from the tent to the outdoors, as my window faces the main street, which makes it impossible to leave open at night.

    Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted February 25, 2014 at 11:51 am
      Hi there,

      We appreciate space is a little tight, you've actually done well to find any free room at all by the sounds of things! There's nothing wrong with setting up a tent where you sleep, the extraction equipment may create a tiny bit of noise but not nearly enough to keep you awake at night!

      Since the tent has quite a small total area and limited headroom, you are somewhat restricted in terms of lighting options. If you want to use a HPS lamp to get the most light to your plant, we would only recommend a 250 Watt 125mm Coolshade (the best budget buy in air cooled lighting) with a Proxima Ballast (our most popular and cost-effective power regulator), 125mm-100mm Reducer and 100mm Ducting. An air cooled light with the Reducer and 100mm ducting makes HPS lighting possible, otherwise you'll have to go with Blue (for veg) and Red (for flowering) Eco-Lights - still a good solution, just not really capable of the same results.

      In terms of ventilation, you should opt for a Budget Extraction/Filtration Kit 1 (which includes a superb RVK100A1 fan, a Budget Filter BF160 and all the connecting parts). Whether you decide to buy a HPS or a fluorescent light, regular air exchange is needed - it's not just about keeping the heat levels down. Pleasingly from your budget's point of view, vents will be more than sufficient for intake! However, you are probably going to have to extract the air out of your window unless there is a chimney or attic available?

      Any further questions, please feel free to ask!

  • chrstopher langford
    Posted February 23, 2014 at 1:58 pm
    Hi, I recently purchased the BudBox XL 1.2m by 1.2m by 2m (excellent quality). My question is - will two 250 watt hps lamps be ok - instead of the recommended 600 watt?

    Many thanks,

    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted February 24, 2014 at 9:50 am
      Hi Chris,

      You could use 2 x 250 Watt lamps and do ok in terms of results but we'd strongly recommend opting for 1 x 400 Watt or 1 x 600 Watt lamps - ideally the latter as this will get the maximum amount of light to your plants that is suitable for that space. Remember, more light equals more growth and much bigger yields!

      Thanks for your question.

  • bman
    Posted February 14, 2014 at 11:06 pm
    How many small plants could you fit in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent using 6.5 or 8 litre pots without making it too humid?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted February 18, 2014 at 11:58 am
      Hi there,

      If you plan on growing your plants to maturity, we would recommend having no more than 9 of the 6.5 or 8 litre pots in the tent. This will leave a little bit of space between each of them, allowing you to encourage lateral growth as well as vertical growth.

      Thanks for the question!

  • ricky
    Posted February 11, 2014 at 5:50 pm
    Hi, I was just wondering what you think of my set up and if I should make any changes? Any info would be great! I'm using a 1.2m by 1.2m by 2m metre tent, a 600 watt Lumatek digital dimmable ballast, a 6 inch temperature controlled Ruck fan and an NFT 1000 system. I'm hoping to grow 8 plants - is this a good enough setup? Thanks.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted February 12, 2014 at 10:46 am
      Hi there,

      You might find that a 6 inch fan is a little too powerful during the winter (we recommend a 5 inch version for your size of tent) but come the summer it will prove to be a good investment. Bearing in mind the size of your extraction fan, vents for intake purposes will work just fine over the cold months. When the weather starts to warm up you could add a 4 inch fan for the intake of air - though this is not absolutely necessary.

      In a NFT Gro-Tank 1000 you will comfortably be able to grow 8-9 big plants, so it suits your needs. Likewise, the 600 Watt light is effective for tent sizes of 1.2m x 1.2m and above, allowing you to get a great deal of light down to the plants.

      To summarise then, your set up is pretty good!

  • JasonX
    Posted January 31, 2014 at 3:19 pm
    Hi, my temperature in my tent was 32oC with 4 x 600w lights on and a 4" intake, I've since removed the 4" fan and put a 6" RVK intake in instead and it still hasn't dropped by much at all - now reading 30.5oC minimum. Can u recommend anything that will help me get my temp to 27-28oC please? Thanks, JasonX
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted February 4, 2014 at 10:27 am
      Hi JasonX,

      We really need to know what extraction fan you are using and the size of tent. In terms of the latter point, the minimum enclosed growing area for 4 x 600w lights is 200cm x 200cm with at least 200cm for headroom (i.e. no smaller than a Titan BudBox). As for ventilation, assuming that you have a RVK150A1 (6") your extraction set up should feature a RVK150L1 (6"). We can suggest a few tips and tricks to get temperatures down on top of this (e.g. having your lights on at night when temperatures are cooler, rather than the day) but first need to make sure you're using the right extraction equipment in an appropriately sized tent.

  • Clair
    Posted January 30, 2014 at 8:39 pm
    Hi, I am currently in the middle of a grow in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent with a 600w light and 2 x 150w CFL bulbs. I was wondering what your views are on them? I am only using all these lights to help keep the heat up which is still only at 23 during the lights on period (I'm from Scotland lol), are there any other ways to increase the level of heat? Can I close all the vents? Your help would be much appreciated, thanks.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 31, 2014 at 1:46 pm
      Hi there,

      We would highly recommend investing in a Klimaheat Tubular Grow Room Heater, which you can put straight into the grow tent to help warm the area immediately around your plants. If the conditions are as cold as you say, also seriously consider getting yourself one of our Oil-Filled Radiators to heat the whole of the room.

      Good luck!

  • JohnBoy
    Posted January 25, 2014 at 1:55 pm
    Hi. I'm a new grower and I've just set up my first grow room. I've gone with coco in 15 litre pots with 16 plants under 4 x 600w lights in a 2m x 2m grow tent using an 8" extractor fan kit. I was just wondering where would be the best place to put my ducting to take the filtered air out of the grow tent? I've asked a few of my friends who grow and they said out the window, where would you recommend?

    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 27, 2014 at 10:24 am
      Hi there,

      The air needs to be taken away from the room that the grow tent is located in, and away from the source of intake. Extracting it outside by running your ducting through an open window is the best option, but alternatively you could choose to send the air to another relatively unused area of your house - like a loft.

      Hope that helps.

  • Curtis
    Posted January 21, 2014 at 11:58 am
    Hi there,

    I have a question. Every year I grow chilli's on my windowsill, I use natural light during the day and extend the day light hours by using a single T5 Sunblaster. Would I benefit from trying a different type of grow light?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 21, 2014 at 5:00 pm

      When confined to a windowsill the set up you have is probably the best option - maybe a T5 2-tube Propagation Unit could be employed instead to increase light output but it does depend on the available space.

      Of course if you are able to find a bigger area to grow your plants, even if it's just an empty closet or part of a spare room, you have the ability to upscale and produce better results.

  • Eggward
    Posted January 20, 2014 at 7:22 pm
    Hi, I've just got a Titan 2m x 2m x 2m and was wondering what would be the best system to put in there under 4 x 600 Watt lights? Also, what is the best way to hold up my 8 inch carbon filter without taking up too much space? I'm scared of the poles bending and collapsing under it's weight.

    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 23, 2014 at 10:46 am
      Hi there,

      Your Titan BudBox Grow Tent has enough room to accommodate some of our largest systems and head height isn't an issue either, so there are lots of options to consider! First of all you need to identify what type of growing technique you want to adopt - hydroponics, soil/organic or coco - since this will help you to narrow down your choices. If you're a relatively new grower we'd recommend growing in Rhizo-Pots filled with soil or coco, or one of the more easy-to-use hydroponics system like a NFT Gro-Tank 604 (you'd comfortably get 3 of these in your tent, allowing for some space between, in front and behind each one for lateral plant growth). Under high intensity discharge 600 Watt lights our hydroponics systems undoubtedly offer you the most potential for huge yields, so we always suggest that anyone with a bit more growing experience that happens to be using your size of tent take a look at multiple IWS Oxypots, or a 12-plant IWS Bubbler System or a 12-pot IWS Flood System.

      In terms of hanging/positioning your carbon filter within the tent, we can safely say that you can use Exolux Rope Ratchets to suspend it from the tent roof poles, avoiding any danger of buckling. As a means of best practice we advise that you hang the filter in the corner of the tent in a way that enables one ratchet to be attached to one tent pole and the other ratchet to be fixed to another. This helps spread the weight of the filter unit.

      If you need any further advice, just let us know!

  • skenkus
    Posted January 16, 2014 at 11:28 am
    I have a closet 0.80m x 1.2m 2.00m, what would be the best set up for 1 or 2 plants, working on a budget from start to finish? Thanks.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 17, 2014 at 10:58 am
      Hi there,

      That area isn't quite big enough for a 600 watt grow light, but a 400 watt model using a dual spectrum lamp would be ideal for vegetative growth and flowering. If you're working on a budget we recommend a 400 Watt Proxima Euro Light System, which includes a ballast, lamp and reflector. You'll need an extraction system for this set up - the relevant best value option is a complete RVK100A1 Budget Extraction/Filtration Kit 1. To hang your reflector and extraction system, definitely consider using Rope Ratchets.

      If you're aiming to keep costs down, for the growing system we would recommend selecting the highly effective, extremely popular 30 Litre Rhizo-Pots. These are 35cm x 35cm, so 2 of them placed side by side will fit snuggly into your growing area, still providing enough space for some lateral growth. 3 x 20 litre bags of Bio-Bizz All-Mix Soil will be more than enough media to fill the pots, containing enough feed for a short but perfectly suitable vegetative growth period. At this stage we then recommend applying Bio-Bizz Bio-Bloom through flowering and all the way up until the final week before harvest. You may also want to place a Giant Garland Work Tray (120cm x 55cm) underneath pots and plants to ensure any spillages or dirt doesn't damage the bottom of your closet.

      Speaking of plants, you'll obviously need some equipment to propagate seedlings and/or cuttings. A standard GroWell Clone & Seed Rooter Kit contains everything you need to get young plants going except a fluorescent light. For this item, you can either upgrade to the GroWell Clone & Seed Rooter Kit with T5 High Output Propagation Light or buy the much better 125 Watt Blue Eco-Light complete with CFL Hobby Reflector. This latter option will help you grow the young plants to a bigger size before putting them in the pots under the main light.

      That should hopefully be everything!

  • Max
    Posted January 15, 2014 at 10:23 pm
    I'm thinking of a closet grow. Lights are T5 CFLs (1 x 4 bulbs), space is 3'x 2'x 9' (feet, Length x Width x Height). I have a couple of questions: do I need intake/outtake fans or would one regular fan blowing air away from the closet suffice? Also, what's the best way to plug in multiple lights to a timer and power strip? Should the timer go on the strip itself or the strip into the timer? Thanks for your time!
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 16, 2014 at 10:32 am
      Hi Max,

      With fluorescent lights, your plants are simply not going to perform as they could and should do over the course of an entire crop (they are great for propagation and early vegetative growth). We'd highly recommend investing in a 400 Watt HID grow light system (though a 250 Watt also suits that space), which start from just £64.95.

      For a 400 Watt light set up you would then either use a Grasslin Timer with a Four Light - 3kW Timer Contactor (plug the timer into the mains, then the 'timer' plug on the contactor into the timer) or just a Exolux Four Light - Timer Contactor, which requires no separate timer - one is built in (put the two back plugs into the mains). In terms of air exchange, choose an RVK100A1 fan for extraction, a CF160 Carbon Filter to remove smells and also the relevant connecting parts - or better still, simply select the complete RVK100A1 Standard Extraction/Filtration Kit 1. A fan for intake is not absolutely necessary, but you'd do well with a 100mm (4 inch) Tent Intake Fan (85m3/hour).

      If you wanted to stick with the T5 CFLs, fans for extraction and intake purposes are not going to be needed because very little heat is kicked out - however you will still have to find a way of getting fresh air in there every now and again and also removing the smells. The low amount of energy these type of lights demand also means that you won't require a contactor, although to control 4 separate lamps you could still use one. If you already own a Grasslin Timer, go for the Four Light - 3kW Timer Contactor (plug the timer into the mains, then the 'timer' plug on the contactor into the timer). If you don't, you could buy a unit that combines the timer and contactor functions, like the Exolux Four Light - Timer Contactor (put the two back plugs into the mains).

      Hope that helps!

  • Timothy
    Posted January 14, 2014 at 7:36 am
    I have a 3x3x3 box and am planning on growing two plants in two 3 gallon pots. How big should the intake and exhaust fans be? We have 200 Watts worth of cfls that will go in as well.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 14, 2014 at 10:08 am
      Hi Timothy,

      Could you just clarify whether your room is 3m x 3m x 3m or 3ft x 3ft x 3ft or something else? If it's the former (metres) and you're planning on only using 200 Watts of CFLs, the two plants are going to end up disappointed. This just isn't enough light power to adequately fill the space. However with a few more details we will definitely be able to offer you much better advice!

  • david
    Posted January 14, 2014 at 12:18 am
    Hi. Can you put the extractor fan outside the grow box and just connect up to it with pipes? Also, does the filter need to be inside the grow box?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 14, 2014 at 9:49 am
      Hi David,

      You can position the extractor fan just outside your grow tent and then run ducting into it, check out our article on Dual-Room Extraction With One Fan for an example of a set up where this has been done (admittedly with one fan and two tents, but it'd be the same for one fan and one tent). Just make sure the fan isn't placed too far away from the tent. In terms of the carbon filter, yes it does need to be put inside the tent to work as effectively as possible.

  • joseph
    Posted January 4, 2014 at 10:28 pm
    Hi, I am thinking about doing a grow with 10 plants. I wanted to know what would be the best option out of a free attic or grow tent in a room. If I use the attic I will be unable to draw in air from the outside so how would I go about ventilation? Please help me out!
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 6, 2014 at 12:25 pm
      Hi there Joseph,

      Assuming you have enough space for a grow tent that can comfortably accommodate the number of plants that you want to grow, we would always recommend using one in an easily accessible room. Although attics are often a good place too, they do suffer more from temperature fluctuations and, depending on head height, sometime prove a difficult place to carry out tasks. If you will struggle to ventilate your attic, we'd definitely say to grow in the normal room.

  • john
    Posted December 30, 2013 at 11:46 am
    I'm thinking about putting a grow tent in my loft. I have a 2x2x2 space, will I need to insulate the loft?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 3, 2014 at 10:46 am
      Hi John,

      An empty loft is an ideal place to position a grow tent, the only trouble is the different extremes of temperature over the course of a year. Insulating it proves to be a good move during the winter, but this does mean it will be very hot come the summertime. Our advice is to insulate your loft if you're planning on growing there, just be aware that in the height of summer you may have to work hard to keep temperatures at a suitable level for plant growth.

  • JohnBoy
    Posted December 29, 2013 at 5:14 am
    Hi! I'm planning on constructing my own outdoor grow room and I'm seeking advice for the project. What dimensions do you recommend and what equipment to match these dimensions? I hope to start with 4 plants but if all goes well hope to be able to grow more than 4 in the room, a room with a maximum capacity of 10 plants would be suitable. Any advice is appreciated.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm
      Hi there,

      Unfortunately you've left out details of the dimensions and size of plants that you intend to grow so it's quite hard to recommend any specific equipment. If you can provide us with a bit more information we'll be happy to make some suggestions!

  • sanchez
    Posted December 26, 2013 at 10:44 pm
    Hi, I have a 2 metre by 3 metre room and I'm thinking of setting up 2 x 600 watt lights. What fan and extraction power is needed for this arrangement?

  • Duane
    Posted December 10, 2013 at 11:28 pm
    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me as I'm having a problem with heat. I'm growing in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent with a 125mm (5 inch) extractor fan and for my intake I have hooked up a fan that's built into my flat, which is quiet yet powerful. Anyway I put another 600w light in there the other day, then checked it 12 hours later and the temperature was 42.5C! I've disconnected the 2nd light until I can solve my heat issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted December 11, 2013 at 10:55 am
      Hi Duane,

      When you say you put another 600w light in the tent, are we right in thinking that you're now running 2 x 600w lights? If this is the case, you simply have far too much light for your growing space! The extraction and intake system you outlined is perfect for a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent with a single 600w light - but definitely no more than that. If you want to run 2 x 600w light we would recommend using a bigger tent (e.g. XXL BudBox) with a 150mm (6 inch) extraction fan and a 125mm (5 inch) intake fan as well as all of the required connection parts.

      Also, where are you measuring the temperature? If the probe is right under the light you will get false high readings. It needs to be done in the shade at the bottom level of your plants.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks for your message and good luck!

  • stephen dunkley
    Posted November 2, 2013 at 11:10 pm
    Hi there, I'm getting a 80cm x 80cm x 160cm grow tent and this will house a non-aircooled 250w hps in a euro reflector. If the room temperature I'm aiming for is around 23/24 degrees celsius, what exhaust fan will I need to cool the grow tent and provide enough ventilation?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted November 4, 2013 at 10:59 am
      Hi there,

      For the set up you have described we would recommend using a 100mm (4 inch) RVK100A1 Fan - you can find it here

    • Skoby73
      Posted November 15, 2013 at 4:30 am
      Hi. With a room that small you will need an extractor fan taking air out attached to a carbon filter, plus I would also use a small intake fan. I have a 120x120x200 tent with 3 x 300 cfl and I need to run an extraction and an intake fan. A HPS generates a lot more heat, don't go over 26oC or else it may cause you problems. Hope this helps, mind there is a lot of advice on here as well.

  • Buddha man
    Posted October 25, 2013 at 8:47 am
    Hi how many 10 litre pots do you reckon I should have in my 1.4 by 1.4 by 2.0 tent under a 600 GPS lamp thanks
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted October 25, 2013 at 10:01 am
      Hi there,

      Thanks for the question!

      We'd recommend 16 x 10 litre pots in a 4 x 4 grid, as this will allow your plants plenty of space for growth. You could actually get more into that area but may then suffer from problems relating to overcrowding.

  • damien
    Posted October 4, 2013 at 3:46 pm
    Hi was wondering could u help, I was thinking of putting a grow room in my attic but due to the pitch of the roof I dont think a tent would fit! Ideally I was lookin to run a 600w hps light with a 5" rvk for extraction... im also running 2 oxypots and hoping to achieve 2 medium to large plants... my question is this, do u think I could build my own grow space using mdf/ plywood ? And because its coming into winter would I need to insulate this for when lights are out because the attic can get very cold? Or is there any other methods for warmin grow rooms at lights out? Any tips for build/ maintainence would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks for your help :)
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted October 8, 2013 at 12:42 pm
      Hi, you could build a grow room with MDF or plywood. I would line the floor with black/white sheeting, & make sure you have ventilation holes at the bottom of the grow room if you are not using an intake fan. If you have less than 2 metres headroom, it will be worth considering using an air cooled lighting system. I would also use a Klimaheat grow room heater to maintain temperatures during lights off, you don;t want the temperature to drop below 18C.

  • chris
    Posted June 25, 2013 at 10:51 pm
    Hi I have a spare room 14ft x 12ft x 8.5ft high. I want to use the centre portion of the room 4x4 feet but not in a tent. I want to use the whole room to dissipate some of the heat as i intend to run a 1000 watt hps reducing to about 750 watts eventually. Would you recommend a dimmable ballast or a ordinary magnetic one which will produce more heat no doubt? I will be venting through the ceiling. I also want the surplus room to walk around the plants. I've heard 4 to 1 intake/outtake is pretty popular - is this also true for my set up? I was thinking 150mm RVK with temperature control because of the room size but I'm hoping to eventually be running nearer 750 watts total in the end. Should I have a carbon filter directly above the light or can I run a duct into the built-in wardrobe space? I was also wondering what temperatures you recommend selecting? Do you set it 2 or 3 degrees higher than your ideal temperature or just select the ideal temp and leave it? Many thanks!

  • dustin
    Posted June 4, 2013 at 1:43 am
    I'm taking on the challenge of growing ghost peppers indoors. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My room (I think it was used as a grow room by the previous owners) is about 6ft x 8ft with 7ft ceiling, and has been painted gloss black from top to bottom.

  • Steve
    Posted May 26, 2013 at 6:44 pm
    Hi, what kind of set up would you recommend for a small grow space measuring about 1 foot by 4 foot and 7 foot high? Could a 600 watt lamp be used as I may use a bigger space if all goes well?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted May 28, 2013 at 12:07 pm
      Hi Steve, the growing space you have specified there is too small for a HID light - be it 250 Watt, 400 Watt or 600 Watt. In the case of the 600 Watt lamp you mentioned, you would need a minimum area of 1.2m x 1.2m. If you're determined to grow something in that space, we recommend considering using a fluorescent lamp like the Eco-Light. Check out our guide on lamps to learn more about coverage areas.

  • mr mr
    Posted May 13, 2013 at 5:34 am
    Hi, could you answer this for me please? In a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent with a 600 Watt hps and open-end Euro reflector, would running a Systemair RVK 150mm (6") L1 (680m3/h) fan attached to the relevant carbon filter, and a smaller 4 inch (200m3/h) inline fan bringing in fresh air into the tent be a good choice of setup? Would I be ok with that size (6 inch) for the 1.2m tent? And would I be better upgrading the 4 inch inline (200m3/h) for the 5 inch inline (245m3/h) to bring in more fresh air? I worry it will be too much for single 600w light - then again it is a open-end Euro reflector so I don't know? Could you help me with what's the best 2 size fans for me to get for the tent? I'd really appreciate it.

  • todd
    Posted April 30, 2013 at 5:02 pm
    What size light should I use in a room 4ft wide 12 ft long and 5 ft tall and what kind of ventilation would be needed?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted May 7, 2013 at 12:16 pm
      Hi Todd,

      With your floor area 3 x 600 watt lights would have been recommended but the headroom is definitely an issue. If you're an experienced grower you will just about get away with this option, just make sure you keep close control over your extraction and height of plants. For a far more manageable alternative, we'd suggest using 3 x 400 Watt lights with a 6 inch RVK150 A1 extraction fan and CF360 carbon filter or a 6 inch RVK150 L1 extraction fan and CF680 carbon filter.

      Any more questions, just let us know!

      Kind regards,


  • Juju29
    Posted April 12, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    I've recently purchased a 400w HPS light and want to grow 4 plants in a space of 80cm wide by 100cm deep by 190cm high - what would you recommend with regards to air circulation?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted April 16, 2013 at 10:23 am
      Hi there,

      For effective ventilation in that space, we recommend using an RVK100A1 extraction fan. If you want a convenient solution that includes all the parts needed to set up a complete system including the relevant carbon filter, ducting and connection pieces - check out the RVK100A1 Standard Extraction/Filtration Kit 1

      Kind regards,

      The GroWell Team

  • adam
    Posted March 21, 2013 at 7:56 pm
    Hi, this is amazing info thank you. I'm running 4 x 184 watt LEDs over a 48 pot system in a room. How would I go about ensuring effective air filtration?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted March 25, 2013 at 10:31 am
      Hey Adam, thanks for the question. First of all it's important to note that we don't really think your light choice will be intense enough or have enough coverage for the system you intend to use. Normally for such an area we'd recommend 8 x 600 Watt hps lamps which would require that you extract air with an RVK315A1 fan or 250mm Futuretech fan, and also set up a RVK250L1 fan for intake purposes.

  • Dan
    Posted January 23, 2013 at 9:41 pm
    Hey GroWell Team,
    First, thanks for all of your extremely useful information. I am acquiring a full set up from a buddy who was growing in a tent. I will be building my own (larger) tent and using his other equipment. He is giving me a 1000w light that he used in a tent that was smaller than the one I am hoping to build. My question is, what is the maximum amount of space (and plants) that I can use with that size bulb to get maximum yield?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 24, 2013 at 2:29 pm
      Hi Dan! We would suggest not going much bigger than a 1.4m2 space for 1 x 1000w lamp - although your choice of reflector will have a big impact on the distribution of light. With regards to plants, we'd say growing 9 medium sized plants in a 3 x 3 grid is ideal (you can cram more into that space but it tends to lead to smaller plants and less growth).

      If it's your first ever grow we actually advise against using the 1000w light, since it will form part of a high intensity grow environment that requires more expertise and attention from you.

  • barry bishop
    Posted January 5, 2013 at 5:58 pm
    Hi. I have a room which measures 1.24m x 1.05m x 2.6m high and am thinking of growing 6 plants. I'm running a 6 inch carbon filter to eliminate any bad odours but have only got a 400w lighting system. My question is, do you think 400w of lighting is good enough to get good results as last time I used a 600w system I achieved fantastic yields? Also if i put a vent in my closet door will that be enough to let in fresh air or would you recommend a fan to draw air in? Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!

    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 7, 2013 at 12:03 pm
      Hello there, thanks for your question! The ideal space for a 600w light is 1.2m x 1.2m but you'll get away with using one in the area you've outlined in your post. Great results are achievable whether you choose to go with a 400w or 600w system - the latter will deliver more light though so we'd always recommend that over the slightly less powerful one. Given the size of the room you're growing in, a vent will be enough for air intake purposes. Hope this helps!

      Additional note: if you decide to go with the 400w option we'd definitely suggest purchasing a fan speed controller as well, since your 6 inch extraction system may be a bit much for the light in that area. Check out our low price fan speed control unit or the slightly more expensive and significantly quieter fan speed voltage controllers.

  • josh
    Posted December 28, 2012 at 5:03 pm
    Hi. I have a 2m H x 3.6m L x 2.1m W room - what size extraction system would you recommend? 12"???
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted January 2, 2013 at 2:46 pm
      Hi there Josh. It really depends on how many lights you want to run in that space. We'd recommend 3 x 600 watt systems (each one usually requires an area of at least 1.2m x 1.2m), meaning a 6" extraction set up would prove ideal. Check out our complete kits

  • John
    Posted December 2, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    I am going to set up a 1m2 or 1.2m2 tent with a 600w HPS (using a Cool Shade reflector). The tent will be inside a smallish bedroom next to a window. From what I have read the 5" extraction/carbon filter kit will be sufficient (pumping the hot air outside) and a 4" intake fan (taking air into the tent from the bedroom)

    I have a few questions:

    1. How much noise can be expected from this system? Is a digital ballast quieter than a normal one? How about the intake/extractor fans - are they noisy? Can anything be done to reduce the noise? Will it be possible to sleep in the same room?

    2. Assuming the system has the 5" carbon filter installed will there be much of a smell problem from your experience? Will the bedroom where the tent is smell? Will it be necessary to put an ONA odour smell control block in the bedroom?

    3. Will the cool tube really make that much difference?

    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted December 5, 2012 at 11:46 am
      Hi John,

      To answer your questions:

      1.) The digital ballast will run more quietly than a magnetic one, but magnetic ballasts themselves do not produce much noise. The RVK fans are quiet for the volume of air that they move, but they are not silent. They are comparable to a household extractor fan in terms of noise. We'd recommend using Acoustic Ducting to reduce the noise of these fans.

      2.) The carbon filter will take care of the majority of any unwanted smells. Some people use ONA Blocks, ONA sprays, NOda Sprays and/or Ozone Generators outside their grow rooms as a "belt and braces" measure.

      3.) The Cool Shade will allow you to get your light closer to your plants help alleviate any problems with heat.

      Hope that helps! If you have any more questions please feel free to ask away!

  • Rick
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 8:08 pm
    Would I be able to fit 24 plants in a 2x2x2 tent?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted November 21, 2012 at 10:32 am
      Yes that would be fine, as long as you don't grow them too big!

  • John
    Posted November 15, 2012 at 12:35 am
    Wardrobe size 180cm Height, 180cm Width, 1m Diameter - what intake and exhaust would I need using a 600w hps bulb. Kind regards

  • curttttt
    Posted September 21, 2012 at 1:41 pm
    im not sure what are the best things to buy for my first grow ive read all the growing tips etc but still none the wiser, help!
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted September 26, 2012 at 11:00 am
      To keep it simple, you need a light, some extraction, a tent (or growing space) and a system/method of growing. The choices are pretty endless though, so maybe the best thing to do is buy one of our starter kits, or if possible pop into one of our stores and have a chat with one of our expert staff. Then we can get you growing in a way that suits you and to your budget!

  • sparky
    Posted September 19, 2012 at 7:45 pm
    i also forgot to mention that my budbox is postioned inside a house room, and will i be ok extracting into the room, with intake from the same room as well, room temp sits perfectly at 21c during the day dropping to 17-18c during nights

    L budbox - 600w proxima, standard oscilating fan, (extraction thinking rvk 125 and intake 5" passive inline) will the extracion and intake system be enuff to get my temps down from 39c when lights are on, down to around 21c?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted September 26, 2012 at 10:58 am
      Extracting from your tent into the same room will give you issues as you will simply end up heating the air around the tent (and therefore the intake air temperatures). We would recommend ducting the hot air away from your tent, preferably to an entirely different room (or outside). The temperature in of your intake air will then remain cool and can bring your grow tent temperatures down.

  • Sparky
    Posted September 19, 2012 at 7:40 pm
    Hi there, i have recently purchased the Budbox
    100mm x 100mm x 200m. I wanted to get a 400w hps for this setup but unfortunately there was none in stock an i have purchased a 600w proxima kit. Temps are at a steady 38c with light on an nothing more than an oscilatting fan in the tent. i was orginally planning a 400w with a 100rvk for extraction an a 5" passive inline intake. My question is will the rvk125 for extraction fitted with a filter and the same 5" inline for intake be enough to drive temps down to around 21c ?
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted September 26, 2012 at 10:55 am
      The extraction you will need for that set-up will be a RVK125-A1 fan and maytching filter (or an extraction kit if you want to save some money). Given that you are running a 600w light in that space, we would recommend a RVK100A1 intake fan also to keep temperatures manageable. Hope this helps!

  • bob
    Posted August 8, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    was wondering if there is any point in buying a 2m x 2m Hydrogarden Grow Tent and then using a 300w led light with Kit 1 - Jupiter II Light Mover System

    also how many plants would be advised under that wattage of light given that the space of 2m x 2m is a lot but i dont wanna cramp everything in
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted August 13, 2012 at 4:54 pm
      Hi Simon,

      That's not a tent we supply, and in general we advise people to avoid silver finish grow tents due to the heat issues that can arise (they run at 2-3 degrees warmer than the equivalent white tent with a 600w HPS). Also, have a look at our LED article and you will see that we are not finding LED's to be very effective. Even if LEDs were effective (we're still testing), there would be no point in putting one on a light mover. Light movers allow you to cover larger areas with high powered lights. Relatively low powered lights moving over your canopy will result in extremely poor growth I would think. In a 2m x 2m tent (I would recommend a BudBox Titan with white finish), you should use 4x 400w lights or at a push, 4x 600w lights if you are very experienced and have your extraction system just right. It's probably best to call our tech team and have a chat with us about exactly what you are trying to achieve. then we can advise you better.

  • paul
    Posted July 2, 2012 at 5:21 pm
    hi there just got a tent for my shed do i need to insulate my shed roof as i will be using a 600 watt bulb or are the tents insulated enough to keep heat down.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted July 3, 2012 at 8:54 am
      Hi Paul, Using a grow tent creates an enclosed environment that you need to carefully manage. It sounds as though you have your tent in a shed - this will pose more challenges in terms of maintaining the correct growing environment as the shed will get hot in sunlight and will also be susceptible to cold in the winter. A 600 Watt light in a 1.2m tent will create significant heat build up that you will need to manage via an extraction system. The ambient temperature of your air intake source (the shed temperature) will determine how effective your extraction system is at keeping the temperature manageable. I would suggest that anything you can do to keep the shed temperature consistent would be beneficial to your overall grow as you will have less harsh extremes of temperature to contend with.

  • green ninja
    Posted June 6, 2012 at 1:16 pm
    hi i have a 2.6ftx2ftx8ft cupboard growroom and have a 400w hps light. i also have a 4" carbon filter and fan taking air out and a fan bringing air in but i am struggling with temp. with door closed temp goes 40c with door open 10inch temp is great between 26c-30c. i no it somethink stupid can u plz help me thx.
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted June 6, 2012 at 1:26 pm
      I think you have answered the question yourself quite well - if your temperatures become managable with the door open as a passive intake, then the problem is that you are not exchanging the air in your grow room enough times to keep the heat down. I would suggest that you should consider upgrading your extraction system to move more air.
      Also, you should make sure that your extracted air is ducted away from your cupboard (so that the heat is not retained around your grow room) and also that your intake air is from a cool source. Also check that there are no kinks or blockages in your intake or extraction ducting as this can restrict airflow. Cupboards seem to have more heat problems that tents in the main, but in the end it all comes down to how often you can replace the hot stale air in your room with cool fresh air from elsewhere - and unfortunately that usually means investing in higher rated fans. An RVK 125 extracting and your existing 100mm fan for intake should be sufficient, although this will also mean upgrading your carbon filter to match. offer a cost effective bundle price.

  • j
    Posted April 5, 2012 at 7:39 pm
    i want to grow in my walk-in closet 5x5x9 i have a 430 hps light all soil i want to grow four plants but i dont want to cut no holes in wall for circulation. how could i get good air flow and circulation? or what would you recommend
    • Replies

    • GroWell Team
      Posted April 10, 2012 at 9:57 pm
      A sealed grow room is a theoretical possibility, but there are a number of reasons why it is impractical. Your grow light will create heat and this heat needs to be kept under control. This is typically done by extracting the hot air and inputting cooler fresh air. Without this, you will need to use some kind of air conditioning unit to achieve this which will be very expensive. You also need to replace stale air with fresh air that is rich in carbon dioxide. Without fresh air, you will have to manage CO2 yourself. Also a very expesive and tricky process. Basically, it is possible to achieve a sealed grow room, but it almost always more trouble than it's worth. I would advise finding a way to extract and input air from your growing space or finding an alternative space in which to grow. A grow tent is often a great option to create a growing space in these situations.

  • mr s
    Posted January 26, 2012 at 3:46 pm
    is it possible to flower soil plants and a hydroponics plant in the same grow room email mr info please thanx

  • Patrick
    Posted December 7, 2011 at 9:48 pm
    I realy need to know about the right connection parts of ballasts and reflectors and the bulb sockets and how they allrelate. I have a 1000 watt MH sunmaster bulb and have my eye on a reflector but i dont know if it would be suitable, it has a standard brittish plug which i was told can only withstand 250 watts or is it volts and i dont know if that would work and how can i fit that to the lumitech ballast 1000watt digital when it has a different connection part for the bulb socket, im totaly confused, please help.

  • wil
    Posted December 6, 2011 at 4:05 pm
    Is it possible to grow vegetables or even fruits out of season with grow lights used indoors? Can the plants be 'fooled' into believing it is a growing season any time?
    If so, surely we can have multiple crops in a year?
    Is it possible to use a wind turbine to trickle charge a battery of cells (car batteries for example) and run the lights from these?
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    • GroWell Team
      Posted December 8, 2011 at 11:12 am
      Yes it is possible to grow fruit and vegetables out of season and right through the year with indoor growing products such as a tent, lights, grow systems, ventilation equipment, nutrients and boosters, etc - in fact, most people choose to do so mainly because of this huge advantage. You don't have to rely on the weather staying reasonable and can precisely control all aspects of the growing environment, from the hours of light plants receive to humidity levels and even CO2. We're probably not the right people to ask about using renewable energy to run products because developments in areas like wind and solar power haven't yet had a significant impact on our industry, but if there's anything else you need help with just let us know either by calling or by leaving a message on the blog.

  • Andrew
    Posted November 9, 2011 at 5:11 am
    Thinking of buying a grow tent 1.2 1.2 2.0
    And was wondering if I can grow 12 plants in
    That space, also is a 600watt light enough for
    That amount of plants.
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    • GroWell Team
      Posted December 8, 2011 at 10:37 am
      Strictly speaking it would be possible to grow 12 very small plants in a tent of that size if you don't allow for any vegetative growth and put them straight into flowering. We suggest avoiding this tactic and instead choosing to grow 4-8 large plants when using a grow tent of the stated dimensions. Doing so will give you a much better chance of achieving bigger yields and also proves a lot more easier to manage thanks to the extra space around the plants. Our 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m tent - the Extra Large (XL) BudBox - can be found here: http://www.growell.co.uk/xl-budbox-tent.html

  • growell team
    Posted October 4, 2011 at 10:16 am
    Hi David,

    The Blue Print has been put together on the basis that a 600w light suits a 1.2m x 1.2m space, a 400w light suits a space of 1m x 1m and a 250w light suits a space of 0.8m x 0.8m. So if, for example, you were planning on using 600w lights, you'd be able to comfortably accommodate 3 lights or 4 lights at an absolute push. With this knowledge you can then consult The Blue Print for our recommendations on the correct extraction/filtration to use in this scenario along with suitable growing systems and environmental control equipment. Rather than trying to give suggestions based on size of room/space (as everyone has different room sizes and shapes), we've done it based on type and number of lights you've chosen to use.

    For more help please feel free to give one of our friendly experts a call.

  • David
    Posted October 2, 2011 at 5:24 pm
    How do i look at blue print to see what i would need for set up ie 6ft x 15ft room many thanks
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