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Gavita Pro 270e LEP (Plasma) Supplemental Spectrum

Gavita Pro 270e LEP (Plasma) Supplemental Spectrum

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Gavita Pro 270e LEP (Plasma) Supplemental Spectrum

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Want bigger, bushier crops that look, smell & taste better?

Broaden your spectrum with a Gavita's 270W Plasma light. 

Use it alongside a HPS light to bring your spectrum is much closer to actual sunlight with lots of UVA & UVB.


  • 270W LEP (Light Emitting Plasma) Grow Light  
  • Use with HID light to broaden spectrum
  • Part of Gavita's e-series (connects to Master Controller)

With a spectrum like that, plants produce more essential oils, terpene (aroma) & flavanoid (taste) production.

Compatible with Gavita Master Controller

You can control up to 80 of these at once with a Gavita Master Controller! No switchboard or timer is needed!

50,000hr lamp life

It uses just 270W and lasts a remarkable 50,000 hours - efficient!

Bigger, Bushier Plants

Plants produce more lateral branches and have shorter internodal spaces.

Enriches Taste & Aroma

Plants produce more essential oils, terpened and flavanoids - fruit and flowers have an intense taste & aroma.

No harmful UVC

Harmful UVC is filtered out. There's no infrared radiation either.

Low Power

Lights are just 270W but cover a 600W area - they hardly emit and have a low running cost.

No noise

There are no moving parts, fans or sound!

3 year warranty

All Gavita lights come with a 3 year warranty that we honour - just make sure you hang on to your receipt. 

How to Use

For best resuls, fix 1 x 750W Gavita in the centre of your tent, between 2 x Gavita LEP lights. Each LEP should be 1/5 of your tent's width in.

LEP in G1 Tent LEP in G1 Tent

Example 1: In a G1 Tent

LEP in G2 Tent

Example 2: In a G2 Tent

The Tech

The Tech

• THD:<10%
• Input Connection: IEC C14
• Output Connection: XR505
• Inner box dimensions: 580 mm (length) x 288 mm (width) x 190 mm (height)
• Weight: 10.5 kg, 23 lbs
• Housing: Solid extruded aluminium, light weight, excellent thermal management. Finish is marine grade, polyester powder coat with UV inhibitors. Stainless steel fasteners. Six mounting points for hanging cables or hooks.
• Reflector Material: Die-cast aluminium housing, high grade aluminium reflector. High transmission ultra-broadband tempered cover glass. Sealed housing suitable for damp environment. Wire mesh EMI shielded.
• External dim: Gavita Master Controller
• External dim connector: RJ14 (6P4C)
• Light Source: LUMIX GRO 41.01 or GRO 41.2 emitter
- 41.01 Suplemental spectrum for HPS
- 41.02 High CRI sunlight simulation, stand alone
• PPF: - 41.01 310 µMol/sec  (1.15 µmol/Watt)
- 41.02 300 µMol/sec
• Lifetime: - 41.01 50.000 hours
- 41.02 30.000 hours
• Electrical specs: 100-240 V AC 50-60 Hz, 270 W, high power factor

Kit Contains


1 x Network connector
1 x Gavita Pro 270e LEP fixture

How to Use

Use it to boost the spectrum of a standard HPS grow light

1. Hang the combined ballast & reflector in your chosen position
2. The lamp and reflector glass are both factory-fitted
3. Ensure there’s a little air circulation around the unit
4. Keep the reflector glass so it continues to run efficiently

To see how to change your lamp and reflector, watch the video above.

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