What's Growing On in Your Store?

What's Growing On in Your Store?

08 Jul 2016

Some exciting things are happening in GroWell stores.

There are new displays, exclusive products and much more. Here’s what you might’ve missed….

NEW In Store & Online

Feast your eyes on these new additions...they're on display in all stores. Find you're nearest one here.

Q-MAX EC Fans & Controller




MyCO2 Bags

MyCO2 Bags MyCO2 Bags


MYCO2 Bags MYCO2 Bags

315 Watt Maxibright CDM Lighting System

See how to assemble them in this video!

Healthy Roots

Get white, healthy roots like these in our Sheffield greenhouse:

Healthy Roots Healthy Roots

Back in stock!


Fitting a filter is easy again…after a year of waiting, 

RAM Carbon Filter Stands are back in stock! Get yours now.

Filter stands Filter stands

EXCLUSIVE to Stores!

If you thought you’d seen it all online, think again. Some items are are only available in store…like these high volume box fans (shown here in our Coleshill store).

Box Fans Box Fans
Box Fans Box Fans

Don't Forget...

See the giants join forces…Mammoth Tents are kitted out with Gavita Lights and Kahn Air Con Systems in all stores. Imagine growing plants in a set up like that - it'll blow you away.

GroWell stores GroWell stores
GroWell shops GroWell shops
Growell shops Growell shops
GroWell shops GroWell shops

Save on Shipping


If you're ordering large or heavy items, avoid delivery costs and buy in store – it couldn’t be easier. Find your nearest store here.

GroWell stores GroWell stores

Lots in stock


Don't waste time waiting for your online order - buy in store and take your items home the same day.

There's guaranteed to be enough stock, even for bulk orders.

GroWell Stores GroWell Stores
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