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What’s Growing on at Sheffield?

What’s Growing on at Sheffield?

You might have heard - we’re big on chillies here at Sheffield. Drop by our Sheffield Greenhouse to see what we’ve been growing.

What we're Growing

GroWell Sheffield GreenhouseGroWell Sheffield Greenhouse

Planted on 09/01/2016

  • Trinidad Congo
  • Peach Habanero
  • Yellow Rocoto
  • Pimenta de Neyde x Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chillies!)
Sheffield Greenhouse GroWellSheffield Greenhouse GroWell

Planted 25/02/2016

  • Kebab Peppers
  • THSC Chocolate Scorpion (hot!)
  • T.S Green
  • Ancho Grande
  • Rocoto Red
GroWell Sheffield GreenhouseGroWell Sheffield Greenhouse
Sheffield GreenhouseSheffield Greenhouse

What We Did:

  • Let water stand for 24hrs to dechlorinate (or use GrowMax RO Filter)
  • Added all nutrients - VitaLink Plant Start & SHOGUN Katana Roots
  • Set the pH of the nutrient solution
  • This should be 5.5/6.6 in rockwool
  • Soaked the 1.5” rockwool cubes for 20 minutes
  • Shook each individual cube once (and no more!)
  • Placed the cubes in a tray, then created a hole in each one
  • Placed the seeds in the holes (careful not to squash the seeds)
  • Covered the holes with loose strands of rockwool to create a nice humid environment for the seeds
  • Misted the propagator so it’s as humid as possible
  • Misted the propagator daily
  • For chillies, we set our propagator to 28oC - this’ll vary, depending on what you plant

Stage 2 - Potting Up and Hardening Off

Note: Hardening off is where you let your plants get used to a tougher climate.

When propagating, this means slowly easing them into a lower humidity. Move your plants from a high humidity propagator straight into a drier grow room, and the shock can kill them in minutes. If it doesn’t kill them, they won’t grow as well.

To prevent this from happening, you can lower the humidity in your propagator before transplanting or put them into a second propagator.

A lot of growers miss this stage out and experience poor plant performance as a result.

What We Did:

  • Let the water stand 24hrs or use GrowMax Filter
  • Added the nutrients - SHOGUN Samurai Hydro A+B Soft Water (2ml/L CF 10/ EC 1.0) & SHOGUN Katana Roots (5ml/L)
  • Soaked 3” cubes in solution for 20 minutes
  • Took them out and gave the cubes one good shake each
  • Inserted the smaller (1.5”) cubes into the larger (3”) cubes
  • Reduced temperature to 24/26oC
  • Opened one vent straight away
  • A couple of days later, opened a second vent
  • Raised the blocks off the propagation base to encourage air pruning (you can even use an oven shelf for this!)

Progress So Far

Ready for it? Voila!

GroWell Sheffield GreenhouseGroWell Sheffield Greenhouse
Sheffield GreenhouseSheffield Greenhouse
GroWell Sheffield GreenhouseGroWell Sheffield Greenhouse
GroWell Sheffield GreenhouseGroWell Sheffield Greenhouse

Top Tips from the Greenhouse

It’s easy to go wrong when propagating. Here are our top tips for getting it right:

  • Rockwool increases the pH of your feed - aim for a pH of 5.5 - 6.3
  • Chilli seeds like it hot!!! Keep your propagator to 28oC to crack
  • Hard water messes with your nutrient strength - use a GrowMax Eco Grow 240 Filter (at the very least, let water stand for 24hrs before mixing to dechlorinate it).
  • Save time! Organise and label tray with the different varieties you wish to grow
  • Pre-soak the plugs for a minimum of 15 minutes in your nutrient solution
  • Shake each individual plug just once after pre-soaking them
  • Use a clean pipette when making holes in your propagation blocks
  • Careful not to squash the seeds - make a cocoon
About the author

Ian's our Sheffield shop manager. He loves tinkering in the greenhouse. Drop by to see what he's growing.

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