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Biobizz - The Organic Range

Biobizz - The Organic Range

If you're an organics enthusiast, you've probably heard of Biobizz! It's a certified organic range of nutrients, media and additives, brought to you from Holland.

Here's what you need to know about their product suite.

Certified Organic

Nothing but natural ingredients go into BioBizz products. All are prepared, produced and used within recognised organic guidelines. 


It's difficult for companies to achieve a fully certified status and can confuse customers.

The only tricky bit is that there are lots of different National, International and European recognised bodies who all follow slightly different guidelines.

If you plan on selling your produce, bear in mind that many of the large supermarkets require their organic fruit and vegetable suppliers to conform to various certifications.

Biobizz has put in a lot of time and effort into providing an excellent top grade organic nutrient range that meets as many organic certification criteria around the world and in Europe as possible. This gives it some seriously strong ‘organic’ credentials including:

  • Recognised 100% organic ingredients that follow EEC organic production methods (EEC no.2092/91-Appendix 11)
  • BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia) / ACO (Australian Certified Organic)certification
  • IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) accreditation

Growing Media

There are two options - both are soil mixes:

Both are ready mixed and prepared in the bag, made from:

  • Renewable sources of organic compost
  • Worm castings 
  • Perlite

A mix like that really help with air content, drainage and structure. A 5% Biological Pre-Mix is also included to stimulate biological action.

You can use your media straight away...you could even plant straight into the bag!


We get our deliveries directly from Biobizz, not a wholesaler. This way, turnaround is quick and more care is taken in production, transport, storage and sale. Both mixes arrive fresh and bug free (pests can be a BIG problem when buying cheaper compost).

Biobizz Light-Mix

It's been lightly fertilised, designed specifically for:

  • Rooting cuttings
  • Starting seeds off
  • Early vegetative growth

For bigger plants, switch to Biobizz All-Mix. Or you can just start adding Biobizz Nutrients and Boosters (like Alg-A-Mic).

Biobizz All-Mix

Biobizz All-Mix is more heavily fertilised than Light-Mix, so plants grow aggressively. It's just what you need for potting-up your small plants into their final pot.

No nutrients are needed for the first couple of weeks - just apply water.

After that, when plants will have used most of the available nutrients , you need to start feeding them Biobizz Grow or Biobizz Bloom nutrients at every other watering.

Some people do use All-Mix for their young plants - this can work well in high light gardens.


All Biobizz Nutrients are 100% natural and organic, and contain essential amino acids and over 70 trace elements.

They're easy to use -  just mix with water - no pH adjustments are needed. Unlike some organic feeds, they have a nice consistency and don’t smell too bad, either.

BioBizz NutrientsBioBizz Nutrients

Biobizz Grow

Biobizz Grow is a nitrogen rich feed for veg. It helps give colour, size and shape to leaves, while increasing growth. 

Biobizz Bloom

Biobizz Bloom is brimming with Phosphorus and Potassium for flowering.

It produces fantastic fruits and flowers on any species or varieties of plant with excellent smells, tastes and flavours. 

Biobizz Alg-A-Mic

Alg-A-Mic contains chelated micronutrients, vitamins and other plant promoting ingredients. It is a proven vitality booster - use it alongside your base feed.

Biobizz Root Juice 

Another winning product from Biobizz is Root Juice. It boosts biological activity in the root zone. Expect explosive root growth and improves nutrient uptake.

Biobizz TopMax

TopMax is a completely natural bloom booster. Use it throughout flowering for larger, better looking flowers/fruit and sweeter flavours.

About the author

Keith looks after our stock and staff. He's a bit of a hippie and has the hots for chillies. If you want to grow them, ask Keith how it's done.

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