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Wing It In Style: How To Use Adjust-A-Wings

Wing It In Style: How To Use Adjust-A-Wings

Ever used Adjust-A-Wings? They're powerful in the right hands! 

You can use it to create an even canopy, maximise your yield and mimic seasonal conditions. You can also use it to keep your light footprint the same, regardless of your hanging height.

Here's how you get the best from yours.

Flexible Reflector


3 x Wing Positions (narrow, medium, wide) 


Adjustable lampholder


Optional Super Spreader (removable)

Why Use a Super Spreader?

To get an even canopy and bigger overall yield.

With most reflectors

Bright hot spots build up under your lamp.

Plants closest to your lamp grow towards the light and heat.

The taller central plants cast a shadow over the shorter plants nearby, restricting their access to light and heat.

This stunts their growth and limits your overall yield.


With a Super Spreader

You won’t get any bright hot spots - light and heat is spread out evenly.

All plants grow at a similar rate, and you’ll get a much bigger final yield. 

By spreading light and heat out, you can bring your light much closer to plants without burning or stretching. 

  • You can bring your light much closer to plants
  • Prevent stretching & burning canopy
  • Get an even canopy and bigger yield

Mimic the seasons with your reflector

To trigger the right growth at the right time, recreate seasonal light and heat fluctuations.



For uniform growth, create warm even light patterns with moderate intensity. 

When: veg growth

Wing setting: narrow

Lampholder: low

Distance: 75-90cm



Trigger flowering deep into the foliage with high intensity light and summer temperatures

When: flowering

Wing setting: wide

Lampholder: high

Distance: 40-60cm



Enhance and balance essential oils as plants mature with autumn settings.

When: maturing

Wing setting: medium

Lampholder: medium

Distance: 60-75cm


Adjust-A-Wings reflectors are best used with 1m x 1.5m footprint. As you raise and lower your light, tweak you wing position to keep your footprint the same.

Since light and heat are spread out so evenly, you only need 200cm of height, even with the 750W systems.

Reflector Options

There are three reflectors to choose from:

Avenger: 97% reflective TR-V-PVD aluminium
Enforcer: 86% reflective anodised aluminium
Defender: 93% reflective titanium powder coated H18 aluminium

600W  Options

You can get a traditional 600W system.

750W HELLION Options

Still using 600W lights? Get a 25% higher output without changing your tent…the 750W Adjust-A-Wings HELLION range is here.

Lamps have a PAR rating of 1450 - 1500 at 750W - and you can run them at full power in a 2m high tent!

  • High PAR Output, made with the best Japanese & USA parts
  • Dimmable digital ballast (750W, 600W or 450W)
  • Flexible - create a fixture or run with remote ballast
  • Available with Adjust-A-Wings Avenger or Adjust-A-Wings Defender
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