Top 10 Tips For Preventing Pests

Top 10 Tips For Preventing Pests

16 Jun 2015

The first line of defence against insect invaders is the wide array of preventative measures that can be put in place to halt them as they try and attack your plants. From closing off grow room access points to strengthening the plant structure, there are all sorts of different actions to consider – check out our full list and safely avoid outbreaks.



Thoroughly clean your grow room with a reliable sterlising agent (e.g. RoomClean) before every new crop cycle. 

Room Clean Room Clean



Always be self sufficient for cuttings, taking them off of your own mother plant(s) – those brought into the grow room from elsewhere may conceal bugs. 

Cuttings Cuttings



Use yellow sticky traps as part of an early warning system for pest infestations. They will alert you to the presence of flying insects in your grow room and also keep them tapped so that you can actually identify the threat. 

Yellow Sticky Traps Yellow Sticky Traps



The most common way for pests to get into your grow room is by “hitching a ride” with you or a visitor, either on clothes, hair or cuttings. Limit the people you allow near to your plants and try to cover up with fresh items of clothing.

Pests Pests



Ducting ports are also frequently used grow room access points for pests, but you can effectively close of this route with Horti-Shield Bug Blockers.   

Bug Blocker Bug Blocker



A silicon additive like the one from SHOGUN will enhance the physical structure of your plants, increasing resistance against pests and disease. 

Silicon Silicon



Regularly conduct plant inspections with a magnifying glass, focusing on both the tops and bottoms of leaves. In terms of frequency, the minimum you should aim to do is a ‘5 Day Bug Check’. 




Use predators from the cuttings/seedlings stage onwards to prevent an outbreak of bad bugs. We recommend the sachet form, which you place in your propagator and on the branches of plants (changing out every 4 weeks). 

Sachets Sachets



If you suddenly find a large concentration of insects in your grow room, use a pest control spray like Pyrethrum 5EC to reduce the number quickly and efficiently. 

Pyrethrum Pyrethrum



At the end of a crop, leave your lights running on the usual cycle for a few days without ventilation – this will upset any bugs that might be present and encourage them to leave. 


If you follow these guidelines, the chances of encountering bugs in your grow room will be significantly reduced. For further advice on pests, please check out the rest of our blog, contact us via chat, and/or get in touch by calling 0333 003 22 96.

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