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The Secret Powers Of Bat Guano

The Secret Powers Of Bat Guano

Ever used bat guano? Organic growers swear by it in flowering!

But what if we told you it spurs on rooting, too?

Here's how and why you should use bat guano throughout your cycle. 

You’re not Guano believe this...

Bat guano's brimming with phosphorus, which is key to fruiting and flowering.

It makes an awesome PK additive.

What some people don't know, is that all that phosphorus is great for rooting too. 

Phosphorous in veg? 

We know what you’re thinking –  yes, it sound crazy! But the proof's in the pudding.

Young plants dosed with it have a visible head start over those that haven't been treated.

Try it yourself! You'll probably notice that you:

  • Enhance root growth
  • Reduce rooting & growth times
  • Reduce the time between potting out and switching to flowering

How is it used? 

Phosphorous is released to your plant over a 4-6 week period. This means you don't have to apply it very often.

  • Mix around 2-4 scoops (scoops included) per 10 Litres of media when potting out or transplanting.

For most plants, this is enough to see them through to harvest, but for very heavy feeding plants, extra guano can be applied at the early stages of flowering:

  • Sprinkle 2-4 scoops around the top of your pots and water through. 

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