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Lights, Rail, Action! Why Use A Light Mover

Lights, Rail, Action! Why Use A Light Mover

Ever heard of a light rail or mover?

They move your grow lights back and forth to increase your coverage area.There are loads of reasons to use one. Here are the main 3. 

1. To Improve Light Penetration

By moving your light back and forth, light can penetrate into the canopy from more angles, light sunlight. This means plants grow more evenly.  

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2. To Stop heat problems

During summer, it's tough to keep temperatures in your grow room down.

If all else fails, you can reduce the number of grow lights, then use a light mover to keep your coverage area the same.

You'll have fewer ballasts and bulbs kicking out heat, and by keeping your lights moving, you'll get fewer heat build-ups above the canopy. 

You'll obviosuly lose intensity, but managing your climate will be much easier.

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3. Expand your area quickly

Got a bit of extra space in your tent that's not covered by your lights?

Use a light rail to increase coverage and expand your growing area quickly. 

For best results, you'd obviously get extra light/s. But you don't have the time or budget or you only have a teeny bit of extra space, a light mover gets the job done. You won't need to worry about upgrading your fan or paying extra running costs, either.

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Don't forget to use a Robo-Stik with your light mover.

You fix it to your light rail's motor. Then you can hang your light from two points, instead of just one.

Doing this keeps your light stable and stops it spinning. 

robo stikrobo stik
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Tim started out in Dudley but is now the manager at Bristol! Drop by and you'll probably see him there.

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