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The Coco Alternative!

The Coco Alternative!

Over the years, coco use has exploded! Now, people are even using it as a hydroponic media.


There are three main reasons.


1. Quality

Plants grown in coco or coco mixes are awesome!

With a good formation, colour, appearance and taste, we’re not surprised that so many people have become fans.

2. Quantity

Your yield is often bigger and heavier than you'd get in any other hydro medias, like rockwool.

3. Eco-Friendly

It's natural, environmentally and ecologically friendly, and made from renewable sources of coconut fibre. This alone is a good enough reason to consider coco!

What Is Coco?

Coco is made from coconut fibre.

Most coco is produced in Sri Lanka or thereabouts. The most popular brand is Canna Coco Professional Plus.

Coco has all the qualities of a great growing medium:

Great structure

It doesn't compact or lose its ability to drain. Instead, it stays light and airy, which is great for rooting.

No Nutritional Content

You have complete control of your feed. If you like to experiment or be really precise, this is a great media.


Contains Trichoderma

All coco media is impregnated with a beneficial mould, Trichoderma.

It is a great root stimulant that helps prevent pathogens and other harmful bacteria from entering the rootzone.


You can use it in lots of systems.

RhizoWilma in ColeshillRhizoWilma in Coleshill
Best In
  • pots
  • RhizoSystem
  • RhizoOrigin
  • Origin
Never Use in
  • OxyPots
  • Bubblers
  • IWS Flood & Drain 
  • Ebb & Flood 
  • NFT

Keep your coco in pots, then place the pots on the top tray. The coco helps insulate roots in winter.

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