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A New Pot For A Super Hot Chilli Plant

A New Pot For A Super Hot Chilli Plant

Got yourself a glimpse of our ‘Trinidad Scorpion Butch T’ yet?

A few brave hot heads have asked if we're giving away the fruit. The answer is yes, of course

The Start

Earlier this year, a very kind customer gave GroWell Sheffield a famous super hot ‘Trinidad Scorpion Butch T’ chilli plant.

It was all ready to be transplanted into a small pot.

To stop it taking over the greenhouse, we kept it small and manageable.

Foliage was regularly trimmed with a pair of Greenblade Spring Loaded Trimming Scissors and root growth was restricted in a small 3 Litre square pot (filled with Canna Coco Professional Plus).

Winter Approaches

As winter approaches now, some plants in the greenhouse are coming to the end of their lives.

Out with the old and in with the new.

At last, the time has come to pot up this insanely hot hydroponic pepper plant and let it unleash hell upon the taste buds of all who dare try one of the fruits!

So, we moved it to a 39 Litre Pot!

chilli in Rhizopotchilli in Rhizopot

The Pot

We used a 39L RhizoPot for two main reasons:

  • These pots naturally air prune roots so we'd get a bigger root network in less time.

  • Plants don't need as much water in winter - it's easy to overwater. The breathable fabric of RhizoPots dries roots quicker to offset this.

The Media

A mixture of around 80% coco, 10% perlite and 10% clay pebbles was used!

This created alight and free draining mix that doesn't hold onto excess moisture.

A 3cm layer of clay pebbles went at the bottom of the pot to prevent the growing media absorbing the run-off.

It may seem a little late in the season to be potting up chilli plants, but this is only true if you’re relying solely on sunlight.

Keep your eyes peeled for a future article where we discuss and demonstrate the type of grow light needed to grow these super-hot chilli peppers through the winter.

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About the author

Ian's our Sheffield shop manager. He loves tinkering in the greenhouse. Drop by to see what he's growing.

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