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VitaLink Hydro Max Feed Chart

VitaLink Hydro Max Feed Chart

Feed ChartFeed Chart
Feed ChartFeed Chart

Vita Link Max is the nutrient of choice for many hydroponics growers, having been designed to provide plants with the essential elements for growth in a remarkably effective and efficient manner. It contains a unique, highly accessible supply of phosphorous (phosphites) that helps fight off fungal attacks and disease during vegetative growth to maintain strong and healthy plants, whilst in flowering everything then goes into increasing the size of final fruits.

To begin as you mean to go on with Vita Link Max, we recommend downloading and viewing our feed chart by clicking here.  

This will enable you to familiarise yourself with how the product works over the course of a crop and still promises good results come harvest time. After you've gained a bit of experience, you should try tweaking things a little here and there to see if gains can be made in terms of yields.

Tips on using VitaLink Hydro Max

  • Add feed first, then adjust pH to around 5.5 - 6.5.
  • For longer vegetative cycles, increase grow strength gradually.
  • A 2 Litre (1L A + 1L B) nutrient pack makes 250 Litres of solution at full strength.
  • A 10 Litre (5L A + 5L B) nutrient pack makes 1250 Litres of solution at full strength.
  • A 40 Litre (20L A + 20L B) nutrient pack makes 5000 Litres of solution at full strength.
  • Hard Water and Soft Water versions of VitaLink nutrient are available. Same usage instructions apply.

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