Genesis Feed Chart

Genesis Feed Chart

Feed ChartFeed Chart
Feed ChartFeed Chart

Tips on using Genesis

  • Desired nutrient strength will vary depending on conditions i.e. the more light, the more the plants will feed.
  • Stretch or shorten the growing cycle to accommodate your particular variety of fruit / vegetable / flower. If additional weeks are required we highly recommend that you maintain the same drop in nutrient strength during the last three weeks before harvest as shown in the chart above.
  • Where practical on consumable crops, feed on water only for a short while before harvest for better taste and healthier produce.
  • Genesis Formula is a universal formulation and is suitable for both hard and soft water.
  • If possible use a cF Truncheon and work to target readings on chart. The readings are based on using water with a cF of 0. To get accurate target cF values, take a base reading of your plain tap water and add this value to the target readings shown in the chart. For help with measuring cF call our technical team on 0333 033 22 95
  • pH of nutrient solution should be made up to a pH of between 5.8 - 6.3. We suggest aiming for a pH of 6.
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