The Science of SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost

The Science of SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost

Dr Callie Seaman
Dr Callie Seaman
20 Sep 2018

SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost really packs a punch! Use it in hydro, coco or soil during flowering to:

  • Drive shoot growth, flowering and bud formation
  • Get bigger plants with lush, greener leaves
  • Ramp up essential oil production (taste, aroma, size)

All of that, and it will never ferment, froth or leave residue in your tank or system. There's no chance of it blocking pumps, pipes or drippers.

How is it so good? Here's the science explained. 

0.05% Triacontanol (key ingredient)

Triacantanol strand Triacantanol strand

Triacontanol is a natural ingredient. It comes from plants and beeswax. 

Why add it?

When absorbed by plants, it really improves:

  • CO2 assimilation
  • Transpiration (how water and nutrients travel through plants)
  • Photosynthesis (sugar production)

Plants can breathe better, produce more energy and keep cool under stressful conditions.  

The triacontanol in SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is formulated in a 'clean and green' way.

100% Stable in Tanks

The triaconatanol in SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost stays stable in tanks for up to 14 days. Even if your nutrient temperature rises or your oxygen level becomes too high. 


A cutting-edge emulsifier has been added, which has anti-foaming properties. Even in aerated solutions, it will not foam. 

With the emulsifier added:

  • There's a low solid content. This reduces tank residue
  • There are no fermentable compounds in it - you won't get any separation issues or odours!
  • The pH is stable!

With a dilution rate as low as 1ml per 1L, this stuff will stay stable for up to 14 days. 

Natural Plant Extract (key ingredient)

Each bottle's brimming with amino acids, cytokinins, brassinosteroids, vitamins and auxins - all which come from a unique plant extract.


This is involved in elongation growth. The exact auxin and function depends on where it is in the plant, and what function it's being used in.


These assist enzyme activity, which speeds up metabolic processes in your plant.


These are the building blocks of complex compounds. These are involved in many functions - from increasing heat tolerance to chlorophyll production.


Plant sterols are known to stimulate cell dividion and elongation. Only a small amount of brassinosteroids are present - enough to work with other plant hormones, regulate growth and cell differentiation.

Amino Acids

These are a group of hormones that regulate cell division and promote growth. They work with auxins to control the type of growth that occurs. From shoot growth (high cytokinin, low auxin ratio) to root growth (low cytokinin, high auxin ratio). 

Dr Callie Seaman
Dr Callie Seaman
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Meet Dr Callie, a director of AquaLabs. She has a PhD, BSc and some big brands to her belt (VitaLink & SHOGUN). Needless to say, she knows her science!