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Root Boosters: SHOGUN vs. Canna vs. House & Garden

Root Boosters: SHOGUN vs. Canna vs. House & Garden

Trying to pick a root booster? We’ve done some number crunching to help you out.

If you're going by value, though CANNA costs less per bottle, but SHOGUN costs less by the litre. 

As a Root Feed

Scenario: During vegetative growth (6 weeks), 50L tank changed once a week, 5 cycles a year, buying 1L Bottle.

Cost as Root Feed
  Canna Rhizotonic SHOGUN Katana Roots House & Garden Roots Excelurator
Cost of 1L Bottle  £29.95 £34.95 £119.90 (2 x 500ml)
Strength 4ml/L 0.2ml/L 0.3ml/L
Cost per Litre 12p 0.7p 3.6p
Cost of 50L Tank £5.99 35p 30.80p
Cost of Veg Cycle £35.94 £2.10 £10.80
Yearly Cost £179.70 £10.49 £54.00

During Propagation

Scenario: Pre-soaking cubes: tray of 77 x Large Grodan Cutting Seed Cubes, soaked once in 3L of solution, 5 cycles a year 

Cost of Propagation
  Canna Rhizotonic SHOGUN Katana Roots House & Garden Roots Excelurator
Cost of 1L Bottle  £29.95 £34.95 £119.90 (2 x 500ml)
Strength 4ml/L 5ml/L 0.3ml/L
Cost per Litre 12p 17.5p 3.6p
Cost of 3L (Cube Soak) 36p 52.5p 10.8p
Yearly Cost £1.80 £2.62 54p

Foliar Spraying

Scenario: Using as a foliar spray in vegetative growth, 1L to cover 1.2m2. Roots Excelurator isn't recommended as a foliar spray.

Cost of Foliar Spraying 
  Canna Rhizotonic SHOGUN Katana Roots
Cost of 1L Bottle  £29.95  £34.95
Strength 4ml/L 5ml/L
Cost of 1.2m2 spray 12p 17.5p

Which Root Booster is Best

It depends what you're using your root booster for.

If only soaking seeds, Canna Rhizotonic is your best bet. While House & Garden comes out cheaper, they don't provide a higher dilution rate for soaking cubes, so you may end up using more of it per soak than we've based costs on.

If only foliar spraying, go for Canna and you'll save 5p per spray.

If you're using your root booster as part of your main feed, SHOGUN Katana Roots is by far the cheapest option. It only costs a tenner a year - that's pub money.

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Other Growers Say...

Cost isn't everything - here's what other people have said about their favourite root boosters...

SHOGUN Katana RootsSHOGUN Katana Roots

SHOGUN Katana Roots

"I have been using this for the last three weeks and I can see the difference already..." Alistair M. Verified Buyer

"Roots just explode when using this product, I must admit I'm using them with Charge and in RhizoPots but can see the difference..." Omar D. Verified Buyer

"Shit hot roots, even better in hydro," Omar D. Verified Buyer

CANNA RhizotonicCANNA Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic

"Works excellent when taking clones and gives new plants a head start with a good rooting system." Karin G. Verified Buyer

"Brilliant rooting fuel!! Ta." Sam R. Verified Buyer

"...It's one of the more expensive root stims but believe me it works wonders.." EB. Verified Buyer

Roots ExceluratorRoots Excelurator

House & Garden Roots Excelurator

"...Brilliant quality root booster, highly recommend it to anyone I know.." Hannah P. Verified Buyer

"I swear by this product, although there are similar things on the market, I would only ever use H&G Root Excel.." Paula S. Verified Buyer

"This product is great. I used it once my clones have roots and it increased root growth by 100 percent." Mr Black. Verified Buyer

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