Next Generation Lights - The Dimlux Range

Next Generation Lights - The Dimlux Range

13 Jun 2014

The Dimlux range has got us all talking. Just look at them! Everything about them screams high end! But is the hype all hot air? 

The Dimlux Expert Series Lighting Systems and the Dimlux Maxi Controller both originate from the Dutch commercial greenhouse market.

Trust us when we say they're powerful. Used together, you get an unbelievable level of control over your lights and grow room environment. 

Complete Control

If you've got a closed-loop room, these lighting systems are great. The Dimlux Maxi Controller connects with:

  • 160 Dimlux fixtures or ballasts
  • An extraction fan
  • OptiClimate System
  • CO2 equipment
  • Humdifier & dehumidifier
Dimlux Dimlux

Dim or Boost in 1% increments!

Each lighting system comes with: 

  • Dimlux Expert Series Lighting Systems + Dimlux Maxi Controller 

The Dimlux Xtreme Ballast is (600W and 1000W systems). boasts the broadest dim & boost range of any electronic model. There are 7 output options - most ballasts offer 3 or 4.

With the two special “boost” functions. You can squeeze out as much as 15% extra lumens! 

For minute control, grab a Dimlux Maxi Controller. Lights dim and boost in 1% increments. Love it. 

Dimlux Dimlux

Temperature Control

To monitor and respond to your grow room's climate, the Dimlux Maxi Controller comes with a temperature sensor. 

If your grow room becomes too hot, lights dim. If this doesn't bring down your temperature down, half your grow lights switch off until the room has returned to its optimum setting. 

Some people choose to connect their controller to a separate Plant Temperature Camera, too.

Dimlux Dimlux

Humidity Control


To control your humidity, you can connect your directly to a humidifer & dehumidifier.

Given that your target humidity depends on your temperature, it's good to use your humidity meter with a Plant Temperature Camera. It scans your plant to determine the leaf temperature; your humidity will be based on this. 


Humidity sensor Humidity sensor

CO2 Control


Just when you think there’s nothing more the Dimlux Maxi Controller can possibly do, it turns out the device can check CO2 levels  (separate CO2 Sensor needed) and run a CO2 generator like the Growth Gas Generator. Incredible!

CO2 has a major part to play in photosynthesis. In a closed loop room, you need to add it. 

CO2 Sensor Dimlux CO2 Sensor Dimlux

400V Ballast & Lamp


The Dimlux Xtreme Ballast is a 400V ballast - there aren't many about! These ballasts step up the 230-240V you get from a standard mains to 400V. You can then drive better performing, 400V lamps.

At the same time, there's the long-standing efficiency benefits of digital technology, leading to more relative power and lower overall cost!

Ballast Ballast

High Output of 2.1µmol/W

The Dimlux Expert Series come with the 400V Philips Greenpower lamps. This range has the highest PAR output we've seen to date - 2.1 uMol per Watt (1000W) or 1.9 µmol per Watt (600W).

They easily outperform a top 240V model (e.g. Grolux) by around 8%!

Remember the dark ages when magnetic technology ruled? During that time, 1000 Watt lights were always less efficient (on a Watt for Watt Basis) than the 600Watt light. Not anymore. The tables have turned! 

Dimlux Lighting System Dimlux Lighting System

Manage Up to 160 Lights!


A single Dimlux Maxi Controller will manage 160 Dimlux Expert Series Lighting Systems in banks of 40!

You don’t need a separate timer or contactor – just plug the lights into the device, set your On/Off times and position the probe(s). That’s it!

Dimlux Dimlux

98% Efficient Reflector

Dimlux pulled out all the stops here -  their Alpha Optics 98 Reflector is a masterpeice. 

It conforms to the Single Bounce Clear Sight principle (SBCS), only letting light waves hit the surface once before carefully guiding them past your lamp and over the plant canopy.

Dimlux Dimlux

You can adjust both sides of the reflector to carefully focus and fine-tune the spread of light. 

There are even optional add-on reflector pieces to further prevent any light wastage!

As you'd expect, it's 98% reflective Miro Silver aluminium. That's the best finish there is. 

Air Cooling Design


The 50mm port located on top of the unit seems fairly innocuous. Look closer! The 50mm outlet makes it possible to extract warm air away from over, under and around the lamp. This really helps you keep your grow room temperature down. 

Dimlux Lighting System Dimlux Lighting System

Sunrise & Sunset Mode

To convince plants they're growing in a natural setting, the Dimlux Maxi Controller slowly dims and boosts lights when turning them on and off. This cleverly mimicks sunrise and sunset, waking plants up gently & saving a bit of energy.

Plants don't photosynthesize until a suitable temperature has been reached, so blasting them with full strength light straight away is a bit pointless. 

Sunrise & Sunset Mode also helps prevent botrytis. When lights go on, your room can sometimes warm too quickly. When this happens, condensation forms on fruit, which invites bud rot! By bringing your temperature up gradually, this is much less likely to happen.  

Dimlux Dimlux

Complete Fixture

The lamp, ballast and reflector sit together in one robust unit.

This eliminates the threat of radio frequency interference . It also helps free up space in your grow room, since the ballast is taken away from the floor or wall. Long cabling between the ballast and reflector are no longer needed, either.  Very convenient!

Dimlux Lighting System Dimlux Lighting System

Soft On & Off

The Soft Start and Soft Off functions stop sudden surges damaging equipment as they switch on & off. 

Both controllers and lights have robust casing to shields internal components from excessive heat to prevent the risk of fire.   

Dimlux Lighting System Dimlux Lighting System

Dual Room Control


You can manage the lights in two rooms with a single Dimlux Maxi Controller

Veg plants in one room while you flower in another. Or you can just experiment (e.g. different temperature, humidity or nutrients in each room!). Whatever you decide to do, it certainly is a handy feature!  

Dimlux Lighting System Dimlux Lighting System

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