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How to Get 20 – 30% More Yield

How to Get 20 – 30% More Yield

Want to boost your yield? There’s a simple way to do it…swap your 600W standard light to a 750W Gavita grow light.


600W vs. Gavita 750W

Every 1% of extra PAR light you gain results in a yield increase of roughly 1%.

Gavita 750W lights emit 30% more PAR light than standard 600W lights - that's light plants use for growth. 

You're looking at a yield increase of roughly 20 - 30%!

Make the switch and you'll definitely get bigger, bulkier fruit and flowers - and more of them!

Do I Have Enough Space for a 750W Light?

If you've got enough space for a 600W light, yes.

You can safely swap any 600W light to a 750W light without changing your tent. Just make sure your ventilation's up to scratch.

For best results, we recommend picking a tent that’s 215cm – 240cm high.

Mammoth G1 or Mammoth G2 tent will do just nicely. If using this tent, a Gavita SR Reflector will give you the ideal light footprint.

Do that and you'll get an extra 20 - 30% yield...and your lamps last twice as long.

Should You Use an LEP Supplemental Light?

You’ll get a great yield without one, but to enhance the size and quality of your yield even more, use 270W Gavita Plasma LEP Lights.

Plants will get a much broader spectrum, with lots of UV-A & UV-B. Plants will produce more terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils. Overall, you can expect to get:


  • Bigger bushier plants with more flowering sites
  • Shorter internodal spaces and more lateral branches
  • Fruit & flowers that look, smell and taste better
  • Bigger root networks
  • Better medicinal properties
  • Healthier plants with better pest resistance
Gavita PlasmaGavita Plasma

How Many LEP Supplemental Lights do I Need?

As long as you're extracting enough air, you can safely use one LEP light per 750W light in any 200cm high tent.

To really get the benefits of a broader light spectrum, use 2 x LEP lights with every 750W light.

To do this, you'll need a taller tent - like a Mammoth G1 2.15m or 2.4m Tall Tent. Remember, the Gavita SR Refector gives you the best light footprint for these tents.

One of one of these lighting layouts is ideal:


Ideal Layout 1:

  • 2 x 270W Gavita Plasma LEP Lights
  • 1 x 750W Gavita Lights (with Gavita SR Reflector)
  • in a Mammoth G1 tent

Buy everything together in a 2.15m Tall Mammoth Tent Kit or 2.4m Tall Mammoth Tent Kit


Ideal Layout 2:

  • 4 x 270W Gavita Plasma LEP Lights
  • 2 x 750W lights (with Gavita SR Reflectors)
  • in a Mammoth G2 tent

Buy everything together in a 2.15m Tall Mammoth Tent Kit or 2.4m Tall Mammoth Tent Kit

Positioning 750W lights

If you're only using one light, it goes in the middle of your tent. 

Two 750W lights


Divide your tent's width by 5.

Your answer = 1/5 of your width

Position one light 1/5 from the left, another 1/5 from the right.



Position 1 x 750W light in the centre of your tent.

Divide your tent's width by 5.

Your answer = 1/5 of your width

Position one LEP 1/5 from the left, another LEP 1/5 from the right.

Light Hanging Heights

Keep your lights fixed at the top of your growing tent.

You don’t have to worry about raising your lights as plants grow. Instead, they grow into the greater intensity.

Better yet, growth will be incredibly even. You’ll be flooding your grow tent with a super intense, uniform level of light. A light that reaches plants from more angles, penetrating deep into the canopy layer.


Control Lights with Ease

Use a Gavita Master Controller to control up to 80 lights at once. You can use it to:

  • Automatically switch lights off and on
  • Mimic the pattern of natural daylight (slowly dim or boost over 30 minutes in sunrise and sunset mode)
  • Protect your grow room from overheating (auto dim and emergency shutdown)
  • Prevent high inrushes
  • Read more about the Gavita Master Controller here
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