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Colossal Flowering Combo - VitaLink Turbo & Buddy

Colossal Flowering Combo - VitaLink Turbo & Buddy

The market is chock full of additive brands. It can be a real guessing game - not only choosing the right additives for your plants, but making sure you get ones that actually play nice with each other.

It’s a decision full of potential pitfalls. Using more than one additive, you need to make sure that you’re not accidentally overdosing your plant on one element, or adding a product that will interfere with the uptake of certain micronutrients. 

If you’re going to the effort and expense of using multiple products, you need to see pay-off - strong growth and vigorous flowering, not chemical burn or magnesium deficiency. You need additives that are going to enhance each other’s effectiveness. A power couple. And that’s where we recommend VitaLink Turbo and VitaLink Buddy. These two products, designed and manufactured in the UK, were created to be used in tandem.

VitaLink Turbo

Turbo comes first! Around halfway through your plants’ growth cycle, once your plants are looking nice and established, you’ll want to start with Turbo. VitaLink Turbo locks in the progress that your plants have already made, and boosts their health so they keep growing strong.

It works because VitaLink Turbo is a biological stimulant formulated to speed up a plant’s natural processes. Brassinosteroids instruct the plant to gain mass quickly and protect it from stress. Key L-amino acids - the building blocks of proteins in plants - give a shortcut and save energy, as the plant does not need to synthesize them itself. The rapid growth, kickstarted by these powerful ingredients, is supported by a balanced blend of naturally occurring cytokinins, lignin salts, glucoside and trace elements.

How To Use VitaLink Turbo

Use at 1ml/L halfway through the growth phase and throughout bloom until flushing. VitaLink Turbo works alongside your base nutrients and additives. It is a biological stimulant and as such will not push your EC any higher.

Vitalink Buddy

Once your plants show clear signs of flower development, it’s time to introduce Buddy. And if VitaLink Turbo lays the foundations for success, Buddy makes it happen. In order to fruit and flower with power, your plants need phosphorous and potassium (P & K). Your base nutrients contain PK, but if you want to push your plants and maximise your yield, you can provide them with additional PK. This is where Buddy delivers.

VitaLink Buddy is a bit smarter than your average PK additive. Containing phosphorous and potassium in compounds that are easy for plants to use, Buddy also includes magnesium and sulphate, which provide additional support for photosynthesis and maintain the correct nutrient balance. This blend accelerates uptake of phosphorus and potassium by the plant’s root systems.

How To Use VitaLink Buddy

Use Buddy at 0.5ml/L alongside your main nutrient during early flowering, increasing to 1ml/L throughout the rest of the flowering stage.

Why Do They Work Together?

Turbo and Buddy are designed to complement each other. When you combine the two, you get an extreme flowering boost without crazy EC levels. Because Buddy is formulated from easily absorbed P & K, you can do a lot with just a small dose. And as Turbo is a biological stimulant, it doesn’t push your EC levels up. You can continue to use it for the entire time that you use Buddy.

This means your EC levels will remain nice and low while your plants benefit from both Buddy’s intense flowering boost and Turbo’s growth enhancing properties.

Using Turbo and Buddy in combination, alongside VitaLink MAX nutrients, will optimise your plants’ potential for truly colossal yields. 

This article was written in conjunction with the creators of VitaLink.

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